Top 4 Fire TV Stick Remote Apps for Android and iOS

Fire TV Stick comes with a remote control inside the box. But since we are in 2020, we can expect a little more ease of use. It’s always a chore to search for anything with the remote. So having the TV connected to your phone is a much better option as we can use the phone keypad for a quick search. You can operate the TV without having to move across a piece of plastic. But you need the Fire TV Stick remote apps for Android to use it effectively.

Best Fire TV Stick Remote Apps for Android and iOS

Amazon already has its own Fire TV remote control app that can completely replace the Fire TV controller that came with the box.

1. Amazon Fire TV

Amazon’s Fire TV app is like having the Fire TV controller on your phone with a few extra features. It looks clean, is Alexa compatible, and is easy to connect. Unlike the controller that only supports the directional dial pad, the app also offers a touch panel as a controller to operate the TV with gestures.

The best part of the default application, compared to other remote applications, is that you can open installed applications instantly with a single click by simply clicking the application icon in the upper right and selecting the application you want to open.

Connecting the Fire TV remote app is easy. Just open the app when connected to the same Wi-Fi as your TV. Here you can see all the Fire TVs that are connected to your Wi-Fi. Just select the Fire TV you want to control and the TV will show you a 4-digit code, just type it on your phone to connect the app to the TV. That’s it, you’ve successfully connected the Fire TV app to your TV and take advantage of all the features.


  • Supports Alexa search
  • Can open apps instantly
  • Easy to pair


  • Only works with Fire TV devices
  • Supports only directional panel and touch panel modes
  • The touch panel driver has some usage bugs.

Download Amazon Fire TV (Android) | Amazon Fire TV (iOS)

2. CetusPlay

CetusPlay is a third party remote app that works great with Firesticks and Android TV devices. This app can be a much better option than the Fire TV app for one reason only, it supports different controller modes, including Gamepad, which makes playing on Fire TV that much more enjoyable.

Like the first-hand Fire TV controller, CetusPlay also supports the app view to instantly open apps with a single click. So you are not missing out on the options that the Fire TV app offers.

Although the app has volume keys, if you are using the Fire TV Stick lite they don’t work as the Firestick lite has no control over your TV settings.

Additionally, it also offers an App Store that makes downloading apps like Chrome to your Firestick a much easier process. But before that, you need to open the settings in Fire Stick> My Fire TV> Developer options> Install unknown apps and turn on “Cetusplay for TV”.

For this app to work, you must first enable ADB debugging. You can do it from settings> My Fire TV> Developer options and click on “ADB debugging” to activate it. Once done, you can open the Cetusplay app on the phone and connect to the Fire TV from there. It only shows you the IP address of your device. If you have multiple fire sticks, you can check the IP address of your Fire Stick in Settings> My Fire TV> About> Network. Now just click on the icon with the IP address you want to connect to. That’s it, the remote control will connect to the TV.


  • Ability to open applications instantly
  • Option to download apps from the built-in app store.
  • Supports many modes, including game controller


  • Advertisements
  • Alexa doesn’t work
  • Only available on Android

Download CetusPlay (Android)

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3. Harmony remote control

One key feature that stands out on the Harmony remote is that it connects with Bluetooth instead of Wi-Fi. This allows you to use the remote control even when you have mobile data. Although this isn’t a big deal, checking Wi-Fi connectivity every time an app is used can be a hindrance.

The app is clean and has features like support for many modes like a directional pad, touch pad, voice search, etc. The app stands out for its clean, ad-free user interface with plenty of combo options.

But the biggest caveat about this app is the setup process. You need to buy a harmony hub to connect your TV and your phone. Regardless, you can use this hub to build a smart home from scratch. If you don’t have any plans for it, this app may not be for you.


  • Connects via Bluetooth instead of Wi-Fi
  • Clean UI


  • You need to buy Harmony Hub to set up

Download Harmony remote (Android) | Harmony remote (iOS)

4. AnyMote universal remote control

AnyMote is just a random Fire TV remote app, but it stands out for the level of customization it offers. You only get a directional keyboard with this remote app. But you can customize the keys with a double tap, swipe gestures, two-finger gestures, etc.

Like the Harmony remote, Anymore also has an Anymore hub, but you can even use your Amazon Echo device as an alternative. It adds additional support as you can use Alexa from the remote just like the Amazon Fire TV remote from the first party.


  • Personalization
  • Connects with Echo and has Alexa support


  • Full screen video ads
  • Can only work with Hub or Echo connected

Download Anymote universal remote control (Android) | Anymote universal remote control (iOS)

Conclusion: Fire TV Remote apps

You can also check out other apps like Fire TV Remote, Fire Remote, etc. which are subscription based and offer no value for them. On the other hand, there are apps like Droidmote that are great and have gamepad support, but they have too many connectivity issues with Fire TV that you have to solve every time you use the remote app.

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