How to Hide or Remove Recommended YouTube Videos

Thanks to the must-have features and countless creators, YouTube has become a huge hit these days. You can watch almost any type of video on YouTube web and mobile app, which has created a big problem for parents. As a parent, you may not want your children to view 18+ content on any website, including YouTube. With the emergence of some video creators over the age of 18, some parents have had slight relief with YouTube Kids, but that doesn’t last long. So, these are some of the best tips, tricks and methods to hide or delete recommended YouTube videos.

Like YouTube Autoplay, there are two interpretations of ‘Recommended Videos’.

First, when you play a YouTube video in the standard player, it shows some suggestions on the right side. They are called recommended videos, since YouTube recommends that you watch them.

Second, the YouTube mobile app for Android and iOS displays a notification that contains a suggestion to watch another video. YouTube recommends this video based on your watch history, and as you may have already guessed, it’s also called Recommended Video.

Whether you want to block a particular video or channel on the YouTube website or turn off the notification for Recommended Videos in the mobile app, both can be done using the following guides.

Disable YouTube Recommended Videos Notification on Android

If you are using the YouTube app on your Android mobile device and you want to disable notifications for recommended videos, these steps will do the job.

one: Open the YouTube application on your Android mobile and touch your profile picture.

two: Select the Settings option and tap on the Notifications settings.

3: Discover Recommended Videos option. If you haven’t changed it before, it should be on. You need to toggle the respective button to disable recommended video notifications.

Disable YouTube Recommended Videos Notification on iOS

If you are using the YouTube app for iOS and you want to hide the recommended video notifications, this is what you should do.

one: Open the YouTube app and tap on your profile picture.

two: Select the Settings option in the menu and tap the Notifications settings.

3: You will notice an option called Recommended Videos. Like Android, if YouTube recommends videos, activate the corresponding button.

If you don’t get any notification-related settings, you need to allow YouTube to display notifications from the native settings app. For that, open Settings And go to Notifications> YouTube. Toggle the Enable notifications and follow the same steps as mentioned above.

Unfortunately, YouTube doesn’t offer an option to hide the entire video suggestion section in the mobile app. However, if you are using the YouTube app or website on your mobile device or computer, you can hide a specific video from appearing in the Recommended Videos section.

How to hide a specific video from appearing in recommended videos on YouTube

Whether you’re using the YouTube app on Android, iOS, or the web on a computer’s browser, the same methods work on all platforms.

one: Play a video you want to watch on the app or website.

two: When YouTube recommends videos, tap / click the corresponding three-dot menu icon.

3: Select the Not interested menu option.

The video will be deleted immediately.

However, some browser extensions give you more options and flexibility. The above-mentioned method allows you to block a specific video, and you have to do it manually for each video on the website. In other words, it is a temporary or not so practical solution. This is when you can start using a browser extension for convenience.

How to hide or remove recommended videos from YouTube web

Presenting Video blocker. This extension / plugin is compatible with Google Chrome (and all Chromium-based browsers like Edge) and Mozilla Firefox. It offers some essential features and options that you may want to use as a parent or regular YouTube user.

You can create a blacklist of words in the extension. If you include a word in the list, you won’t see any video that contains those words in the title. The same can also be done with channel names.

The second feature is that you can block an entire channel directly from the recommended videos panel. For that, right click on the video thumbnail and select the Block videos from this channel option.

It also allows you to export and import word lists. Suppose you have two computers and you want to use the same filters on both. Instead of typing them manually on the second computer, it is better to use the Import / Export option.

The next thing is safety. Kids are smart and tech savvy these days and easily spot the block list and remove words from it. If you don’t want that to happen, you can set a password. However, the flaw is that you cannot prevent anyone from removing or disabling the extension in your browser.

Get Video Blocker to Google Chrome | Mozilla Firefox (Free)

BlockTube (Firefox)

BlockTube is a Firefox add-on and allows you to block a specific video on the website. It comes with almost all the essential options. For example, you can block a video by title, channel name, video ID, channel ID, content in comment section, etc. To use this plugin, you need to open the settings panel and configure all the filters according to your requirements.

Outstanding feature:

  • Block videos for content in comments
  • Block videos by specific word in title
  • Block auto-generated playlists on YouTube
  • Hide trend page

Get BlockTube (Free)

Unhook (Chrome)

This is a Chrome extension that allows you to hide the entire panel of recommended videos on YouTube. Is named Disengage. If you install this extension in your browser, you will not see any YouTube video recommendation appearing on the right side of a single video page.

In case you don’t want to do all the setup as mentioned above, this extension can do the job for you. However, you have a few options that you might like:

  • Hide feed from home page
  • Hide sidebar
  • Hide Playlist / Live Chat / Recommended
  • Hide end screen videowall
  • Hide end screen cards
  • Hide comments

Get Disengage (Free)

Final word: hide or remove recommended YouTube videos

If you want to configure some filters, the first two extensions / plugins can be of great help. However, if you are short on time and want to remove the recommended YouTube videos, the above extension will allow you to do so.

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