10 Best Free Notions Templates

Notion continues to climb the popularity chart in the modular productivity market. Among all the benefits of Notion, templates certainly play a huge role in the overall Notion experience. We have already talked about the best aesthetic Notion templates, and in this post, we will mention the top ten free Notion templates to liven up your Notion page.

Best Free Notions Templates

We have also compiled a list of the best Notion templates for power users. For this post, we will focus on the best free Notion templates. After all, not everyone wants to spend money on a Notion template.

1. University concept template

As the name suggests, this one is for college students. You can keep track of college schedules and subjects with this template.

Notion’s free template allows you to add all your subjects, teachers, assignments, and your next study program for the semester.

Yes, it even comes with a dedicated calendar at the bottom of the Notion page.

Get University concept template

2. Fundraising Template

Running a nonprofit or startup? This template can be useful for keeping track of any fundraising campaign. The template takes advantage of the kanban board in Notion and allows you to add doner, email, date, and more.

You can also use the board view option at the top and play with different board views in Notion.

Get Fundraising template

3. Airbnb Instruction Sheet

Now that we are slowly getting over the COVID-19 pandemic, Airbnb hosts will once again open their doors to strangers. If you are an Airbnb host, you can create a Notion page using the Airbnb instruction sheet.

The template allows you to add general information, rules, facilities, services, emergency information, applications, nearby services, and city tours.

You can also embed the city map below the lists and make guests feel at home.

Get Airbnb Instruction Sheet

4. Work wear detection template

Mental health is a serious problem these days. Experts advise keeping your mental health at work under control by checking it regularly.

The template comes with three types of status to keep track of your mood and mental health. You can choose from three heart stickers. Use one of them in the Status column, specify how you feel, add a message, and control from the template.

Get Work wear detection template

5. The 5 minute diary

There are dedicated journal apps on iOS and Android. But if you really want to make Notion your all-in-one workspace, you can also create a journal with Notion.

Use the 5 minute journal template for Notion and you will be able to create a digital journal in Notion. Users can take advantage of the Notion widget from the progress bar, the digital clock widget, the calendar, and take a look at today’s posts from the Notion page.

Get 5 minute journal template

6. Blog Post Template

Did you know that Notion can be used to create websites too? However, the overall experience leaves a lot to be desired. However, it is ideal for creating blog posts on the go.

With the blog post template, you can add a cover image on top, create the blog post, add images, and just copy / paste to your preferred hosting platform.

Like Ulysses, we expect Notion to offer WordPress or Ghost integration in future updates.

Get Blog post template

7. Finance and budget template

This one is ideal for those looking to manage finances and expenses with a Notion template. The Finance and Budget template can record your expenses, income entries and allows you to create multiple accounts and categories along with.

From the Quick Peek menu, you can view your expenses, income and more for the last week.

Get Finance and budget template

8. Planner template

As the title suggests, this Notion template can be your perfect desktop task manager. You can view today’s to-dos, tomorrow’s to-dos, and to-dos. The template also comes with a nice weather widget on top.

Don’t forget to use the /remember command to set reminders for a task in Notion.

Get Planner template

9. Plant tracker

This template is for all plant lovers currently using Notion. We already used this template to check visual plant growth, watering schedule, and other gardening tasks. Give it a try if you are trying to build a backyard garden.

Get Plant tracker

10. Blog manager panel

Do you have a blog or a website actively? You can use this blog dashboard Notion template to manage everything about your blog. You can view blog posts, assets, resources, web bookmarks, and more.

In a separate section, keep track of social media profiles and add to-dos / reminders to check for next week.

Get Blog manager panel

Conclusion: start your journey of notions with free templates

Even with several alternatives available, Notion has managed to remain strong in the modular productivity market. Check out the template list above and start building Notion pages like a pro.

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