Top 10 YouTube Apps for Windows 10 that Add More Features

Although YouTube’s official website allows users to watch videos, you may want more options or features to enrich the experience. For one thing, you need a browser for it to work. And what to do if you want to download a video, a small clip as GIF, hide a video, or extract audio? YouTube apps for Windows 10 could help alleviate some of these problems, allowing you to do everything we discussed and then more directly on your desktop.

Best YouTube Apps for Windows 10

All the YouTube apps we listed are available for free from Microsoft’s official store except one, and they are fully compatible with the latest version of Windows 10. There is a third-party app that you should check out for a cool feature.

1. FizzTube

FizzTube is one of the best and simplest YouTube apps for Windows 10 that you can download for free. Although it has a paid version, the free edition should be more than enough for most users who want to watch YouTube videos in an app rather than in the browser. The YouTube home screen or feed is ad-free, so you can browse seamlessly. On the other hand, it uses Windows 10’s built-in video player interface to play all videos.

fizztube is the youtube application for windows 10


  • Simple user interface
  • No ads on the home screen
  • Floating video player
  • Option to repeat a video


  • No option to manage your account or subscription
  • There is no option to play the video
  • No option to browse YouTube feed while watching a video
  • No option to manage video quality

Get FizzTube

2. Player for YouTube

Player for YouTube is a handy yet simple Windows 10 YouTube app that comes with minimal options. Although the video player uses built-in icons from Windows 10, there is a useful option to manage video quality. However, you must choose the quality at the beginning if you want it to work. You can’t change it on the fly like in YouTube web app. Other than that, the search options and filters work perfectly to help you find videos, channels, and playlists in moments.

player for youtube interface


  • fluid user interface
  • Search filters included
  • Check comments while watching a video
  • Dark mode
  • Manage your subscription
  • Picture-in-picture video player


  • There is no option to disable dark mode
  • Video quality change option does not work once playback starts

Get Player for YouTube

3. Audio player for YouTube

Although the user interface of the Audio Player for YouTube app for Windows doesn’t look good, it does a decent job. Sometimes you may want to just listen to the audio instead of watching the video. In those situations, you can use this application. It has almost all the must-have options for managing audio playback. For example, you can pause / play / resume, repeat, check the playlist, etc.

audio player for youtube application interface in Windows 10


  • You have essential options for managing playback.
  • Dark theme
  • Search the video while listening to an audio
  • Numerous search filters


  • Awkward-looking user interface
  • There is no option to manage your account

Get Audio Player for YouTube

4. YouTube converter

As its name defines it, YouTube Converter for Windows application allows you to download and convert YouTube video or just extract audio from YouTube video to your PC. Upon launch, it will ask you to enter the YouTube video URL before it can download the content based on your needs. Although it takes some time to show various options, it works perfectly in terms of downloading videos or audio.

youtube converter home screen on windows 10


  • No complex options
  • Easy to use user interface
  • Download audio or video separately


  • No built-in video player
  • It takes time to show more options
  • No 4K download

Get Youtube converter

5. Awesome tube

Awesome Tube is one of the best YouTube apps for Windows 10 with a few minor quirks. Speaking of features, you can find just about anything except the option to change the video quality while watching a video. That’s because you have hidden that option in the settings menu. Other than that, you can turn autoplay on or off, change themes, fonts, etc. It also allows you to enable or disable restricted mode and live tiles to customize the user interface.

awesome tube app interface in windows 10


  • Neat UI
  • Smooth video playback
  • Dark theme
  • Custom font and accent color
  • Restricted mode
  • Live tiles
  • Region management
  • Check comments while watching videos


  • I can’t change the video quality while watching videos
  • It takes some time to start playing the video.
  • No loop option

Get Awesome tube

6. GoTube

GoTube is a handy YouTube app. The best thing is that it recovers the original YouTube views and displays it. In other words, you can find all the options that the official YouTube application offers. However, if you don’t like the official YouTube video player, it may be a problem for you. On the other hand, it allows you to download videos, but that is limited to 480p if you are a free user. That being said, a subscription can help you download videos in up to 4K.

gotube search result on windows 10


  • YouTube original video player
  • Many options to manage playback.
  • Download 4K video and audio (paid)


  • Lots of ads
  • Requires paid subscription to remove ads
  • There is no option to manage your account and subscriptions.

Get GoTube

7. myTube

Although it takes a long time to load the video, myTube does not have any other problems so far. The best thing is that you can find all the comments on the right side so you can keep watching the video while reading the comments. It has a better search function that allows users to find videos, channels, and playlists separately. Unlike GoTube, myTube allows you to manage subscriptions. Just connect your Google account.

mytube search result on windows 10


  • Smooth user interface
  • Option to save video and audio separately
  • See the comments on the right side
  • Pin video to sidebar
  • View the channel directly from a video
  • Dark theme


  • Take a long time to start playing the video.
  • Login option doesn’t always work

Get myTube

8. Smart UTube

Although Smart UTube has a cluttered user interface, you will find many useful features and options hidden in it. Aside from some unusual ads, you won’t encounter any problems using it to watch a video. The video player is nothing special, but some other cool options include the ability to download video and audio to your computer. The important thing is that you can manage your YouTube account by logging in.

smart utube video player in windows 10


  • Separate interface for video, audio and movies
  • Easy to explore home screen
  • Download audio and video
  • Manage Subscriptions


  • No 4K download option
  • There is no option to change the default dark theme
  • I can’t manage the video quality

Get Smart UTube

9. iTube Player

iTube Player is a simple YouTube application for Windows 10 that offers nothing more than the ability to watch YouTube videos. The user interface of iTube Player is quite managed, and that is why you will have no trouble finding a particular video, channel, or playlist. The only problem with the app is that it sometimes shows irrelevant search results. For example, you can display a different channel name even if you search for a specific one. There is also no way to change the video quality.

itube player search results page on windows 10


  • Simple user interface without ads
  • Videos start playing almost instantly
  • Option to play the video
  • Dark theme


  • No account management option
  • Search results are sometimes irrelevant

Get ITube Player

10. 4K video downloader

4K Video Downloader is an application that allows you to download 4K videos, but you must buy a paid license to do so. It offers a free / trial version that is limited to 30 downloads / day. It doesn’t have a built-in video player, instead you have to paste the YouTube video link into the app to start downloading. If a link is copied to the clipboard, you can directly retrieve it once you click on the Paste the link button. It then asks you to choose the quality of the video, the location to save the file, etc.

4k video downloader for windows 10


  • Once you click on the video download option
  • Supports 4K video download, among others
  • Download channels
  • Download Playlists


  • No dark mode
  • No built-in video player

Get 4K video downloader (Free, $ 15)

Conclusion: the best YouTube apps for Windows 10

There are mainly two types of YouTube applications on Windows: one allows you to watch videos while another helps you download it to your PC. Once downloaded, you can convert it or do whatever you want with it. However, if you need both features, most applications will meet your demands. Some of the practical YouTube apps are Smart UTube, myTube, etc.

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