The 7 best origami apps for iOS and Android

I remember doing Origami at school. It was the only kind of art I used to hope for because crayons weren’t exactly my thing. Well the memories came back again as I watched Money Heist. Origami made a cameo on the show and I couldn’t think of anything better to start with while stuck at home.

Do you remember making paper airplanes at school? Well, Origami is not as simple as that. It requires patience and someone who can guide you for the first time. So, here are the best Origami apps for iOS and Android.

Also, consider purchasing origami paper before you begin. You can buy origami paper in bulk at Amazon for only $ 10, with a variety of designs and colors.

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Main applications of origami

1. How to make origami

If you are new to Origami and looking for a simple application with step-by-step instructions, How to Make Origami is for you. When you open the app for the first time, you see Origami categories like Animals, Birds, Flowers, Furniture, etc. Tapping on any category will open the step-by-step how-to guide. You can jump to any step, and in case you get lost, you can also repeat the steps. The repeat option is very useful when it comes to children.

The app is free, however you rarely see skippable video ads. They are not intrusive, but I would have liked an option to pay and remove them.

General description

  • 3D animated shapes
  • Easily update and switch steps
  • Add shapes to favorites folder

Get How to make origami ( ios | Android )

2. Paper origami 2020

Unlike the other apps, ‘Paper Origami 2020’ has photo and video tutorials. The photos section is pretty basic as it doesn’t have any animation like the app mentioned above. However, it is easy to follow the instructions at every step. The video part, on the other hand, is much more complete than the images. Although you get all these YouTube videos, having all the content in one place makes it more convenient.

The application has sections for beginners and intermediate users. Also, you are not restricted to just basic shapes. You can find videos on costumes, home decor, gift ideas, etc. Also, if your kids aren’t interested in Origami, it might be helpful to show them the Pokémon section. The only problem is, the app shows you skippable video ads after five seconds.

General description

  • Photo and video tutorials
  • Easy to expert level content
  • Only on Android

Get Paper Orimagi 2020 (Android)

3. Expert origami

In case you think making animal and bird origami is too simple and you consider yourself a power user, Skilled Origami is for you. This one has intricate shapes of dinosaurs, submarines, and other unusual shapes like space invader, sorcerer, etc. If you use the app wisely, you can work on your technique with these step-by-step tutorials.

Another thing, I loved that the app gives due credit to the designers with a name mention along with each shape.

General description

  • Variety of intricate designs
  • Step by step instructions
  • Only on iOS

Make expert origami (ios)

4. Specific origami applications

I’m sure the first time you tried origami was with a paper plane or a boat. At least for me! But, now I still want to try making them, but probably in different types and shapes. While most applications teach the basics of these shapes, there are many applications dedicated to making Origami with specific shapes. For example, paper airplanes, weapons, ships, etc. Here’s a list of those specific Origami apps if you want to polish only a certain origami shape.

5. Social media platforms

If you don’t want to download tons of apps, you can still use your everyday apps like Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube to learn Origami. For example, I use the hashtag #Origami on Instagram to keep my feed updated for constant motivation. This way I can see the photo or video and learn. It also makes the whole process interactive as you can chat with people right away.

You can use a similar search like Origami, Origami tutorial on Pinterest. If you want more one-on-one tutorials, videos are a great option. You can find a lot of content on YouTube. Some of the channels I would recommend are Jo nakashima, Origami by Daniel Sechel, Origami How, Y Art and Origami.

6. Origami simulator

Unlike all the other Android and iOS apps on this list, Origami Simulator is a web app; this means it will work on Windows, Mac, or basically anything with a web browser.

As the name suggests, Origami Simulator allows you to simulate origami patterns. It is a bit different from the other apps as it shows you a 3D view and folds all the parts simultaneously at once instead of step by step. In terms of control, you can use the slider to fold and unfold the paper. For a normal user, you can try playing with some basic shapes, like bird, crane, train, etc. You can also see this in VR by enabling WebVR in the Vive and Oculus browser and headsets.

You can also import or export SVG files along with the option to burn the simulation and save it as an image.

General description

  • 3D simulation of Origami patterns
  • Import or export patterns
  • Virtual reality support

Visit Origami simulator

Closing remarks

Whether you want to test your hands on paper or you just want your child to learn this skill. It’s a great way to pass the time and is also considered a great mental exercise. Hope you can make the most of these apps and surprise your friends with the loss of origami sitting at your study table. This was my list of the best origami apps for iOS and Android. If you have more, please leave a comment below.

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