5 free music apps that don’t need Wi-Fi or data

Whether you are riding an underground subway or traveling to a remote area, there are cases where you will find yourself without internet coverage or stuck at low speed. For me, well, it’s my gym. It’s in the basement and it’s hard for me to get signals.

Unfortunately, popular music players like Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, or any popular music streaming service don’t support offline playback for free. This can be frustrating, especially when you have nothing better to do and just want to listen to great music. Fortunately, there are few music streaming apps that support offline playback, even in the free version. Let’s take a look at some of them.

1. Trebel Music

Trebel is an amazing music streaming app for both Android and iOS. It allows you to download music offline for free. Also, it has no audio ads. Spotify, anyone?

Trebel has a vast library of music ranging from Hip Hop, Pop to R&B, Reggaeton, and more. Trebel does not provide audio advertisements, but you will get banner advertisements and album art advertisements. It is used to keep the business afloat. That being said, Trebel is available in limited regions like the US For other regions like the UK and India, it works perfectly in a VPN app.


  • Extensive playlist ranging from Hip Hop, Pop to R&B, Reggaeton and more
  • No audio ads
  • Free offline song download


  • Available in limited regions

Download Trebel for Android | Trebel for iOS

2. Bandcamp

Bandcamp is one of my favorite music destinations. It has an extensive library of independent creators as well as popular music creators. It somehow fills the gap between Spotify and Soundcloud.

You can freely stream Bandcamp without even registering. However, to download the songs you would have to pay the creator. But, with that said, there are plenty of playlists that are available to download for free. You can listen to them within Bandcamp or any other music app for free. Additionally, Bandcamp also allows you to download FLAC and WAV audio formats for a lossless audio experience.


  • Large collection of indie and popular music
  • Lossless audio format for download
  • Contribute to your favorite creator


  • Automatic music suggestions aren’t that great

Download Bancamp for Android | Bandcamp for iOS

3. Pandora

Unlike Bandcamp and Trebel, Pandora does not offer a direct way to listen to your radio stations and songs in offline mode in the free version. However, there is a solution. It’s a bit tricky, but it works anyway.

What you will have to do is listen to the songs a few times to create a cached version. This will be saved to your mobile automatically. Now, you will create a radio station for these songs. Once done, you can enable the offline mode option and listen to these stations without consuming data. Note that it will take a couple of minutes before the stations and songs are fully in sync.


  • Up to 4 stations for offline
  • Extensive collection
  • Podcasts
  • Android and iOS


Download Pandora for Android | Pandora for iOS

4. Press

Pulsar is not a music streaming app. But it is one of the best offline music player for Android users. It is suitable for those who have their own collection on a hard drive or mobile device. If you want to keep a collection offline, Pulsar is the best application to listen to these songs.

The app is so packed with features that it is impossible to cover it in its entirety here. Download it and see for yourself. The user interface is beautiful and colorful, supports gapless playback, album art and tag download, lyrics support, hundreds of skins, 10-band EQ, gesture support, Assistant support, and much more.


  • Offline songs
  • Endless customizations
  • 10-band equalizer
  • Lyrics
  • Download tags, album art


  • No transmission
  • No iOS version

Pulsar Downloads: Android

5. Evermusic

Evermusic is to iOS users what Poweramp is to Android users. You can connect to various cloud storage sites like Dropbox, Driver, and more at the touch of a button. Once connected, easily download any song and listen to it offline without WiFi or mobile data.

It comes with a powerful equalizer, the ability to edit tags, download album art, and much more. Evermusic is a popular alternative to the default Apple Music player due to the extensive support for cloud storage sites it offers.


  • Offline songs
  • Endless customizations
  • Band equalizer
  • Furs
  • Download album art, edit tags
  • Cloud storage support


  • No transmission
  • No Android version

Download Evermusic for iOS

Free music apps that don’t need data or WiFi

These are some of the best music player apps for Android and iOS users that really support offline music player. You don’t need to subscribe to the trial version or pay for anything later. Just download the apps and follow the instructions shared above to start listening to songs offline. While some of the apps are straightforward, others like SoundCloud and Pandora will require extra effort.

What music player or streaming app are you using to listen to music offline?

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