Top 8 Solutions for Samsung Galaxy Watch Won’t Turn On

When your Galaxy Watch is fully discharged, it will turn on only after charging. However, many Galaxy Watch owners disagree. Because your Galaxy Watch will not turn on when it is not used for many days or even after charging. If you are one of them, you have come to the right place. Let’s see 8 solutions so that the Samsung Galaxy Watch does not turn on the problem.

Fix Galaxy Watch Won’t Turn On Problem

The following solutions should work for all Samsung Galaxy smartwatches.

1. Charge the watch

As cliche as it may sound, you should start by charging your watch if you haven’t used it for several days. Place your watch on the base and let it charge for a couple of hours before turning it on.

Tip: Make sure the watch is positioned correctly on the charging base and from the right side.

2. Use another outlet

Many times the Galaxy Watch will not turn on because it is not charging. Your existing outlet may not work, preventing the watch from charging. Try changing the power socket on your watch.

3. Clean the charger and watch connections

Digital devices often fail to charge due to accumulation of dust in the charging ports. The same could be happening with your Galaxy Watch. Try cleaning your watch’s charger receiver and charger connector with a cotton swab or by blowing them with air. Then try charging the Galaxy Watch again.

4. Check the charger cable and adapter

Your watch’s charging cable or adapter may have stopped working. Look for any visible damage to the cable. And if possible, try to change both independently and replace them with different ones.

5. Place the watch on the base of the spring

If the above solutions do not help to turn on the Galaxy Watch screen, many Galaxy Watch Users We recommend leaving the watch idle in the docking station for an hour or two without charging it. The clock will turn on automatically. If that doesn’t happen, try charging it and check if Samsung Galaxy Watch is on now.

6. Charge from a laptop

Users facing the same problem were able to fix it by charging the Galaxy Watch using the laptop instead of a direct power outlet. There is nothing wrong with trying. So give it a try. Your Samsung Galaxy Watch still won’t turn on?

7. Reset clock

Many Galaxy Watch users have praised the physical buttons for helping them solve the problem. Basically, you have to restart your Galaxy Watch if it won’t turn on. For that, try the following ways:

  • Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds.
  • Press and hold both buttons on your watch until you see the Samsung logo.
  • If the above two don’t work, press and hold the Power button or both buttons when charging in the dock.

If nothing happens, the watch may have jammed the power buttons. Try pressing it several times or blow air from all sides to release the stuck buttons. Then go ahead and try restarting the Galaxy Watch.

8. Factory reset clock

If all else fails, you should try your luck by resetting the clock as well. You will need to use the power button to factory reset the Galaxy Watch As shown below.

one. Press and hold the Power button until you see the text ‘Restarting’ on the screen. Release the buttons.

two. Press the same button, that is, the power button repeatedly until you see the “Select reset mode” screen.

3. Using the power button, scroll through the available options to stop at the Recover option.

Four. With the Recovery option selected, press and hold the Power button until the Galaxy Watch restarts again. Wait several minutes for your watch to complete the reset process.

However, if nothing seems to work to turn on your Galaxy Watch, you should contact Samsung customer service.

Bonus Fix 1: Galaxy Watch won’t turn on after swimming

If your Galaxy Watch does not turn on after swimming, try rinsing it with fresh water. Sea or chlorinated water can be corrosive at times and cause problems with the watch. If the fresh water trick doesn’t work, put the watch in a bag of rice for 2-3 days to dry. Then try the fixes listed above to turn on the screen.

Bonus Fix 2: Galaxy Watch won’t turn on when turning the wrist

When you turn your wrist, your Galaxy Watch should wake up. If that doesn’t work, open Settings on your watch and navigate to Advanced> Screen activation. Make sure Gesture of awakening It’s on.

Summary: Samsung Galaxy Watch won’t turn on

Hope your Galaxy Watch black screen issue is resolved by following the fixes above. Once everything is back to normal, check out the best apps to use with the Galaxy Watch. You can even play games on the watch. Also, check out the best timer and water reminder apps for your watch.

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