7 best places to download anime wallpapers for mobile and desktop

If you are an anime fan and have been struggling to get your hands on some beautiful wallpapers featuring your favorite anime character, don’t worry. I tried a few apps and sites and chose the best one to save you time. So without further ado, Here are cool apps and websites to download anime wallpapers. Let’s start.

Download anime wallpapers for Android

1. Anime X Wallpaper

This is a comprehensive solution if you are on Android and looking for a minimal app to download Anime wallpapers. With over 1 million wallpapers (you can keep scrolling) and over 950 anime categories, you can be sure that you will find your favorite character in no time.

Anime X Wallpaper app categories

The user interface has a search function in case you don’t want to browse through endless categories. The best part is that you can download the wallpaper in various resolutions. The app shows a banner ad when you apply the wallpaper and that’s it.

Get Anime Wallpaper X

2. Anime wallpaper

This is similar to the previous application. It has a very neat user interface unlike most anime apps on the Google Play Store. On the home page, you can switch between recommended, popular, and random wallpapers. You can pinch and zoom the image as well as rotate it natively.

The app has a unique color palette section where you can search for wallpapers of the same color.

Anime Wallpaper App

Speaking of ads, banner ads appear when you scroll through the gallery, but they can be ignored as they don’t appear as often or take up a lot of screen space.

Get Lock Screen Wallpaper

Download anime wallpapers for iOS

3. Anime and wallpapers

This anime wallpaper app has one of the cleanest app user interfaces, which is a bonus. Just like the previous apps, you can view wallpapers in a scrollable gallery. There are two wacky features which are the blurry wallpaper and the lock screen preview, which puts the wallpaper in perspective before saving and using it.

Anime & Wallpapers App

Although you can save the wallpapers, there is a 30-second ad that you must watch. You can remove ads by purchasing unlimited access, which has a one-time fee of $ 9.99. This will also unlock the search feature.

Get Anime & Wallpapers

4. Anime wallpaper

Well, I know they all sound the same, but there are tons of differences between these two. I’ll go straight to the differences starting with the native filters section. You can use this to add filters to the wallpaper and change the color. However, you may like the fact that, unlike the previous one, you don’t have to pay to use the search option.

Anime Wallpaper App

This one also has a VIP version that will cost you $ 3.99. Remove ads and give access to some premium wallpapers.

Get Lock Screen Wallpaper

Download anime wallpapers for desktop

5. Zedge

Zedge needs no introduction as it is the best choice for many and one of the oldest sources on the internet. It is available on all platforms, so you can search for wallpapers for both mobile devices and desktop computers. Zedge offers everything like anime wallpapers and other concepts, video wallpapers, ringtones, and notification sounds.

Zedge Anime Section

Since you have your own profile, you can add your favorites to the saved section. The only downside is the full screen banner ads that can be removed by upgrading to the premium version for $ 1 / month.

Get Zedge

6. Anime Wallpapers (Reddit)

If you haven’t used Reddit yet, you should. You can find anything you can think of on SubReddits and in our case they are cool anime wallpapers. I’m talking about the dedicated subreddit Anime wallpapers where you can find tons of free high quality wallpapers. You get a minimum resolution for all published wallpapers, that is, 1920 × 1080 for desktop and 900 × 1600 for mobile devices.

Pro Tip: You can easily find anime wallpapers by searching style (highlighted) in post for mobile, desktop, collections, and multi-monitor.

Anime wallpapers subreddit

You can search for wallpapers based on the aspect ratio of your screen and you can even find wallpapers for ultrawide monitors. If you follow a specific anime character or show, just submit a request in the weekly thread on the subreddit.

Visit Anime wallpapers

7. Wallpaper Abyss (website)

Unlike the apps where all the anime were rated, the websites have it in a more gallery-like style. Wallpaper Abyss is one of those websites with a huge database of anime wallpapers. From your favorite Naruto wallpaper to Avatar, you can find it all. The resolution of the image is written on the thumbnail and you can simply scroll to see the download button.

Wallpaper Abyss website

If you change wallpapers frequently, I suggest you sign up. This allows you to add wallpapers to the favorites section. So it’s a second when you feel like changing the wallpaper.

Visit Wallpaper Abyss

Where do you download anime wallpapers?

Hope you find your favorite anime character and show it to your friends. Since anime is a smaller niche, there aren’t many apps that suit anime wallpapers. I’ve listed the ones with minimal interface, a variety of wallpapers, and top-notch quality.

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