4 best discord bots that can send timed messages

Whether it’s an announcement or a reminder, it’s great to have an option to send scheduled messages. While Discord doesn’t support such features natively, there are bots that enhance Discord’s functionality. Among all the bots that can schedule messages, we have shortlisted some of the best Discord bots that can send scheduled or scheduled messages on servers and channels.

Discord Bots to send timed messages

To add any bot on this list, click the download link at the end of the bullet and select the Invitation in the right sidebar. Then select the Server to which you want to add the bot and complete the Authorization process for the bot to access your server. That’s it. You have successfully added the bot and can start using commands to send timed messages.

Check out this article for more information on how to add bots to Discord server on desktop / mobile devices.

1. Message scheduler

As the name implies, this bot was developed to send timed and repeated messages. It’s a feature-rich bot with little to no setup process involved. All you need to do is add the bot to your server and start using the commands to schedule the messages and other functions.

Once installed, use the command yes! new to create a new scheduled message. Then the bot will ask for the title. Enter the title or enter none to send an untitled message.

Provide the context of the message you want to schedule. Then select the channel you want to send that timed message to.

New users should enter the city / country for the bot to set the local time so you can easily schedule the message. Each server user can set their location, making it easy to schedule messages.

Then enter the month / day and time to send this timed message. With the free plan, you can only schedule messages for the next 7 days. If you want to schedule a longer period, you must upgrade to the premium plan. To update use the command yes! to update and continue the process. Even with a premium plan, you can only schedule up to 180 days.

Once you’ve selected the day and time, enter how often you want the message to repeat. You can enter something like 12h45m or 3d, for example. Then click the check mark icon next to confirm the message. Once this is done, you can see that the scheduled message is confirmed with the ID next to it.

Use yes! list command to check all scheduled messages. Use yes! Edit {message id} to edit a specific message and yes! remove {message id} to delete a scheduled message.

Add Message scheduler To discord

2. Reminder bot

This is a pretty simple Discord bot that sends reminder messages on your channel. The bot doesn’t have a great set of features or editing options, but it can send a scheduled message with a simple command.

Type only $ natural in 10 minutes send Let’s get ready in #general. The bot will send the message “Let’s get ready” on the general channel at the 10 minute mark.

Try $ natural at 10 AM on July 15 send Happy Birthday to @user. The bot can also understand such complex commands sent using natural language and reminds you of the day with the message you mentioned.

You can change the time zone with this command $ timezome and change the prefix $ with the command $ prefix .

Although this bot is made to remind people of things on your server, you can also use it as a message scheduler. There are two downsides to this. First, the messages will be received from the bot and not from your account. You also don’t have the option to set permissions for who can use the bot. Some other missing functions are message repeating, reprogramming, etc.

Add Reminder bot to discord

3. MEE6

MEE6 is another Discord bot that can send timed messages. A multi-functional Discord bot that offers many features, from music control to server moderation. It also has an option called a timer. This may not be exactly the scheduled messages option. But you can enable a timer in MEE6 with message including. MEE6 will send that message to the channel you selected at the time you mentioned.

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To configure a scheduled message, open the MEE6 panel and open the server to which you want to send the message. Here scroll down and select the Timers option.

On the Timers page, click Add timer and select the channel, the time and enter the message that Mee has to send 6. Once done, click on To create.

Here you have. MEE6 will send a message to your Discord channel the moment you sign in.

It comes with 3 disadvantages. One is that you have to configure it on the MEE6 board, there is no command built into it. Second, the message comes directly from the MEE6 bot as if the bot is responding, not from you. Third, only people who control the bots and access the MEE6 dashboard can schedule messages. But if you have already installed the bot and these disadvantages are not a problem for you, then Mee 6 can be useful.

Add MEE6 to discord

4. Zapier

If you’re not looking to simply schedule a message and instead need a service that allows you to message daily, weekly, or monthly, then Zapier is where you should look. It may not be a bot, but it works like one.

Just log in to Zapier and open this Zapier Discord Integration Page. Select a trigger such as every week, every day, every month, a new user added, or a new role added. Then you can select the action to send the message to a particular channel on your server. Once this is done, the message you have sent will be sent every time the required trigger runs.

This is useful for sending repeating messages at regular intervals rather than scheduling messages. Also, you can use this technique to send automatic messages to users who have just joined your server or have been promoted to a better role, for example.

Use Zapier in discord

Conclusion: Discord Bots sending timed messages

Message Scheduler is the only extension I can recommend for scheduling messages. The message comes from your account, anyone can schedule the message on your server and there are many ways to configure the message. The reminder bot, MEE6, and Zapier work great too. But the message comes directly from the bot’s account and you have less control over who can configure the message.

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