How to set a song as an alarm on iPhone (Apple Music, Spotify and MP3)

Like most people who use an iPhone, I set an alarm with the Default Clock app to wake me up every day, but the default ringtones on the iPhone are negligible. The post-apocalyptic siren of chaos, also titled “Beacon,” is so penetrating it would wake anyone from their deepest sleep. Other defaults on the iPhone aren’t great either, so what’s the solution? It really is simple. We will share some ways to set any song from Spotify and Apple Music as alarm on iPhone.

How to set a song as an alarm on iPhone

While doing research, I found a few different ways to set a song as an alarm on iPhone and narrowed them down to the best three. In this article, I will show you how to set a song as an alarm using Apple Music, Spotify, or any local music file. There is also the bedtime function that allows you to set an alarm and offers better ringtones than those available in the normal alarm menu.

1. Set a bedtime

Not many people use it, but if you use the iPhone’s built-in Bedtime feature, it allows you to set a daily alarm for the morning and has its own set of alarm tones that are far better than existing monstrosities. The tones are soft, soothing and soft at bedtime.

one. To set the bedtime, open the Clock app on your iPhone and tap Alarm in the background. Meet To sleep | Wake up and touch the Change button. You would have to activate the sleep schedule. Tap Light to proceed.

activate sleep schedule

two. Tap on the Change a second time and proceed to set a schedule by turning the dial. Now scroll down to find the alarm settings.

set a sleep duration

3. Under Alarm options, tap Sound and haptics to select the alarm tone. You can select from the list of 9 different alarm tones. You won’t find regular alarm tones here, so select one and go back.

set bedtime alarm tone

Four. Tap Done And your alarm is set

tap done to save alarm

No more shaking alarm sounds. I have mentioned this method because it is a great feature and the alarm tones are pleasant to the ears.

2. Set a song as an alarm on iPhone with Apple Music

I, like most people, only ask Siri to set my alarms mostly and that is why I didn’t realize that there is an entire section for setting a custom alarm tone. Now when you ask Siri it will always choose the default alarm tone, so we have to manually change the alarm tone in the Clock app.

You can only set a song as an alarm if you have purchased a song with iTunes or have an active Apple Music subscription.

one. Open the Clock app on the iPhone and tap on Alarm at the bottom. Tap on the + button in the upper right corner to create a new alarm. Set the alarm time, and then touch Dream to select an alarm tone.

create a new alarm and select the sound

two. Above the ringtones, you will see the song list. Tap Choose a song to open the music library.

choose a song from apple music

3. Find the song you want to set as your alarm ringtone and tap to select it. If you bought the song from iTunes, you shouldn’t have a problem.

select a song

However, if the song you selected is from the Apple Music library, you must download the song in the Music app or your alarm will not play the selected song.

Four. Open the Music app on your iPhone and find the song you set as the alarm ringtone. Tap on the options menu button together with him.

find the song in the music library

5. Tap Download and you should see a download icon appear next to the song.

download the song

Once the song is downloaded, it will play when the alarm sounds.

3. Set a song as alarm on iPhone with Spotify

I get it, not everyone likes or uses Apple Music anymore or doesn’t have a song anymore. So if you are a Spotify user, you can still set a song as an alarm using Spotify. However, Spotify songs are not showing up in the Clock app so we need to use a workaround.

Get into Musical Alarm Clock Pro. It is a simple alarm app that allows you to set Spotify songs as alarm. Go ahead and install the app from the App Store. The application is not free and costs $ 2.99.

one. Once the application is installed, open it and touch the + button in the upper right to create a new alarm.

open musical alarm clock

two. Set the alarm time by turning the dial. You can also choose to repeat the alarm on specific days and adjust the snooze time.

Now touch Choose music to set a Spotify song as an alarm tone. It will ask you to select a “Playlist or Song” option. You can set any public playlist as an alarm tone, but you would need Spotify’s premium subscription for that.

choose music

However, if you have a free Spotify account, you can still set a song as an alarm tone that would play the 30-second clip of the song. You can play the whole song as an alarm tone if you have a Spotify Premium account.

3. Just search for the song using the search bar. However, before it shows you the results, it will ask you to link your Spotify account with the app. For some strange reason, the app never asks you to link your account until you search for a song.

look for the song

Four. Follow the link that opens in your web browser and log in to your Spotify account.

login for spotify account

5. After that, allow the app to access the Spotify account and APIs to get the songs with your login credentials. When done, you will be redirected back to the alarm app.

allow access to the application

6. Now, the songs would appear in the search result by artist name, albums or the title itself. After selecting the song, tap the Back button in the upper left.

set the song as alarm

7. Flip the switch and you’re done. Your alarm will play the song of your choice when it sounds.

turn on the alarm

4. Use an MP3 file to create an alarm tone

Even though iOS is considered a restrictive operating system, you can still do some pretty nifty things with it, like create a ringtone from any MP3 file on your iPhone. You only need the Garageband application and an MP3 file of your favorite song. However, you could create ringtones of only 30 seconds with this method, as the iPhone does not support ringtones longer than that.

one. Start by installing Garage band on your iPhone if you haven’t already. Open the app and tap the + button in the upper right to create a new project. On the next screen, make sure Tracks is selected at the top and choose Drummer from the list of instruments.

Create a new project and select the drummer

two. Double-tap the timeline to open the menu and tap Delete.

delete existing audio clip

3. Now, touch the Timeline view on the top bar as shown in the image below. After that, touch the button loops on the top bar.

switch to timeline view and add a loop

Four. Tap on the Files tab at the top and select Browse items in the Files app to open the Files application.

search for MP3 files in the Files app

5. Now you can navigate the Files app and find the directory where the MP3 is stored. Once you find it, tap the MP3 file to add it to the project.

select MP3 files

6. Drag the MP3 file by holding and then dropping it onto the timeline.

drag the MP3 to the timeline

7. Touch the file to select the timeline. You can adjust its length by dragging the end points. If you need to split the MP3 file from the middle, double-tap the timeline and tap Pull apart on the menu.

split timeline

8. Move the scissor on the timeline and find the position where you want to split the file. Pull down the Cutwith scissors make a cut. Then you can double tap the unwanted section and delete it.

remove unwanted sections

9. To save the ringtone, touch the Down arrow button in the upper left corner and select My songs. It would take you to the projects page. Long-press on the project to bring up the context menu.

back to projects

10. Tap on Share and select Ringtone on the next screen.

share as ringtone

eleven. Give your ringtone a name and tap To export in the upper right corner. The ringtone is saved and will appear when you go to set an alarm.

export ringtone

12. To set an alarm, open the Clock app and tap the alarm to open its settings page. Tap on Dream to open the list of alarm tones.

set an alarm tone

13. Under Ringtones, you will find the latest ringtone we created in Garageband. Tap to select it and you’re done.

choose the newly created ringtone

Set a song as an alarm on iPhone

These were three different ways to set a song as an alarm on the iPhone. Four, if you count the bedtime alarm. As Apple Music is deeply integrated with the iOS ecosystem, setting up a song is simpler. Spotify doesn’t have so many permissions so we need to use a third party app and lastly if you have an MP3 file you can create a custom ringtone and set it as an alarm tone. What method is your favorite? Let me know on Twitter.

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