How to Find and Use Eraser Coils on Instagram

Instagram offers the eraser feature that’s very useful when creating reels. You can save multiple video clips to drafts and create a new reel from any draft. But where are the Instagram Reel drafts kept and how to use them to create a new Reel? Let’s see how to use Draft Reels on Instagram. You will learn how to create, search, edit, delete, download and share a draft film.

Note: Reel Drafts are not syncing between devices. So if you’ve logged into your Instagram account from multiple devices, you’ll see different spool drafts on each phone based on where they were created.

How to create a scratch spool

There are two ways to create a spool draft. In the first method, when you have captured a clip and are on the screen where you can record more clips, press the button. cross (X) icon at the top. Choose Save as draft from the pop-up menu.

Instagram Eraser Reels How To Create

Alternatively, go to the end screen, that is, the sharing screen, where you can add a title and choose the thumbnail of the reel. Here you have to touch Save as draft in the background.

Instagram Draft Reels How To Create From Share Screen

How to find and check shooting reels

Now we come to the important question: how to view and retrieve drafts from Instagram Reel. For that too, we have two different methods.

First, go to the Reel creation screen. Tap on the add (+) or the gallery icon at the bottom of the screen. Tap on the Drafts tab to view all reel drafts.

Instagram Eraser Reels How To Find

In the second method, open your Instagram profile screen and tap the Coils icon. Touch the first box that says Drafts. Contains all of your video drafts.

Instagram Eraser Reels How To View And Verify

Once you get to the draft of the reels, you can perform various actions on them as described below.

How to Delete Draft from Instagram Reels

Go to your Instagram profile screen to find the spool eraser you want to delete as shown in the method above. That is, tap on the Reel icon and hit the Drafts option. On the screen where you see all your drafts, touch the Please select option at the top. Touch the reel you want to delete and press the Discard button.

Discard eraser reels from Instagram

How to edit the draft of Instagram reel

To edit the Reel draft before publishing, go to the Reel Drafts folder using one of the methods mentioned above. Touch the reel you want to edit. Hit the Edit icon at the top.

Instagram Eraser Reels Edit

You will be taken to the editing screen where you can add music, text, your own audio and stickers to your reel. Use the required option to edit and customize your reel.

Instagram Eraser Reels Editing Modes

How to Add Music or Audio to Reel Drafts

Open the spool eraser in edit mode as shown above. On the editing screen, touch the Music icon. Then tap on the Add and choose a song of your choice.

Instagram eraser reels add music

To add custom audio, touch the Microphone icon and record the audio.

Instagram eraser reels add audio

How to Post Reel Drafts on Instagram

Visit the Instagram Reel Drafts folder and tap on the reel you want to post. You will be taken to the share screen. Tap on Share at the bottom to post the draft of the reel on your profile.

Tip: Touch Edit if you want to preview or edit your reel.

Instagram Draft Reels Share

Saving Film Drafts to Gallery or Camera

To download an Instagram reel draft without posting it, go to the Drafts folder and tap the reel to open it. You will reach the Share screen. Tap on Edit. Now touch the Download icon at the top.

Instagram Eraser Reels Download

Tip: In case this method doesn’t work, share the Reel with your story and hit the download button on the story to download the Reel. However, instead of sharing it with everyone in your story, create a list of close friends, add a person, and share it.

How to trim a shooting reel

Unfortunately, you cannot trim a reel of eraser directly. However, there are two solutions.

First of all, download the Reel draft video to your phone gallery as shown above. Then upload it as a new clip from Gallery to reel, just like you would add a photo to reels on Instagram. Once added, return to the clip editing screen by tapping the small arrow at the bottom. Press the scissor icon to enter crop mode.

Instagram Eraser Reels Scissor Trim

Use the left and right edges of the slider to trim the video. The left side represents the starting point, while the right is the end of the video.

Instagram Eraser Reel Clipping Video

Alternatively, you will have to download the Reel eraser and use a third-party Reel editing app, such as VN, to trim the video.

How to Add Another Video to the Reel Video Draft

Unfortunately, you cannot merge a video clip with your film eraser. You will first need to download the reel draft, create a new reel, and add multiple video clips to it, including the downloaded reel draft.

Why are shooting reels disappearing?

Users often complain that Reel drafts disappear from their profile. That happens when you log out of your account or erase data on Android phone. Also, as mentioned above, you will see drafts created only on that device and not from other devices. It is always a good idea to download the Reel video clip to your mobile device instead of saving it as a draft.

Create beautiful reels

The eraser is a great feature to save reels on Instagram for future use. Eraser spools are fairly easy to find and use. When you’re ready to create the final reel, you can also add disappearing text to the video.

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