8 Best Background Blur Camera App for Android

We all like him shallow depth of field effect we get in photos taken with a DSLR camera. It focuses on the subject, while the background gets a subtle blur effect. Fortunately, everyone has a smartphone with a decent mobile camera. Although you can’t create a DSLR-style blurry background directly with your smartphone camera, there are apps to take care of it. Let us begin.

Why don’t we get the desired blur effect from SmartPhone cameras?

The shallow depth of field depends on these four parameters.

  • The larger the lens aperture, the greater the blur.
  • The longer the focal length of the lens, the better the blur.
  • The greater the distance between the background and the subject, the greater the blur.
  • The shorter the distance between the lens and the subject, the greater the blur.

Now since we cannot change the aperture or focal length of the smartphone camera, the only way to get the blur effect on a smartphone without using an editing app is to try to keep the subject close to your phone and magnify the distance between subjects and antecedents.

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Best Background Blur Camera App for Android

1. Google camera

If you have a Google Pixel, you can use Google Camera’s “Portrait Mode” to take a photo with a shallow depth of field effect. The way it works is simple, instead of capturing a single photo, you capture multiple frames with different exposure settings. Unfortunately, Google Camera is only available for Pixel devices, but you can always download the cover version of the application for your smartphone.

Google camera

Install on pc Google camera

2. Google Photos

Even if your device is not capable of installing GCam on your phone, you can still use Google Photos to get the bokeh effect. With the recent 4.33 update, Google Photos can blur any photo after it has been taken. However, the Blurred background does not work for all images. The image has to be a portrait or selfie with a very distinguishable background. Google Photos shows a subtle pop-up button called “Blur Background” if it finds the photo is eligible for background blur. As soon as you click on it, a slider will appear allowing you to adjust the amount of background blur.

blur portraits in google photos

Install on pc Google photos

3. Blurred image: DSLR focus effect

Unlike Google Camera, you cannot take photos with this app, but you can blur existing ones. Once you import the images, you can adjust the level of blur in them. This will blur the entire image and then you can blur the subject with the Brush tool. Although it takes some time to get the desired effect, the results are decent.

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Blurred image - DSLR focus effect

4. AfterFocus

Of the three apps on this list, this one gave the most realistic results. You can take photos from the camera or import them from your gallery. In the free version of the application, you must select the theme with the Brush tool; which again is a time consuming process. You can also use the Smart Select feature that automatically detects the subject and blurs the surrounding background. AfterFocus is free on the Play Store.

Install on pc AfterFocus

4. Blurred background from DSLR camera

Although I was reluctant to try this app first, due to its generic name, it works. Like all depth effects apps on this list, you need to import the image into the app from the phone’s internal storage first or take a photo with the device’s camera. Once done, the app will automatically add a blur layer on top of the image. You then need to use your finger and touch the part of the photo that you want to keep in focus.

Compared to AfterFocus, this application requires more manual work. But in general, if you want to adjust the blurry background on your phone and time is not a problem, this app offers more control over any other app on the list.

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Blurred DSLR Camera Background, Bokeh Effects Photo

Install on pc DSLR camera blur background

5. Instagram focus effect

Instagram Stories are extremely famous for their innovative filters and camera techniques. The focus mode is one that allows you to create a DSLR-style blurry background with your smartphone’s camera. If you already have Instagram, you can go to Stories and select ‘Focus‘ In the background. It asks you to find a face and while doing so it instantly blurs the background and gives you a nice blur effect. You can get Instagram on both Android and iOS in their respective app stores.

Install Instagram (Android| ios)

7. Blur

Blur is a simple application that adds blur effects to your photos and is much more elegant. Start by selecting an image from the gallery or a new image with the camera. It allows you to orient and crop the image before adding the blur effect. There are two styles of soft and hard brush for different areas of the image. You can adjust the power, size and offset of the brush at the bottom. It also has a preview mode that gives you a before and after view of the image. You can get this app from Play Store for free.

Install on pc Blur

8. Background blur

As the name suggests, the app makes the subject stand out by blurring the background. Similar to HDR mode, this app also takes multiple images with different focus points and then combines them to provide a beautiful shallow depth of field effect. You can also change the intensity of the blur with the on-screen control.

Background blur

Best Background Blur Camera App for Android

However, you can never get a 100 percent DSLR-style blurry background with your smartphone camera. These camera and editing apps will help you get as close as possible. What are your favorite camera apps? Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below.

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