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More and more people edit their Instagram videos on their computers using video editing software and then send them to their smartphone to upload to Instagram. But wouldn’t it be amazing if you could upload videos to Instagram directly from a computer? Turns out you can. Here are some native Instagram desktop clients, as well as third-party apps that will allow you to post videos to your Instagram stories, feeds, reels, and even IGTV. Let’s see them.

Instagram video specifications

Before uploading your video, make sure you adhere to the following rules as prescribed by Instagram:

  • File size limit is 4GB
  • Playback duration is limited to 60 seconds.
  • Frame rate must be 30 FPS or less
  • The maximum dimension must be 1080 or less
  • The preferred format is MP4 (H.264 codec and AAC audio, 3500 kbps video bit rate)
  • The horizontal aspect ratio is 1: 91: 1
  • Square aspect ratio is 1: 1
  • The vertical aspect ratio is 4: 5.

How to upload videos to Instagram from computer directly

1. Creator Studio for Instagram

This is probably the simplest method and since it is native to Instagram, all you need to do is log into Instagram Creator Studio with your username and password. Not only does it give you the option to post photos / videos to your feed, but you also don’t miss out on mobile features like tagging people, selecting a cover, adding a title, etc. In case you want to schedule your videos, there is an option for that too.

one. To get started, make sure you have an Instagram business account. If not, you can easily change it from Settings> Account > Switch to business account.

two. Then, from the PC, open the browser and go to Creator Studio, Y click on the Instagram logo on top.

Instagram creator studio,

3. Then just log in with your username and password. If you are signed in with the same Google account that has your password saved, you will likely see the sign-in password in the autocomplete suggestions. You will be redirected to the home page of your Creator studio, where you can see all the stories, posts and also an option to upload videos.

Login to Instagram

Four. Then tap on the Create a post icon at the top left of the screen Y select an Instagram feed to post a post. You can also tap on IGTV if you have a longer video to post.

Create a post icon at the top left of the screen

5. You will see a new dialog like the one in the image below. Tap on Add content at the bottom and choose a file to upload.

Add content in Instagram Creator Studio

6. Then browse to the file location and select the image or video you want to upload and post.

Upload video to Instagram from PC

7. Once you’re done, grab your cursor and tap the down arrow sign at the bottom (next to the Schedule icon), and choose a date and time to post your post. That’s it, now just tap on Calendar and now you have successfully scheduled your Instagram post from PC. Easy right?

Upload video to Instagram from computer

2. INSSIST Chrome extension

Another way to upload videos to Instagram from computer is Instagram Creator Studio, but what it lacks is a phone-like user interface. I know it’s not a big deal, but if you want to add a cherry on top, you can upload videos and enjoy the mobile UI on your PC using a Chrome extension called INSSIST.

You can also post stories, IGTV videos, view direct messages, generate analytics, and much more.

one. Visit the INSSIST Chrome extension page and click Add to Chrome to download and install.

INSSIST Chrome extension

two. Click on the extension icon to open Instagram and you will see the familiar login options of the Instagram app.

Login to Instagram web

3. After logging in, click + sign like you do on Instagram mobile. Click on Photo / Video in the pop-up window that follows, which will open a new file explorer window. Note that you can also post a story, IGTV video, and more on the same tab.

INSSIST Chrome extension loading page

Four. In the file explorer tab, find the photo or video you want to post and press Opened. This opens the content in the Inssist Instagram user interface.

Upload video to Instagram on PC

5. Paste next in the upper right corner of the screen after loading and processing are done.

INSSIST Chrome extension video upload option

6. The next step allows you add a title, tag people, add location, and even select auto-generated hashtags. The video upload feature is free, however there is also a pro version at $ 4.99 / month that allows you to add custom video thumbnails / covers, a zen mode for a cleaner experience, bulk scheduling, etc. Read our detailed review of the INSSIST Chrome extension.

Upload video to Instagram from computer

Get INSSIST | Web client for Instagram (Chrome extension)

3. Cloud storage (free)

The easiest trick in the book to upload videos from PC to Instagram directly. Create a Dropbox account or use Google Drive on your computer linked to your Gmail account. Download and install it if you haven’t already and create an account. Copy and paste the video into the Dropbox / Drive folder and let it sync.

Next, open the corresponding Dropbox app on your smartphone and select the video you just uploaded. When you click on the Share button, you will see other options like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more, depending on the applications you have installed on your smartphone. Select Instagram and the video will load.

Do you know what the problem is with the cloud storage method? You will have to deal with the video twice. First upload it from computer to cloud and then from cloud to Instagram. This is still acceptable if the file size is small. What if it is not? Keep reading.

4. Development tools method (browser)

The Developer Tools method is also one of the oldest methods of uploading videos to Instagram via PC. It allows you to access the mobile version of Instagram through the web browser. Although many websites suggest this method of uploading videos, it just doesn’t work. On the other hand, if you want to upload an image, this method is one of the easiest of all. It not only allows you to upload an image from a PC, but you can also use video filters, cropping option, etc.

Upload a photo on Instagram through the developer tools option

Conclusion: uploading videos to Instagram From PC

A simple answer: Instagram Creator Studio. There are several reasons, the most important being that it is an Instagram platform, so there is no chance that it will go down anytime soon. Also, it is much more secure than other platforms in terms of your personal data. But if you really want a good tool that has a good user interface and works instantly, INSSIST is an extension you should try. You must have noticed that the extension does not allow you to upload custom thumbnails in videos after 2 free attempts. Yes, it is true, however there is a way around it.

INSSIST has a clear advantage in terms of a clean Instagram user interface (with dark mode), automatically suggesting relevant hashtags for the post and other useful stats and statistics. But if your sole purpose is to post videos, you already know what to do.

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