The 5 best applications to convert landscape videos to portraits and vice versa

Often times when you create a video in landscape mode, you may also want to use the same image in portrait mode. The first thing that comes to mind is to re-record the video. However, it is not necessary to do so. You can use applications to convert landscape videos to portraits and vice versa. That means you can easily repurpose videos within services like TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, IGTV, YouTube, etc. Let’s see some free applications to change a video from wide to tall and vice versa on Android and iPhone.

How to convert horizontal video to vertical and vice versa on Android and iPhone

Sometimes when you capture a video, it appears in the wrong orientation. For example, if you took a horizontal video, it is displayed as a portrait and vice versa. In such situations, before downloading third-party applications, you should simply try to rotate the video. Often rotating the video will also help you convert the video from portrait to landscape or vice versa.

Rotate video on iPhone

To rotate video on iPhone, you can take the help of Apple Photos application. Launch the application and open the required video. Tap on the Edit button at the top. You will be taken to the video editing screen. Tap on the Crop / Rotate icon.

IPhone Video Rotate

Tap on the Spin at the top to change the orientation of the video. Finally, touch Done to save the converted video.

IPhone Video Rotate Save

Rotate video on Android

Open the video in the Google Photos app and tap the Edit button. Go to the Culture tab and press the Spin icon. Tap on Save copy to download the video. Find out how to edit videos on Google Photos like a pro.

Android Video Rotate Save

Tip: You can even use gestures in the Instagram app to rotate the video.

How to convert horizontal video to vertical and vice versa

1. InShot

InShot is one of the best video editors available for iOS and Android. It allows you to add music, text, stickers, filters and transitions, among other things, to your videos. You can even split, trim, rotate and change the speed of the video in it.

When it comes to changing the orientation of a video, you can crop or resize the canvas. To resize the canvas, upload the video to the InShot app on your iPhone or Android. Tap on the Canvas button. You will see various video sizes such as 1: 1, 9:16, 16:19, 4: 5 and much more. Touch the size you want to use. The app will automatically add a blurred background if there is an empty space.

Video inShot Change orientation

Tip: Tap the watermark to remove it for free by watching a video.

Use the slider (on Android) or tap Zoom (iPhone) to zoom in or adjust the size of the video. You can even pinch the video to zoom in and out. Also, drag the video to change its position in the new orientation. To change the background or fill of the video, tap on the Background tab on the iPhone present on the same screen.

Video inSHot Add Background

On Android, exit Canvas mode and tap the Bottom option. Choose the desired color, gradient or blur according to the requirements. You can even use an image as a background.

InShot Color Blur Video Background

To trim the video according to a video frame size, you will find a Culture option in InShot. Tap it and choose the size of the crop.

Capture Cutout Video Background

Download InShot: Android | iPhone

2. Vita

Vita is another cool video editing app that helps to change video from portrait to landscape. Similar to InShot, it provides incredible video editing capabilities. You can add text, music, effects, transition, video blur, change the speed, and much more.

To change a video from height to width or vice versa, open the video in the Vita app on Android or iPhone. Tap on the Proportion button and choose the appropriate size. Use the pinch in and out gesture and drag to scale or move the video in the background.

Video Vita gear ratio

To change the background of a vertical or horizontal video, exit Ratio mode and tap BG. You can use blur, color or background image. Tap on the Scale button, if you want to fit, fill or fit the video in the frame.

Video Vita Change background and scale

Download Vita: ADsteroid | iPhone

3. VN Video Editor

Next on the list, we have the VN video editor (or Vlog Now). It is a powerful video editing application that allows you to work in layers with text, sound, subtitles, and stickers. In addition to the usual video editing modes, you can use templates in this application to create amazing videos.

To change the frame rate of the video, open the video in the VN app and tap the Original text at the top. Select the required frame ratio from the available options. You can choose a circular or round frame from the options.

Video shift ratio VN

Video can fill the entire screen. If that happens, tap the resize button to shrink the video and add padding to it. Use gestures to rotate, resize, and reposition the video in the frame. To change the background color, touch the BG option.

Video VN Add Background Color

Download VN Video Editor: Android | iPhone

4. Video editor (iPhone)

Although the name of the app sounds a bit boring, that shouldn’t stop you from using this app. With features like the ability to add music, text, stickers and change the speed, reverse or split the video, the Video Editor app also allows you to convert videos from landscape to portrait and vice versa. This application also allows you to import sound from another video without extracting it first.

Open the app and add the video. Tap on the Canvas and select the appropriate size. Use the zoom buttons to adjust the size. Change the background color, blur, or image with the Background option. Take a look at other great iPhone video editing apps.

Video editor height width

Download Video Editor

5. Video editor: Square Video (Android)

One of the unique capabilities of this app is creating video collages. You can have multiple instances of the same video running on your screen, which looks pretty cool. Apart from that, the app can be used to add text, music, and stickers to the video.

To use the application to change the video from portrait to landscape or vice versa, touch the Framework in the app. Choose size. Go back and tap the Background button to change the background color.

Android video editor

Download Video Editor: Square Video

Convert Landscape Videos to Portraits on Mobile Devices

As you saw above, you can easily change the video from portrait to landscape on Android and iPhone. Similarly, you can do various editing tasks like using the video editing apps and that too for free and without adding any watermarks.

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