How to delete keyboard history on iPhone

We all enjoy the iPhone’s ability to successfully guess what we’re about to type based on our past typing habits. While that helps us to type more fluently, the Apple iOS keyboard also tends to remember misspelled words and suggest them whenever you intend to type that particular word. Sometimes we write something that we don’t want others to know. Getting those words out when writing with other people can be embarrassing. The solution is to delete keyboard history on iPhone.

You can delete all keyboard history on your iPhone or switch to a third-party keyboard entirely that allows you to remove those misspelled words easily. In this article, we will learn how to delete keyboard and even keyboard history from Gboard, as well as how to turn off embarrassing word suggestions on iPhone. Let us begin.

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How to Clear / Delete Keyboard History on iPhone

If you use the default Apple iOS keyboard on your iPhone or iPad, you probably already know that it doesn’t allow you to remove specific words from your personal dictionary. So your only option is to delete all keyboard history and start from scratch. Read on to know how to delete Apple iOS keyboard history on iPhone.

one. Open the Settings on your iPhone and navigate to general settings. Then scroll down and tap the Restart.

Reset settings on iPhone

two. Inside the Reset menu, tap on the option that says Reset keyboard dictionary. Will ask you Enter your access code (if applicable) to verify authentication. Once verified, tap Reset dictionary When prompted.

Reset keyboard dictionary on iPhone

And that is. That should remove all the custom words you typed while using it and reset the keyboard dictionary to factory defaults.

How to turn off predictive text on iPhone

If you are tired of periodically deleting the keyboard history on your iPhone, your next best option is to disable the predictive text feature entirely on the Apple iOS keyboard. This way, the keyboard will no longer suggest learned words as you type. Here’s how to do it.

one. To disable predictive text, open Settings on your iPhone. Tap on general and scroll down and tap Keyboard.

Keyboard settings on iPhone

Alternatively, you can also navigate to the Keyboard Settings by holding down the balloon on the keyboard and selecting Keyboard configuration.

Keyboard configuration

two. Inside the keyboard settings, under All keyboards, turn off the Prophetic option.

Predictive text on iPhone

Now you will no longer see those helpful but sometimes embarrassing predictive text suggestions while typing on your iPhone or iPad.

How to Clear / Delete Gboard History on iPhone

Many iOS users have opted for the easier-to-use Gboard (Google keyboard) keyboard alternative on their iPhone or iPad. That change is mainly due to its keyboard search option and Glide Typing capabilities (type by sliding your finger from letter to letter).

And if you are one of the users, here we show you how to delete Gboard history on your iPhone or iPad.

one. To delete keyboard history on iPhone, open the Gboard application. Tap on Keyboard settings and scroll down at the bottom to touch the Clear my dictionary option.

Gboard Settings on iPhone

This will delete all custom Gboard history on your iPhone.

Try SwiftKey instead

Swiftkey acquired by Microsoft is a decent keyboard alternative to Apple Keyboard and Gboard. Especially with its ability to remove specific words. All you have to do is press and hold a suggested word in the prediction bar and choose the Remove option when prompted. This makes for a much better typing experience rather than having to periodically delete your keyboard history or turn off predictive text. SwiftKey comes with some other features too, but it lacks Gboard’s built-in integration with other Google services.

Final remarks: keyboard history on iPhone

As we just learned, deleting misspelled words is not as easy as you would like, as you will end up losing your entire custom dictionary. Probably the best way to avoid these problems is to switch to a better keyboard. There are many third-party keyboards available on iOS with better customizations and improved word suggestions. We recommend Swiftkey Y Gboard which top the list of the most preferred keyboard alternatives on iPhone or iPad. So, give them a try.

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