Top 10 Chess Apps for Android and iOS (2020)

Chess is one of the oldest and most popular strategy board games today. It has been around for centuries and has gone through various changes. The chess we know and play today has standard rules around the world. It’s just as fun to play with other people and with AI. Our phones are capable of competing, even defeating us with just a few moves. Everyone has different preferences when playing chess, and we have a list of the best chess apps for Android and iOS.

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The best chess apps for Android and iOS

1. Learn chess

The best way to learn chess is by playing and even if you don’t have anyone else to play with, you have your phone. Learn Chess is a tutorial application that teaches you basic rules and parts positions.

This app will guide you through the basic elements of strategy, combinational movements and opening and closing methods. You get puzzles in this app that you have to solve, which are essentially a random part of the game and you have to solve it by making a legal move. The puzzles progress in a non-linear way to make them challenging. And if you ever get stuck while playing the game, the the application offers you clues.

Learn chess (Android)

2. Chess

When you gain a little confidence with Learn Chess and are ready to play with real players, move on to this app and play against people online with this app. Chess is a simple chess application that allows you to play against your phone with a variable level of difficulty. If you don’t want to play against something written in established rules, you can connect and play with other users or even your friends and compete in tournaments.

You can chat with other players while playing online Other than that, you can solve puzzles if you are looking to improve your skills and automatically adjust the difficulty based on your performance. The best thing about connecting is that the application matches you with people of your own ability adjusting your skill rating. You can watch interactive tutorials from great teachers and learn valuable lessons.

Download (Android | ios)

3. WiFi Chess

Ok, now you have played with random players and even your friends online, but now you are at home and you just want to play against each other. They can play games on the phone with each other, it becomes a hassle when they have to give their phone to their competitor after every move that breaks their concentration. Wifi Chess allows you play chess against your friend over a local Wi-Fi network (or mobile hotspot) without the need for internet.

WIFi chess for ios

4. Chess clock

Chess is a game of strategy and patience and some sessions last up to 6 hours in official tournaments. This can get boring when you’re not competing for a grandmaster title. Chess Clock (another app) is a Chess timer app that allows you to run a timer for each player. You have to make a quick movement and press the button on the clock to stop the timer and start your opponent’s. This adds a challenge to the game and keeps you on your feet. However, you need play the real game on another phone or a chess board.

There are a few different modes: 1m, 1m + 1 second, 5m, 5m + 5 seconds, etc. You can play in Blitz mode or in Fischer mode. There are different themes available and you can also create your own themes.

Download Chess Clock (Android | ios)

5. Lichess

If you like everything open source, Lichess is the chess game for you. Lichess is an online chess application with which you can face opponents online. The community is constantly growing with almost 150,000 users playing with each other. You can play against the AI ​​or against an internet opponent

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There are some variants of Chess available both online and offline: Chess 960, Classic, Crazyhouse, king of the hill, etc. You can search and challenge players online for quick play. Your stats are created with each game and you can see your growth. It is completely open source and ad-free.

Download Lichess (Android | ios)

6. Really bad chess

Now that you have a decent idea on how to play chess against both real people and the computer, it’s time to tweak it a bit with Really Bad Chess.

When you start the game, you are given a random board in which you have the advantage over the other opponent. For example, you have 3 queens, additional rooks and bishops, etc. It may seem strange at first, but after a few moves the board looks just like any other normal chess game. The game becomes more difficult as your opponent has more key players than you. As the the computer can have 2 queens, while you only have one. Don’t worry, you can still win as the AI ​​isn’t getting smarter, it just has additional key players than you.

In general, what I like about the game is that it helps you break the stigma of normal chess. In a normal chess game, if you memorize the opening and the pattern, it is quite easy to beat your opponent. Really bad chess, on the other hand, demands a better understanding of the game.

Download Really Bad Chess (Android | ios)

7. DroidFish Chess

Wow, I suppose you’ve mastered the game and victory of a game of chess against the computer and feel like it relies on a few established moves that, once you figure it out, become easy to defeat. DroidFish Chess is based on a Chess engine which is still like playing against a computer, but more advanced artificial intelligence with natural motion guessing algorithms. Droidfish is an interface for the Stockfish engine, which is the king of all engines.

The application has many functions such as clocks, scan mode, blindfold mode, third-party engine support, etc. This application would give you a very immersive and attractive experience playing against an AI.

Download DroidFish Chess (Android) Stockfish Chess (ios)

8. Play Magnus

This application, based on Magnus Carlsen, the world chess champion, allows you to challenge a digital version of Magnus Carlsen, the world chess champion. You play against a chess engine which is specifically tuned to play as Carlsen. You can play and qualify to play against the same World Champion.

The game now features only one player option, but you can expect multiplayer support in the future.

Download Play Magnus (Android | ios)

9. Royal chess

Probably the most attractive chess game on our list. Real Chess offers high-end 3D graphics and fantastic gameplay. You can play against players online and chat with them. There are more than a million users registered with the application.

The game offers beautiful graphics and you can choose between 2D and 3D chess boards. You have the option to play against an AI with 2400 different difficulty levels.

Download Real Chess (Android )

10. Open Chaos Chess

If you’ve thought that chess games are all about deciding the right move, you may need to reconsider. This chess game completely overrides the way you play chess. Unlike traditional games where you choose the piece and make a move, here you only have the option for the former. The moves are completely random, therefore there is no checkmate. You win by eliminating your opponent’s pieces one by one.

The moves are random, however the game also has a bloodlust mode, where the piece always attacks whenever possible.

If you want to share this chaos with friends and have more fun. The game has a multiplayer mode that can be easily hosted via Bluetooth.

Chaos chess open to Android

The best chess apps for Android and iOS

I never learned to play chess, but Learn Chess helped me start from scratch and even helped me learn a few tricks. Playing against people online is best on Chess and Lichess, but Real Chess has the best graphics and gameplay. If you can’t find playing against the computer and its pre-programmed moves, go with DroiFish Chess and Play Magnus. I’m sure you’ll have a great time playing against a Chess Engine that adapts to your movements. Tell us what is your favorite chess application. Let us know in the comments.

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