Forgot or lost your FireStick remote control? These are your options (2020)

“It’s probably under the couch,” that’s the usual response you’d get if you ever lost ANY remote control, including Fire TV Stick remote control. If you’ve already looked everywhere and still can’t find your lost Firestick remote, don’t worry, not all hope is lost. There are still a few ways that can help you use the Fire TV Stick even without the physical remote. I have made a list of all the possible situations where you can use your Fire TV Stick even after losing the FireStick remote. Let us begin.

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Understanding the problem

Fire TV Stick works with a Wi-Fi connection and when you set up the device for the first time, you use the remote control to navigate the interface and save the WiFi credentials on the device. However, when you lose your remote, the Fire TV Stick still turns on and connects to Wi-Fi. But due to the lack of remote control, it cannot do anything.

This situation is made worse if you move out of range of your default WiFi, which can happen if you take the FireStick somewhere and forget about the remote control at home or lose it altogether. I tried to fix this problem and listed 5 ways to use your FireStick without the Fire TV Stick remote.

How to navigate and control the FireStick without the remote control

1. When the Firestick remote control is lost inside the house

For those who don’t know, they can use their smartphone to navigate and control the FireStick. If you are connected to the same network that your firestick is connected to, you can log into the app and start using your phone as a fully functional remote control.

First, install the Fire TV app from the Play store wave App store. After installing the app, run it from the app drawer. Now if you are on the same network, your firestick should automatically appear in the app no need to login. After tapping the Fire TV Stick on your phone, you will be prompted to enter a 4-digit PIN in the app.

firestick discovered in the app

The code will be displayed on the TV, enter the code to connect the Fire TV remote app to your FireStick.

enter pairing code

Now everything is set up, your app would look like the image below. This is the digital remote control for FireStick and can slide your finger over the empty area to simulate arrow keys and touch the empty space to press OK. You can go to Settings, use Alexa, type URLs with your smartphone keyboard, etc. with the remote app.

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swipe using empty space as touchpad

The app is a decent alternative to the traditional remote and you can use it whenever you can’t find your remote or are too lazy to get up and look for it.

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remote fire lost

2. When you lose your Firestick remote control away from home

Connecting the smartphone app to the Fire TV Stick was easy because it was connected to your home Wi-Fi network. However, if you are away from home and forgot the remote control, it would take a little more work to get it working.

You would need two smartphones; one to act as a remote control for the FireStick and we’ll need the another smartphone that can create a WiFi hotspot. Unfortunately, the name of the iPhone hotspot cannot be changed, so I suggest you use a Mac computer, Windows computer, or Android smartphone with a working internet connection.

Just like we did before, install the Fire TV app on your smartphone, log in with your Amazon credentials, and set it aside. The next part is crucial for the whole process to work. We’ll go to create a Wi-Fi access point with the same credentials as your home Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi name and password are case sensitive, so create an access point with that in mind.

create an access point with the same name as the home wifi

Create a new hotspot with the same name and password that your firestick was previously connected to. After doing this, connect the Fire TV Stick to the TV and turn it on. Should automatically connect to the Wi-Fi hotspot you just created. Connect the other smartphone to the same Wifi network.

two different phones, one for creating an access point and one for the application

That’s it, your Fire TV Stick should automatically appear on the Fire TV remote through the access point you just created. However, you can change the WiFi now if you plan to use the FireStick in the new place.

Go to Settings on the Fire TV Stick> scroll to Network> select the Wifi Network> enter the password.

3. Use the previous generation Firestick remote control

Amazon Fire TV Stick is backward compatible, which means you can take the remote control of an old Fire TV Stick and use it as the default. The previous generation remote control lacks a few buttons, namely the volume, mute and power buttons. So if you’re going to use the older generation remote on the 4K Firestick, you’ll miss out on those buttons. Other than that it would work the same.

new and old fire sticks side by side

There are many hidden key combinations that you can press on the Firestick remote, including resetting the remote. To pair the previous generation remote with the newer FireStick, just press and hold the Home, Back and Left buttons at the same time for ten seconds, and then restart your FireStick. The new (technically older) remote will automatically pair after rebooting.

press the buttons to reset the remote control which will be paired automatically after reboot

4. Use your TV remote to control FireStick

Most smart TVs come equipped with HDMI-CEC o Control of Consumer Electronics. Basically, it is an interface that allows you to control electronic devices connected to your TV via HDMI using the TV remote control. It’s an incredibly useful feature for times when you don’t want to use multiple remotes or lose one.

use the app as a remote control for fire fire

Most TVs have the feature on by default, but just to be safe, we’ll check before we continue. Now each TV manufacturer brands this feature differently, so you may need to figure out what it’s called. For example, LG calls it SimpLink, Philips calls it EasyLink, Hitachi calls it HDMI-CEC, Sony calls it Bravia Sync, etc. Find the HDMI CEC option in the TV settings and turn it on. Now, you can use the arrow keys on the TV to navigate the Firestick. However, each television manufacturer modifies the technology and implements it in their own way, so the experience may vary and some functions may not work.

Firestick Remote lost - using hdmi cec remote

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5. Use a keyboard or mouse with the FireStick

The above methods are sufficient to offer full functionality when you lose the remote, but if you want to browse the internet in a downloaded Firestick app, such as a web browser, the FireStick remote doesn’t even come close to the features of a full-size device. . keyboard. You can connect an external mouse or keyboard using a micro usb splitter from Amazon.

micro usb splitter

Closing words

These were some of the ways you can try when you lose your Fire TV Stick remote. The official application is the ideal solution when you lose the remote control within the premises of the house. But it doesn’t work if you are away from home. You can easily change the Wi-Fi by following the above methods and make the device work even without the remote control. Well, if none of the above methods work for you, the only option left is buy a replacement on Amazon for $ 29.

What do you think about these methods? If you have any hacks, let me know in the comments below.

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