Top 4 Fake Photo Making Apps in 2021

Mugshots will never go out of style. They are often used on movie posters, music album photos, and nowadays on Instagram posts to look quirky. All you need is a decent mugshot app to create one for yourself quickly. These are some of the best fake photo maker apps that you should definitely try to keep up with the trend.

Fake Mugshot Maker apps for Android

1. Desired Poster Photo Editor

Contrary to what I thought, Android doesn’t have a lot of mugshot creation apps. Wanted Poster Photo Editor stands out and will help you take a mug shot quickly and easily. You can make the classic most wanted posters.

First, select the type of background poster. It is up to you whether you want it to say wanted or something more specific, for example a fridge robbery or dead / alive. Then you take a selfie or choose one from the gallery. That’s it. Save or share it directly from the application.

It is a clean app with very few steps involved and no ads. Wish I had more posters to choose from.

Get Desired Poster Photo Editor

2. Desired poster maker

This one also lets you make similar classic mugshot posters, but adds a few more features to boot. You can crop an image natively, which is useful since you don’t need pre-cropped images. You can edit the name, text color and size of the text on the poster. Some additional options include editing the description, the reward, and even the amount.

The problem is that there are too many ads and that too, full screen. However, you can try airplane mode if that works for you.

Get Wanted poster maker

Fake Mugshot Maker Applications for PC (Web)

As such, there is no dedicated mugshot creator for PC, but since most of us have access to the internet nowadays, you can try some mugshot creators online.

3. Mobilefish Mugshot Maker (requires an outdated version of Chrome)

If you have a laptop with a poor quality webcam (most of us do) and the internet is active, this is the best place to take a mugshot. First of all, you get tons of options to customize. You can type custom names, arrested crimes, addresses, and much more.

The left side of the mugshot also shows the height tag which is configurable.

Another talking point is the police department icon which allows you to add a department logo for your country / county. Once you are done, just hit download and you will get an image file without any hassle.

Note: The Mobilefish Mugshot Maker application is based on Flash Player. As Adobe no longer supports Flash Player plugins, the only way to run these websites is by using an older version of Chrome or other browsers of your choice.

Visit Mobilefish Mugshot Maker

4. Photopea

Photopea is an online photo editing tool that runs within a web browser. You can also install it as PWA (Progressive Web Applications) from the home page.

When you get to the app itself, it allows you to play with multiple layers so that you can download and try any number of mugshot templates of the web. Play with the selection tool, crop and edit your image to perfection.

Visit Photopea

Closing Remarks: Fake Mugshot Maker Apps

I suggest you try one of the mobile apps to create a police image. It’s easy to take a selfie or choose an existing image and create a mugshot in minutes. On PC, the mugshot maker web app is good as long as you have a browser with flash. I’ll choose Photopea anytime as it allows you to download random mugshot templates from the web.

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