Top 6 Tumblr Apps for Android and iOS (2018)

The official Tumblr app is fluid and works great, but it’s not perfect. There are certain things that you cannot do with the official application for obvious reasons. For example, no way to disable ads, download videos to your phone or use multiple accounts Right away. Here I have a list of applications that provide one or all of these functionalities. Let’s check out the best Tumblr apps for Android and iOS.

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Before we start

Most people browse Tumblr on their phone’s web browsers and they don’t have the official app. The most common problem people have is that they use their browsers for Tumblr and bother with ads.

To get rid of Tumblr ads, you can install a browser that natively blocks ads. There are many browsers to choose from among Firefox, Samsung internet browser, Edge browser, etc. These web browsers work very well. I use the Edge browser because it is fast and has a built-in adblocker which works well with most websites.

1. FastFeed- Tumblr Downloader for iPhone

Fastfeed is a Tumblr client for iOS devices. Not only does it allow you to browse Tumblr without logging in, but it also allows you to download videos and images from Tumblr.

You can view trending posts, search and share the link of the publication on other social networks points of sale. You also have an option to present your posts with slides to provide a smoother interface. In case you have multiple Tumblr accounts, it even allows you to operate multiple Tumblr accounts from the same app.

The 3D touch, an underrated Apple feature, works great in this app and can use 3D touch to review / like posts in this app.

best tumblr apps- FastFeed t2

Even though the download button is behind a paywall, I wouldn’t mind paying $ 5 a year to download unlimited media from Tumblr. With premium features unlocked, you get rid of ads, unlock Feedset limit, and downloads. You can also add multiple accounts in the app with the premium account.

You can download FastFeed t2 for iOS here.

2. Hermit: the best app to run Tumblr apps without ads

Hermit allows multiple instances of a single application, you can create multiple Tumblr apps and use it separately.

It can best be described as a app wrapper It offers all the functionality without the need to download the application. As you know, the official Tumblr app shows ads and that can be annoying at times. Hermit instantiates the app on your phone and uses the lite version just like the native app.

You can log in, like, and like posts with the added benefit of blocked ads. Hermit has all the privacy related features and you can block ads, prevent apps from tracking your activity, block ads Y disable javascript.

best tumblr apps- Hermit

There are many customization options available. For example, you can adjust the behavior, theme, notifications, and application integration individually.

Hermit is free to use (also ad-free) and the premium version of the app offers early access to the newest features. If I used it for Tumblr only, the free version would work fine.

Download Hermit Android app

3. Feedly: subscribe to Tumblr blogs

Another option for browsing Tumblr is with Feedly.

Feedly is a news aggregator and you can subscribe to RSS feeds from the Tumblr blog. Just copy the URL of your favorite Tumblr blogs, go to Feedly app, tap on Add content Y paste the link to subscribe to them in your Feedly account.

All content is displayed as the usual content you browse the web. Useful, if you are already using the Feedly app.

best tumblr apps- feedly

Although the Feedly service is free to use, the premium version offers unlocked features including advanced search, Evernote integration, HTTPS capabilities, and more. for $ 5 / mo, but the free version would do you good.

Download Feedly for your Android Y ios

4. Downloader for Tumblr: download multiple files at once

There are many third-party applications that allow you to download media and images from Tumblr. But, Downloader for Tumbler, unlike other applications, allows you download multiple media files at once. Although you still need the official app to download the media on your phone.

To invoke the downloader, tap the share button in the original post with multiple files and select Downloader for Tumblr. Automatically detect images and save it on your phone. Better yet, it works for both Tumblr and Instagram.

best tumblr apps- download tumblr

The app is free, you would download the media without any limit, but the in-app ads might annoy some users and you can buy the premium version starting at $ 1.99 for six months or $ 9.99 for life. It would remove the app from all ads and unlock all future features.

Tumblr Downloader for android

5. Tumbviewer – Simpler Tumblr experience

Tumbviewer is the perfect answer for a tumbler client and downloader that is also ad-free.

It has all the features that you will need in a third-party Tumblr app, such as: download media on your phone, you can repost, like posts, and maintain multiple accounts. It has a tab to view downloaded files and you can view videos and images separately. The app is minimal and you can disable even more features for a cleaner interface.

The app is based on the official API and offers a smooth experience without ads. Managing multiple accounts is easy and offers greater control over the content you browse.

best tumblr apps- tumbviewer

Download Tumbviewer for Android

6. Tumbletail: maintain multiple Tumblr accounts

Tumbletail is another third-party Tumblr app that offers more features than the official app. It is available for both Android and iOS, both paid and free versions are available. You get features like slide show, reblog, and like, follow / unfollow buttonsand an option to view the posts I like separately.

best tumblr-tumbletail apps

With multiple account support, you can log in with multiple accounts and keep your activities unique to the accounts. You get a password option which is an additional privacy feature that offers you greater security. If you have your Twitter linked to your Tumblr account, you can also post your posts on Twitter. Although you cannot save the media to your phone on the iOS version, you can still save to cloud easily. Android has a one-tap save option, just long-press on a post and save it directly to the gallery. The Premium version of Tumble Tail on Android and iOS costs $ 1.99 and offers the same features.

Download Tumbletail for Android Y ios.

The best Tumblr apps for Android and iOS

If you have multiple blogs on Tumblr, you can use Feedly to consume content. Hermit offers a lighter version of apps and the downloader is better if you download multiple files at the same time. Tumbviewer offers a simpler interface and Tumbletail is better for privacy and multiple accounts. Tell us which Tumblr app is your favorite.

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