How to change the mouse cursor on a Chromebook

Chromebooks come with a standard pointer cursor, but if you’re looking for something more exciting, you can easily change the color, size of the cursor, or even replace it with custom images, either natively or via third-party apps. Let’s start.

Method 1: change cursor from settings

You can do some basic customization like changing the cursor size, color, or even highlighting the color with a circle, using Chromebook’s built-in settings. To change them, you can open Chromebook settings.

Now click on advanced in the left menu and click on accessibility.

Manage accessibility features on Chromebook

Now you can find an option called “Manage Accessibility Features”. Click on it and under the mouse and trackpad section you can find options to change the cursor size, color and also add a ring around it so it can be easily seen.

Mouse Settings on Chromebook

You can also go to Settings> device> Touchpad and change settings like pointer speed, enable tap to click, tap and drag, etc. But other than that, it doesn’t have much to do with the built-in settings.

Method 2: change cursors with third-party extensions

There are tons of Chrome extensions that can change the appearance of the cursor with many preset cursor options and some extensions even offer you to load your own cursor. But there is a problem, these third-party cursors don’t work in Android apps and Linux apps. Therefore, every time you hover over these applications, the cursor changes to a normal standard cursor.

With that said, these are some of the best extensions that work perfectly on Chromebooks.

Custom cursor for Chrome

Among all the cursor customization extensions, Custom Cursor for Chrome has more preset cursors ranging from Thor’s hand cursor to Airpods cursor. It even allows you to upload your custom image. For each cursor you select, you can find two pointers, one is a normal pointer and the other is a pointer that you get when you hover over any link. By default, the cursors are set to look really big, but you can easily resize or even rotate a bit. With over 2 million users, Custom Cursor is arguably the most popular cursor extension available for Chrome, and therefore Chromebooks.

Add Custom cursor to your Chromebook

My cursor

My cursor is similar to the custom cursor, but one key difference is the library. The custom cursor has cursors that represent the brand or some character in a movie, while My Cursor has a bunch of cursors that look and feel more like different emojis. And you can also load your cursor if you want. But you have to wait at least a minute or two for the selected cursor to apply, making it difficult to select a cursor for testing. My cursor also has a single cursor image, so when you click on any link, you go to your standard hand cursor that you get on Chromebooks by default.

Add My cursor to your Chromebook

My Chrome browser cursor

Highlight it

Highlight is not a fully custom cursor, but you can use it to highlight text on the web just like using a marker. In fact, your cursor looks like a bookmark too. The best part is that the extension remembers your marked text, so you can close and reopen any page and the important text that you have marked will not be lost. So if you are a student, this extension can be useful to use the web as your textbook. Anyway, you have to activate it every time you visit any page as it is meant for a custom cursor, but a tool like a bookmark.

Add Highlight it to your Chromebook

Highlight it


There are even various extensions like Amazing custom cursor, Change cursor, Cute cursoretc, which works fine and has a unique cursor library for you to review. Anyway, these third-party cursors don’t work in Android and Linux apps as they run in their own container and have their own settings.

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