8 Best Ways To Fix Facebook Messenger Chat Heads Not Working On Android

Long before Google introduced notification bubbles in Android 11, Facebook used to offer a similar feature called chat heads with Messenger. Unlike Google’s implementation, Facebook Messenger chat heads can also be used in older versions of Android, such as Android 9 and 10. It is an essential part of someone who uses the Messenger app frequently. If you are having trouble with Messenger chat heads, read on to learn how to fix Messenger chat heads not working on Android.

Fix Facebook Messenger Chat Heads Not Working on Android

In the example below, we are using a Samsung device running the latest Android 11 based One UI 3.1 UI. Some of the options may differ on your Android device due to a custom OEM skin.

1. Enable the notification permission from the settings menu

This is one of the obvious settings that you should check before moving on to advanced solutions. You need to grant the notification permission corresponding to the Messenger app on Android. Follow the steps below.

one. Open the App Drawer menu.

two. Find the Messenger app and press and hold the app icon.

3. Select a bit ‘I‘floating menu button and go to Messenger Application information menu.

tap on info menu

Four. Tap on Notifications under the Privacy menu.

5. Enable Notifications for the Messenger application in the following menu.

enable fb notifications

2. Disable DND mode

This is another obvious solution that you can run to get chat bosses to work on the Facebook Messenger app.

If you are in an important meeting, you may have enabled DND mode on your phone. Sometimes users forget to disable DND mode and that can make chat bosses not working on Android.

turn off DND mode

Just swipe down and open the notification center on your phone. Disable the DND switch and you are ready to receive chat notifications from the Messenger app.

3. Allow Messenger to appear at the top

This is one of the important permissions that you need to check after installing the Facebook Messenger app on your phone. Without it, you won’t see chat heads every time you get a notification from a person.

Follow the steps below.

one. Find the Messenger app in the app drawer menu.

two. Long press the application icon and open the Messenger application information screen.

tap on info menu

3. Scroll down and tap Appear at the top menu.

Four. Please allow the permission from the following menu.

allow permission to appear at the top

Now Messenger has relevant permission to show app functions, like chat heads, above other apps.

4. Clear cache

Clearing the cache of the Messenger app can fix the chat heads not working problem.

1. Find the Messenger app in the app drawer menu.

2. Press and hold the application icon and open the Messenger application information screen.

3. Tap on Storage and select Clear cache in the next menu.

clear the cache of the Facebook messenger app

You may need to log into the Messenger app again. Messenger chat bosses should work as expected in the app now.

5. Clear data

This applies to advanced Messenger users. Too much data in the Messenger app can cause you problems with chat bosses. Here is what you need to do.

1. Find the Messenger app in the app drawer menu.

2. Press and hold the application icon and open the Messenger application information screen.

3. Tap on Storage and select Delete data in the next menu.

clear messaging app data

Try using the Messenger app again and you should start getting notifications in your chat heads.

6. Free up RAM from the multitasking menu

This applies to Android phones with 3GB / 4GB of RAM. When there are too many applications running in the background, the chat heads may not work with the Messenger application.

The thing is, Facebook Messenger requires a specific amount of RAM to function properly in the background. If your device is running low on RAM, you will not be able to receive chat head notifications on the home screen.

You need to open the multitasking menu on the phone and remove the irrelevant apps from the list.

7. Exclude Facebook Messenger from Digital Wellbeing

Facebook Messenger is surely an addictive application. You may have set an application limit using the Digital well-being function on your phone.

If you’ve excluded the app limit for the Messenger app, all you’ll see is a transparent app icon with no notifications.

You can extend the time limit for the Messenger app or remove the app from the Digital Wellbeing apps. Here’s how to do it.

one. Open the Settings application on your phone.

two. Navigate to Digital Wellbeing> App Timers.

select app timers

3. Locate Messenger in the menu below and tap on the little timer icon next to it.

Four. You can extend the Messenger time limit for the day.

Alternatively, you can tap the three dots at the top and select Remove all app timers.

extend timer for messenger

Now the Messenger app can send notifications to chat bosses as usual.

8. Update Facebook Messenger

Messenger chat heads not working on Android phone may be due to a buggy version released by Facebook.

Fortunately, Facebook quickly solves these problems with quick updates through the Play Store.

You can open the Play Store on your phone and update the Messenger app to the latest version available to fix the chat heads notification feature.

Get started with Messenger Chat Heads notifications

Chat head notification is a must-have feature for advanced Facebook users. It can be annoying if the feature doesn’t work as expected. Hopefully, the troubleshooting steps above fixed that Messenger chat heads were not working on your Android phone.

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