How to create a QR code for Facebook page on all platforms

Whether it’s a business page, a freelancer, or just your personal page, one of the best ways to promote your Facebook page is by using QR codes. You can print these QR codes on brochures, posters, t-shirts, etc., and put your offline ad viewers online. If you are the administrator of the Facebook page, you can use the built-in option that Facebook offers to create a QR code directly. Otherwise, you can use third-party services to do so. Here’s how you can create a Facebook page on all platforms.

How to create a QR code for Facebook page

one. To create a QR code for your Facebook page, go to that page on the Facebook website.

two. Then scroll down and click Publishing tools in the left sidebar.

3. On the Publishing Tools page, scroll down and select the QR code option in the left sidebar.

Four. Here you can select Register on your page option and click Download all posters.

5. This will download the PDF file. Here you can find the QR code in different styles, from using it in brochures to using it as gift covers.

That way, you can share the QR code from your Facebook page. But since it is a built-in option, you also have the option to check information like how many people have opened your Facebook page, how many likes, etc.

6. To check those insights, open the home page of your Facebook page. Here scroll down and open Perspectives in the left sidebar.

7. On the Page Insights page, scroll down and open the QR code option in the left sidebar.

8. Here you will find analysis of all the traffic you received on your Facebook page from the QR codes you promoted.

Facebook does not offer the QR code tool in its mobile applications. To do this, you need to open the website in desktop view.

But this method is only possible if you are the administrator of the Facebook page. If not, you must rely on third-party services. Here’s how you can create a QR code for Facebook page with third-party tools.

How to create a QR code for a Facebook page with third-party tools

Out of all the QR code creation apps I tried, Flowcode performed very well. It not only gives you the option to generate a QR code for your Facebook page, but it also provides customization options for your QR code to represent your brand. With such options, Flowcode is an even better option than Facebook’s native QR code tool.

one. To create a QR code, open Flow code and sign up for a free account.

two. On the home screen, give your Flowcode a name and click the To create button.

3. Here select Facebook and paste the link from your Facebook page.

Four. Now scroll down and customize the look of your flow code such as color, pattern, layout style, etc. You can also upload an image to paste in the center of the flow code. An example could be your brand logo.

5. After customization is complete, click Create and download Flowcode.

6. Then in the pop-up window, you can select the file type from PNG, JPG, and SVG.

On the Flowcode dashboard, click the Analytics option to see Insights of how many people are using your QR code and how well it is working.

All the functions you need are available in the free version of Flowcode. The professional plan allows you to create bulk flow codes, more customization options, add multiple links to a single flow code, download the flow code in PDF file format, and more.

How to create a QR code for Facebook page on smartphone

Since we don’t have the option to create a QR code from the Facebook app on the smartphone, you can use the desktop view in the browser or use the third-party app called the QR Tiger app.

one. First, download the QR Tiger app from the Google play store or Apple App Store.

two. Now open the Facebook app and open the page you want to create the QR code for.

3. On the page, click the Plus on the top bar, scroll down and touch the Copy page link option to copy the page link to your clipboard.

Four. Now open the QR Tiger app and tap the Facebook option. Here paste the copied Facebook page link and tap Generate QR code.

5. On the next page, you can select the QR Code pattern style, add a logo, change the color, etc. and then touch Download it for free.

That’s it, the QR code will be saved as an image on your phone. You can open file app or gallery app to share.

Unlike the native option in Flowcode, you do not have the option to verify information with the QR Tiger app. Therefore, I recommend using Flowcode in the browser or using Facebook’s native method using desktop view if you need information about your QR code.

Conclusion: create a QR code for the Facebook page

Whether you are on your desktop or smartphone, I highly recommend using Flowcode as it provides the option to customize and provide you with the basic information you need. While Facebook’s default option is easier to create with fewer steps. But if you want to create with an app on your smartphone, you get the customization options, but at the cost of the information for your Facebook page.

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