Top 5 alarm clock apps for Windows 10 and 11

Microsoft has released a new alarm clock for Windows 11 that offers new and exciting features like Focus Sessions for users. But that’s not the only option on the market. There are many other third-party alarm clock apps for Windows that you can use to your advantage. Let’s analyze some of them.

Alarm clock apps for Windows

Too many features and the app can look cluttered and cluttered. Too little and it is neither functional nor useful. Choose an alarm clock app that solves your productivity problems instead of looking for something shiny and just getting in the way. With that thought in mind, here are some good options.

1. Windows clock application

The Clock app comes pre-installed on all Windows computers, but Focus Sessions will be available for Windows 11 users only. Microsoft hasn’t announced it for Windows 10 yet and I don’t think they will. There has to be some incentive for users to upgrade to Windows, in addition to user interface changes that add little value. On the right sidebar, you can choose features like clock, timers, and alarm.

You can choose the time and the message to be displayed when the alarm sounds, tune in and whether you want the alarm to repeat or not. What I don’t like is the lack of ability to choose my own melody, set custom time intervals for repeat and repeat.


  • Advanced features like focus sessions
  • World clock
  • Add text message


  • Unable to choose custom time intervals for replay
  • Can’t connect Spotify or other music streaming services
  • Can’t add custom alarm melodies or record messages

2. Star Spotify alarm clock

The source code is available on GitHub, which Star Spotify Alarm Clock is free, open source, and amazing. Why? Because, as the name suggests, you can connect Spotify with this Windows alarm clock app to play your favorite music when the alarm goes off.

By clicking on the download link, you will be taken to SourceForge.

You can not only play your favorite Spotify track, but also select a playlist or album. It is completely free and one can easily check the code online. The developer seems to have abandoned the project and the latest update was released 5 years ago.



  • Outdated and hostile user interface
  • Lacks simple functions like setting time intervals, snooze, multiple alarm clocks

Download Star Spotify alarm clock

3. Kuku Klok

Kuku is a web alarm clock that requires a web browser and would work on any platform and not just Windows. Kuku made the list because of his fun approach to alarm tunes. You will find some of the strangest and most interesting alarm melodies to choose from. Some examples include space invasion, heavy metal guitar, rooster, and military trumpet.

Kuku is most useful if you need an alarm during the day. Several people I know use it for naps.


  • Intereseting sounds to choose from
  • Works from the browser


  • Lacks interval
  • There is no way to set repeat
  • Doesn’t work offline

Visit Kuku klok

4. Cold timer

Cool Timer is one of the trendiest alarm clocks and timers for Windows. There are a number of colorful themes to choose from and the design looks modern compared to most Windows 11 wake-up apps. More than an alarm, it’s a timer but with multiple presets so you can keep track of multiple tasks or activities.

For a one-time fee of $ 5, you get the deluxe version that will unlock alarm clock mode, multiple alarms, solve puzzles to stop the alarm, different sounds, and more.


  • Multiple timers
  • Custom melodies
  • Custom backgrounds
  • Record your own sounds
  • Colorful user interface


  • One-time but small fee
  • The user interface is too small

Download Cool timer

5. HD alarm clock

As the name suggests, the graphics are sharp and the app is feature rich. Along with the ability to set an alarm, you can also view weather reports, breaking news displayed at the bottom in a single line, calendar, and world clock.

The background can be selected or rotated from a category like nature. Each item can be configured individually. For example, you can choose the RSS feed for the news, change the appearance and functions of the alarm clock, and more. I noticed the banner ad at the bottom. That can be removed with an in-app purchase that will also unlock some advanced features that we discussed.


  • Weather report
  • Customizable news feed
  • World clock
  • Multiple alarms
  • Custom alarm melodies
  • You can select offline playlists
  • Revolving funds
  • Calendar


Download HD alarm clock

Summary: alarm clock apps for Windows

There are several other Windows alarm clock apps that you can find online. These are some of the best that we like and recommend. Alarm Clock HD is the most feature-rich app, but some advanced features are locked behind a paywall. However, it still lacks integration with Spotify.

The default Windows Clock app has come a long way, but you’ll need to upgrade to Windows 11 first, and it’s not yet available to the general public.

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