Best Ways to Fix GIFs Not Working on iPhone

GIFs are animated images found everywhere on the internet, especially as social media memes. On iPhone, you can save and view them in Photos app. Also, you can send them directly in iMessage. But if GIFs won’t load, won’t work, or won’t appear on your iMessage, iOS keyboard, or iPhone wallpaper, here’s how to tackle these issues.

Fix iMessage GIFs Not Working on iPhone

You can effortlessly search for GIFs directly from the iMessage conversation screen within the iPhone Messages app by tapping the #images application icon. But if iMessage GIFs aren’t working, here are some solutions to fix the problem.

1. Remove and re-add # images

one. Open the iPhone Messages app and enter a conversation or tap the compose button to start one.

two. Swipe down the row of iMessage apps and tap the more icon (three dots) in the left corner.

3. Tap on Edit.

4. Tap the red minus (-) button for #images and then tap Remove from favorites.

5. Then turn off the #images switch and tap Done.

6. Tap on Edit again.

7. Turn on the lever next to #images. It should automatically jump to the Favorites section.

8. Tap on Done > Done.

9. Finally, touch the rosy red #images app icon to use trending GIFs within iMessage or search for desired ones.

2. Check internet connectivity

GIFs within iMessage will only work when connected to the internet. So when they’re not charging, make sure you have stable Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity. Enable and disable Airplane mode and restart your Wi-Fi router to improve internet connectivity.

3. Force Quit and Reopen the Messages app

one. If you’re using an iPhone with Face ID, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and hold. If your iPhone has a front Home button, press it twice quickly.

two. Drag the Messages app card all the way to discard it.

3. After 15 seconds, restart the Messages app and the iMessage GIFs should load as expected.

4. Restart your iPhone

When you restart your iPhone, a soft restart is performed which automatically fixes minor glitches. If GIFs don’t work on your iPhone, first turn off the device and turn it on again after a minute.

5. Check the availability of # images

According to the official Apple support page, #images is available in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, India, Singapore, the Philippines, and Japan. If you are in a country not mentioned here, please wait for Apple to bring this feature to your region. Or you can use third party GIF apps.

6. Use an alternative GIF app

The iPhone App Store has tons of great GIF apps. If you want, you can use them to find GIFs, download them, and send them within the Messages app. One that is very popular and loved by millions is GIPHY. There are several other GIF apps on the App Store that you can use.

GIF keyboard not working on iPhone

The built-in Apple iOS keyboard does not offer GIFs. Instead, they offer Animoji and Memoji that you can edit as well. But if you’re using a third-party keyboard app (like SwiftKey) that lets you search for GIFs within it and it’s not working, here are the solutions to fix the problem.

1. Remove and re-add the keyboard

one. Open the iPhone Settings app and tap on general > Keyboard.

two. Tap on Keyboards.

3. If you only have one keyboard added here (excluding the Emoji keyboard), tap on Add new keyboard and add one more. If you have more than one keyboard added here, tap Edit. Then touch the red minus icon for third-party keyboard and tap Delete to remove it.

Four. Restart your iPhone.

5. Follow steps 1 and 2 again (mentioned above).

6. Now, touch Add new keyboard and add the third-party keyboard again.

7. Open the Messages app or any app where you can write and search for a GIF. It should work. Otherwise, follow the fixes mentioned below.

2. Update the keyboard app

one. From the iPhone home screen, press the App Store icon and choose Upgrades.

two. Roll down the update screen to update it.

3. If an update is available for your keyboard app, tap TO UPDATE.

3. Check the internal keyboard application settings

The third-party keyboard app you are using most likely has GIF settings. Open the app and double check to make sure everything is enabled correctly here.

If nothing helps, you can also try uninstalling the keyboard app and reinstalling it. Please note that this can remove all data from the application keyboard such as your writing style, clipboard, dictionary, etc.

GIFs don’t work as wallpaper on iPhone

You cannot use GIF as wallpaper on your iPhone. I mean, it can, but it will appear as a non-animated standard image. However, you can use GIF as iPhone lock screen, but there is a caveat. You will have to use applications like GIPHY to first convert the GIF into a Live Wallpaper. After that, set it on the lock screen. When you press the lock screen, the wallpaper will move.

How to fix GIPHY not working on iPhone

GIPHY is one of the most popular GIF sharing apps. Also in this article we have mentioned it several times. If GIPHY is not working on iPhone, here is how to solve the problem.

1. Force close the application and reopen

one. On an iPhone with Face ID, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and hold. On iPhone with home button, double press home button to see all your open apps.

two. Drag the GIPHY app card all the way up to force it close. After a few seconds, restart the app and see if the GIFs are loading or not.

2. Check if GIPHY is down!

Within your web browser, search Is GIPHY down? and use one of the websites like IsItDownRightNow to see if GIPHY faces an outage globally or in your region. In rare cases, if there is a problem, you will have to wait until it is fixed.

3. Update the application

one. Long press the App Store icon and tap Upgrades.

two. Swipe the screen down to update applications with available updates. If there is an update available for GIPHY, you will see TO UPDATE together with him. Tap to get the latest and best version of the app.

4. Remove and reinstall GIPHY

Finally, if nothing helps, consider removing the app by hitting the GIPHY icon> Remove apps > Remove app > Delete. Then open the App Store and download it again.

Summary: GIFs not working on iPhone

These were the helpful solutions to ensure GIFs work properly on your iPhone within iMessage, keyboard, and other places. Hope this post was helpful. Next, if you’re wondering what else to do with GIFs, here’s our guide on how to post GIFs to Instagram. Have a look.

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