6 music sync apps to stream music to multiple devices

I was recently celebrating the kite festival where everyone gathers on the rooftops of their houses to fly kites. But then, due to a sudden blackout, the speakers went silent. While we were looking for ways to get the music back, someone started playing songs on their smartphone, but the volume wasn’t loud enough. We then tried hitting the play button on all of our smartphones at the same time, desperately hoping to amplify the effect! That’s when I started looking for music sync apps to stream music to multiple devices at the same time. In this article, we will explore all the music sync apps. Let’s start.

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Music sync apps

Fortunately, there are a handful of apps on the Play Store that will help you sync and stream music across various mobile devices to amplify the effect. But many of these Android and iOS music sync apps are either full of ads or not working at all. Don’t worry because we did the hard work for you and found the best apps to turn some phones into a sound system.

1. Rave

Rave is a social music streaming app that was created with the idea that it’s more fun when you watch or listen to content with your friends. As such, you can use Rave on Android and iOS to watch and listen to YouTube videos.

Rave also supports other web streaming media properties like Netflix and cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive. Many people use cloud storage to store music, so now you can stream that music with your friends to create a speaker system.

streaming music with rave

Rave also comes with a built-in messaging system so you can chat with your friends or the DJ in real time. It comes with audio support, which means you can hold a karaoke night and sing the tunes to the song for others to hear.

Rave comes with a contact section so you can send invitations to friends who are not on the platform yet. It is also compatible with Vimeo in case you use it to stream music. We have covered the application in more detail here.

Verdict: Rave is an amazing cross-platform music sync app that will allow you to sync and stream music from YouTube, Vimeo, and cloud storage. If you are using SoundCloud, Spotify, or something else, this is not for you.

Download Rave (Android | ios)


If all you want is to listen to Spotify in sync with your remote friend, then take a look at JQBX. Not only does it sync music like other apps on the list, it also has a desktop (Mac) and a web client. So if your partner is working on your computer while you are away from home, you can still connect on the same song.

JQBX desktop application

You can create a new music room or join an existing one. There is also an option to chat with existing members. JQBX is free to use, but unfortunately, it only works with the Spotify Premium account and not the Windows client.

Download JQBX (Android | ios | Web | Mac)

3. SoundSeeder

SoundSeeder is one of the best music syncing apps for streaming tracks together. Now that I’ve cleared it up, let’s see why you should use it to sync music. SoundSeeder is compatible with Google Play Music, it comes with DLNA, UPnP and HTTP streaming support. What that means is that you can enter the URL of any song to play it on multiple devices. Soundseeder can also play music from local storage, however it cannot detect any music available on your external SD card, only the internal one.

One of the highlights is the ability to sync and stream music on up to 16 devices at once. That’s crazy and cool. The Android-only app will allow you to stream music from sound cards and USB devices using the Auxiliary cables. This really opens up a lot of possibilities to use the app in new ways.

soundseeder app

Instead of Bluetooth, SoundSeeder uses direct WiFi, meaning it connects both phones via Android’s portable hotspot feature. That is why the application will only work when all devices are connected to the same WiFi network. I want it to be compatible with iOS and web.

You can control music, playback and song selection from the host device without having to touch the other devices. There is a sync button at the top right in case you think the sync is not perfect. That automatically resynchronizes in the background and you can set its frequency.

The application has advertising and the free version will allow you to connect up to 2 devices for a maximum duration of 15 minutes. The pro version will cost $ 4.49 and it’s worth it.

Verdict: SoundSeeder is packed with features and works exactly as advertised, but all your friends should bring an Android phone if you plan to use it. The design is more utilitarian than intuitive. If you are not a geek, you may find it difficult to use the app at first. Without forgetting that it is paid.

Download SoundSeeder (Android)

4. AmpMe

AmpMe shines where SoundSeeder falls short. While it doesn’t have as many features as SoundSeeder, it is definitely easy to use and comes with a neat user interface.

To get started, simply download and log in with your Google or Facebook account. I suggest to use Google because AmpMe is also compatible with YouTube. Then you can create a party to which your friends and close people can join. Even strangers can join you in the fun. There is a built-in chat feature that will allow you to communicate with the person hosting the party. Ask him to play his favorite song. You are now officially a DJ.

You can play songs from YouTube and Spotify in addition to local media storage. Between these two services, you will find all the songs you ever wanted to hear. There is also video support for everyone to see the same YouTube video that you are watching.

ampme transmission and timing

Because social media is a big part of AmpMe, you can join parties from all over the world and hear what others are listening to. This is a good way to discover new regional music. You can connect to a nearby Bluetooth speaker to further amplify the sound.

The popular music sync app is totally free and has no ads to bother you. Just open the app and start amplifying. Use a patented technology called “server-centric proprietary audio matching technology”. It’s quite a long name, but you don’t need Bluetooth or LAN.

Verdict: AmpMe is clearly the best and one of the best music sync apps for streaming music to multiple devices at the same time. It is compatible with YouTube and Spotify and is available for iOS and Android platforms.

Download AmpMe (Android | ios)

5. Chorus

Chorus is another music streaming and syncing app that is completely free and without ads of any kind. That’s generous of the developer. You can connect to other Android phones using a local WiFi network or hotspot, and then sync and play the same music at the same time. The app supports seamless playback and you can sync again if things get out of hand.

chorus music sync flow

There’s also an auto sync feature that works in the background so you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Chorus has a beautiful and functional user interface that works well, but from time to time, it gives problems here and there. For the most part, it is an amazing app. Note that the song will restart and play from the beginning when you manually sync again. The only downside is that it only works with locally stored files.

Download Chorus (Android)

6. Vertigo Music

Vertigo is a serious competitor to AmpMe. You can create a channel and then stream your favorite tracks around the world. Anyone and everyone can join in the fun and hear what you’re listening to too in no time. You can easily create a playlist and share the next tracks as well.

dizzying channels app to sync music

There is a discussion section where you can communicate with the world and participate in discussions related to playing the music track. The best thing about Vertigo Music is that it supports two of the most popular music streaming services, namely Spotify and Apple Music and more. Use it to listen to the same track, sync music, and stream it in the same room or in different corners of the world.

It is completely free with no ads.

Download Vertigo Music (ios)

What is the best Music Sync app?

AmpMe and SoundSeeder are the two most popular music streaming and syncing apps out there and they have similar features like playing songs from local storage and popular music streaming services, but SoundSeeder is only available on Android devices, while AmpMe is also available. is available on iOS. In my opinion, SoundSeeder is for geeks or advanced users, while AmpMe is more suitable for beginners. Whereas, if you are looking to sync YouTube videos, Rave would be a better option. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.

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