How to change the signature in Outlook email on desktop and mobile devices

Even with the enormous popularity of Gmail, Microsoft Outlook continues to find candidates in the commercial and consumer space. One of the ways to truly personalize an email is with a signature. You can create a custom signature that goes with every email you send. At any time, you can also change the added signature. Read on to learn how to change the signature in Outlook email on desktop and mobile devices.

Change the signature in Outlook email on desktop and mobile devices

People mainly use a mobile phone number or social media profiles as Outlook email signatures with names and organization details. Maybe you’ve joined a new company or got a new mobile phone number. In that case, you will want to change your Outlook email signature. So that the recipient continues to receive the latest update on their profile and contact information.

Change your signature in Outlook on the web email

Let’s start the list with the Outlook on the web email application. It is one of the feature rich Outlook clients with new additions like Outlook Spaces.

Follow the steps below to change the signature on the Outlook web.

one. Visit Outlook on the web and log in with your account credentials.

two. Click on the Settings gear in the upper right corner.

3. Please select See all Outlook settings.

open all Outlook settings

Four. Go Mail> Compose and respond.

select compose and reply

5. Under Email signature you will find your current Outlook signature. Touch the text box and create a new signature.

edit your Outlook on the web signature

We like the rich text editor that Outlook web offers for creating / changing email signatures.

6. After changing the email signature, you can simply click the X icon to close the pop-up and Outlook will use the new signature as the default.

Change signature in Outlook email on Mac

Microsoft recently released a new version of Outlook for Mac. You can also change your email signature using the Mac application. Here’s how.

one. Open Outlook on Mac.

two. Click Outlook on the menu bar.

select outlook mac preferences

3. Go Preferences> Signature.

select signature on mac

Four. You will see your standard email signature there. Select the name of the firm and click the Edit button at the bottom.

edit your Outlook on the web signature

5. Another menu to change / edit the signature will open with editing and text formatting options.

change Outlook signature on mac

After changing the email signature in Outlook, just close the window and you are ready to use a new Outlook signature on new emails.

Unlike Outlook web, you can create multiple signatures for different needs and keep the most commonly used one as the default.

When you compose a new email, you can click Firms at the top and select a relevant signature that matches the tone, subject, and recipient of the email.

choose between signatures in Outlook Mac

Change the signature in Outlook email on Windows

Microsoft currently offers two email applications on Windows. The integrated mail application and the dedicated Outlook application as part of the Microsoft 365 package. In the following example, we will use the Outlook application as it is already known to most business users.

one. Open Outlook in Windows.

two. Go File> Options menu.

Click the file

3. Please select Mail> Create or modify signatures for messages> Signatures.

select signature on mac

Four. Select the current signature and modify it using the text box below. After changing the signature, you can press the Save money and then okay button at the bottom.

Outlook signing on Windows

Outlook for desktop allows you to create multiple signatures for a single email account. You can create different signatures and give them relevant names like Personal, Business, etc.

In the same Signatures menu, you need to choose the default signature at the bottom for composing new messages and for replies / forwards.

When you compose a new email message in Windows, you can go to the Firm tab at the top and choose from different signatures to implement in email.

choose between signatures in Outlook windows

Change signature in Outlook email on phone

Outlook for Android and iPhone has almost identical UI / UX. The steps below are for iPhone, but they also apply to Android devices. Here’s how to change your Outlook signature on a mobile device.

one. Open Outlook on your mobile and go to Settings.

two. Go Mail> Signature menu.

3. Just tap on the signature and delete it. Add a new email signature and you are ready to use a new Outlook signature on mobile.

change Outlook signature on mobile

While the email compose menu in Outlook Mobile has a ton of text editing options, the same is simply missing from the signature menu.

Conclusion: modify the signature in Outlook email

It is important to change the signature in your Outlook mail when you change jobs or change any other contact information to communicate with you. When changing the signature of an email, don’t overdo it and try to include all the details. It is not an experience desired by the recipient. Keep it simple and to the point.

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