How to connect a Chromebook to a TV without HDMI

The easiest way to connect a Chromebook to a TV or monitor is using the HDMI cable. But that is not the only possible solution. You can also connect your Chromebook to the TV wirelessly. Wireless technology also has its obvious advantages. You can connect to the TV without the need for a cable and you don’t need to keep the Chromebook next to the TV as it connects wirelessly. So here we show you how you can connect Chromebook to TV wirelessly.

How to connect a Chromebook to a TV without HDMI

Before you begin, check to see if your Chromebook has an HDMI port. Check available ports on Chromebook and get a suitable adapter like USB-C to HDMI, USB-A to HDMI or mini-HDMI to HDMI as appropriate. Chromebook comes with a built-in display link Unlike other traditional computers, so you don’t need to deal with drivers etc. Just plug them in, open Settings> Device> Displayand select In-screen mirror to start reflecting.

With that being said, let’s get started with the wireless options.

1. For Android TV, Google TV and Chromecast devices

If your TV supports Chromecast, you can directly use the Chromecast option built into your Chromebook to start mirroring your screen. Here’s how you can do that.

one. Open the Chrome browser on the Chromebook and click the three point menu in the upper right corner.

two. Here select the Cast option from the list.

3. This will display a small pop-up window with the available Chromecast devices around you. Just click on your TV to connect your Chromebook to the TV.

Four. You can also select the Sources drop down menu to choose if you want to stream tab, streaming desktop or streaming file before selecting the TV to share just that.

5. To make the process easier next time, click on the three-dot menu and select Cast Now when the pop-up window appears, right click on the Chromecast logo on top.

6. Now select the Always show icon option.

7. This will make the streaming icon stay at the top of your browser all the time so you can access it easily.

The downside is that not all TVs support Chromecast, but if you’re using an Android TV, Google TV, or even a Chromecast, you can.

2. Connecting Chromebook to Fire TV

Although Fire TV is technically compatible with Chromecast, the process is not as simple as with Android or Google TV. Here’s how you can connect Chromebook to Fire TV.

one. To start screen mirroring, open Fire TV Settings from the home page.

two. On the settings page, select Screen and sounds option.

3. Now select Enable Display Mirroring which will open a waiting page to start screen mirroring from other devices. Do not leave this page yet or you will have to start over.

Four. Now on your Chromebook, click on the three-dot menu> Transmit and select the TV as in the Chromecast option.

5. That’s it, you will now see your Chromebook screen on your TV.

The only difference between Android TV and Fire TV is that you cannot mirror to Fire TV without first enabling screen mirroring option.

3. For other options like LG Web, Samsung Tizen, Roku, etc.

If you are using a TV other than Android or Fire TV, you are out of luck because Chromecast will not work. Although LG TV supports Chromecast, it is only capable of streaming multimedia content from YouTube. One of the easiest options is to get a Chromecast that is cheaper than Android TV or Fire TV devices. Just plug the Chromecast into your TV’s HDMI port and start mirroring the Chromebook’s screen to the TV with the same casting option we did in the previous method.

Conclusion: connect Chromebook to TV wirelessly

If you already have an Android TV, Google TV, Fire TV, or any Chromecast device, you should use them. But if you’re looking to get one, consider the HDMI option. Not only will it mirror your Chromebook, but you can also use the TV as an extended screen.

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