9 Ways To Fix Windows 10 Suddenly Won’t Activate Problem

Although there is no official statement from Microsoft on how long you can use Windows 10 without activation, it is quite annoying and unusual that your activated Windows 10 suddenly does not have an activated problem. If you are receiving a Activate Windows watermark suddenly on your screen, we will help you fix this problem. If you’ve already activated your Windows 10 installation with a genuine product key / digital license, the following troubleshooting tips will help you get it back and remove that pesky watermark.

How to fix a Windows 10 problem that won’t wake up suddenly

As this problem can occur due to different reasons, we recommend that you go through all the steps to get rid of Windows 10 not activated suddenly problem until you fix it. However, hacked Windows 10 users will not get help from this article and we recommend obtaining a genuine license rather than searching for pirated copies that could contain ransomware or malware.

1. Restart the computer

Regardless of device or operating system, this solution works like a charm to get back to your original settings or in this case you activated Windows 10. If an error or glitch is causing this Windows 10 not activated problem, you may be able to fix it by restarting your computer. Although it could appear again in the future, for now it can help you.

2. Check the expiration date

If is one product key or digital license, if you have bought it from the official store or from an authorized retailer, your key / license does not have an expiration date. Microsoft allows Windows 10 users to activate a copy of their installation permanently. However, this problem occurs when you purchase a product key from a third party.

Countless unauthorized retailers and websites distribute the product key at a lower price than the original. If you bought such a product key earlier to save some money and activate Windows 10, you might encounter this problem.

It is recommended to check if your product key has an expiration date. As Windows 10 already shows the Activate Windows watermark, there is a possibility that it is already expired. To confirm, follow these steps.

one: printing Win + R to open the Run prompt on your computer.

two: Writes CMD and press the Get into to open the command prompt.

3: Type this command:

slmgr /xpr

After hitting the Get into , a pop-up window appears showing the expiration date. If it shows The machine is permanently activated, go to the next point.

3. Don’t try to use OEM keys

There are mainly two types of activation keys: you buy and activate your copy of Windows, and two, your hardware manufacturer installs a product key. If you buy a pre-activated Windows laptop or even a desktop, it will come with an OEM key. OEM keys are device-specific or device-locked product keys and will not work on any other system. They are not transferable should you decide to sell your laptop and buy another.

Many people often try to extract OEM keys from their Windows 10 PCs and use them on a different computer. If you try, there is a possibility of such a problem. You need a product key for Windows 10 Home, Pro, Enterprise, or Education.

4. Run the activation troubleshooter

This dedicated Windows 10 activation troubleshooter helps you when you change your hardware (hard drive, motherboard, etc.). Windows will not detect the activation key even when you have the original product key installed after changing some crucial parts of your computer. Also, there may be other reasons why your computer cannot wake up automatically, such as an error. To fix all these problems, we recommend running the corresponding troubleshooter.

one: printing Win + me to open Windows Settings.

two: Go Update and security> Activation.

3: Click on the Solve problems option. Show some instructions based on your problem. However, one thing is common to all troubleshooting tips and help when replacing hardware.

4: Click on the I changed the hardware of this device recently option.

5: Sign in to your Microsoft account, which has the linked digital license.

6: If all goes well, your copy of Windows 10 will be reactivated immediately.

5. Remove the device from the Microsoft account and reactivate it

If you previously added the Microsoft account to use the digital license and have some internal problem, it is recommended to remove the laptop or desktop from your Microsoft account and try to reactivate Windows 10. As a regular PC user, you may not find the ‘internal problem’, but this solution works quite well.

one: Opened the Microsoft Device Management Portal and sign in to your Microsoft account.

two: You will see all the devices linked to your Microsoft account. Find the device that is causing the activation problem and click on the corresponding Show details or Manage option.

3: Click on the Manage button visible below the device name and choose the Remove the laptop or [device-name] option.

4: Confirm the deletion by checking the I’m ready to remove this [device] and clicking on the Remove button.

5: Open Windows settings by pressing Win + me And go to Accounts.

6: Click on the Instead, sign in with a Microsoft account option.

7: Enter your Microsoft account that has the linked digital license.

8: Let it complete the login process to find the activated Windows 10.

6. Extract the product key and combine it with your purchase

If you purchased a product key from an authorized retailer, it may have a 25-character code. However, a malware or adware attack can remove this installed product key, causing Windows 10 to not suddenly activate. Ensures if the currently installed product key (if any) and the purchased product key are the same. Depending on the method you use to purchase the product key, you must first find the product key.

one: printing Win + X to expand the menu and select Windows PowerShell of the list.

two: Paste the following command:

wmic path SoftwareLicensingService get OA3xOriginalProductKey

and press the Get into button.

Displays the product key in the Windows PowerShell window. As said, you need to check if this product key is the same as the one you bought or not.

If not, open Windows Settings and go to Update and security> Activation. Then click on the Change product key and enter your original product key to activate Windows 10 successfully.

7. Scan the PC for Malware

Different computer viruses and malware work differently, and some of them might remove your product key to block access to core features. That too Activate Windows The message may simply be a mirage created by the malware. To ensure all these things and get rid of the problem, it is recommended to scan your computer with a Windows malware removal tool and remove the potentially suspicious files and applications.

8. Install pending updates

If you’re having this problem on a copy of Windows 10 Insider Preview, it can be a fairly common mistake. See if Microsoft has made any announcements and released a patch. To check and install new or pending updates, follow these steps.

one: printing Win + me to open Windows Settings and go to Update and security.

two: In the Windows Update section, click the Search for updates button. However, if it shows pending updates, click the appropriate button to download and install it.

3: At last, you have to click on the Restart now to complete the installation.

9. Use the DISM tool

DISM or Deployment image maintenance and management The tool can help you fix Windows 10 start menu not working or auto start delayed. If there is a significant change or corruption in your system, you can restore the original version from a hidden recovery version on your PC. However, it is a time-consuming job.

one: Look for CMD in the search box on the taskbar or on the Start menu and click the Execute as an administrator option to open the elevated command prompt window. Give the following two commands, but one at a time.

DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Scanhealth

DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth

The first command analyzes the state of the system image and, if it detects a problem, uses the second command to restore the state. If it shows a No damage detection in the component store message, you don’t have to give the second command.

Conclusion: Fix Windows 10 Suddenly Won’t Activate Problem

This problem mainly occurs when hardware, such as a hard disk, changes. After the change, it’s easy to reactivate Windows 10 using your digital license or product key. However, if malware is causing this problem, it is recommended to scan your entire system with a reliable antivirus and then reactivate it.

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