How to sync Outlook calendar with Google calendar

While my personal email account is in Gmail, I also have a work account in Outlook. Both Google and Microsoft have calendar apps built into their email apps, making it difficult for me to review and schedule two different calendars. One way to solve this problem is to synchronize your Outlook calendar with Google Calendar. That way, I can check Google Calendar and find all my personal and work events in one place.

Here’s how you can sync Outlook Calendar with Google Calendar.

Synchronize Outlook calendar with Google calendar

There are a few ways to sync these two calendar apps, but let me start with the default option, one that I implemented in my workflow.

1. Subscribe to the Outlook calendar in Google Calendar

Most calendar applications allow you to subscribe to third-party calendar applications. Here’s how you can subscribe to an Outlook calendar from the Google Calendar app.

one. First open Outlook web app in your favorite browser and select Calendar in the sidebar to open Outlook Calendar.

two. Now, click on the tooth icon in the upper right corner to open Outlook Settings.

3. This will open the settings in the right sidebar. Scroll down and click View all Outlook settings.

Four. This will open your Outlook settings in a pop-up window. Select the Shared calendars low option Calendar menu.

5. Again scroll down to Post a calendar section and select the Calendar you want to sync.

6. Now click Select permissions and select You can see all the details and then click To post.

7. Here you will find two links. Select the ICS bind option and then click Copy link from the pop-up menu.

8. Once copied, open google calendar in the web browser and in the left sidebar, click the More (+) icon beside Other calendars.

9. Now select From URL from the pop-up menu.

10. Now paste the ICS link you copied in step 7 above and then click Add calendar button.

That’s it. You have successfully added your Outlook calendar to the Google Calendar application. Now close the settings and you will find the Outlook calendar in the Other calendars section in Google Calendar with the same name you gave it in the Outlook application. Click the three-dot menu icon to customize the look of the calendar.

Synchronization can take from a few seconds to a few minutes. The only downside is that you can view your Outlook calendar events in Google Calendar, but you can’t edit them or add a new event directly from here. For that, you will need to open the Outlook application.

2. Export and import the calendar

Although it has a built-in subscription option, it only offers the ability to view Outlook calendar events in Google Calendar. You cannot edit existing events or add new ones. It works great when you just want a bird’s-eye view of your events in one place, but if you want to completely switch to Google Calendar and make it a one-stop solution for event planning, you need to import all of your Outlook Calendar data into Google Calendar.

Note: There is no way to export Outlook Calendar data from official website. You will need the desktop application for that.

one. In the Outlook desktop app, click the Calendar icon in the lower left corner.

two. Now, click on the Archive menu found in the upper left corner.

3. On the next page, click Save calendar to save all calendar data in an iCal file format.

Four. Use the default name or name the iCal file. Once done, click Save money.

5. Now open Google Calendar, click on the Tooth in the upper right corner and select Settings.

6. In the settings, click the Imports and exports option, then click Select the file from your computer to upload the iCal file you just downloaded from Outlook.

7. Now click Add to calendar and select the calendar to which you want to add Outlook entries. If you want to add these Outlook details to a new calendar, you need to go back and create a new calendar first. Once the calendar has been created and selected, click on the to import button.

All the Outlook Calendar details will be available in your Google Calendar instantly once the iCal file is imported.

Now you can use Google Calendar for all day planning, events, reminders, etc. Note that this will not sync the services and new events that you add to the Outlook application will not appear in Google Calendar. You will need to export and import from time to time for that. The two calendar apps are not synced via the cloud.

If you’re looking to sync Outlook with Google Calendar with the ability to edit entries in both services, check out Zapier.

3. Use Zapier to sync Outlook with Google Calendar

The built-in subscription option syncs both calendars, but you can only view Outlook calendar events and not edit them. Exporting and importing calendars solves this problem, but new Outlook events will not sync with Google Calendar. Zapier enters.

While there are other tools like Calendar Bridge that do the same job, they get paid. Zapier offers a freemium model where you can create up to three free zaps. Zaps is what you need to connect two apps and make them work together.

one. First open Zapier and click Register to create a Zapier account or you can log in directly with your Google Microsoft or Facebook account.

two. Once you have logged in, open Microsoft Outlook in Google Calendar zap. Click on the Sign in to Microsoft Outlook button and Sign in to your Google account to log into these accounts.

Four. Once done, you will find a third option below: Calendar. Click on the Choose Value option below it and select a calendar from your Google Calendar. All Microsoft Outlook calendar details will be synchronized with the selected calendar. Create a new calendar beforehand in Google Calendar if you want to keep things organized and clean.

5. Once done, click on the Turn on Zap button in the lower right corner. This will enable Zap and all Outlook events will start syncing with Google Calendar.

If you are using the free version of Zapier, it may take 15-20 minutes for Outlook events to sync. But Zapier has multiple premium plans to decrease sync time which also provides additional features and more Zaps for you to add later.

Summary: Synchronize Outlook Calendar with Google Calendar

If all you need to do is see all your events under one roof, use the built-in subscription option. You can also export and import Outlook calendars to make changes to existing events. But if you want to sync both calendar apps with the ability to edit your live events, use Zapier. It’s free and offers advanced features on premium plans, including a reduction in sync duration.

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