4 ways to schedule lazy messages like a boss

Slack is a popular real-time messaging service that is used by many companies around the world, including TechWiser. With that said, I do miss a few features here and there. One of them is the ability to schedule Slack messages.

I start my day by asking each member of the team What project are you working on?. And from now on, I had to manually type this every day for each team member. Similarly, if you have teammates who work in different time zones, schedule Slack messages It comes in handy. So, I finally decided to schedule the Slack messages and discovered a few options.

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Schedule Slack Messages

1. Use the Native Programming option

Yes, you heard that right, Slack finally added a long-requested feature: the scheduled messages feature on the desktop and mobile app. Users can now schedule messages on custom date and time, up to 120 days in advance.

To use the Schedule Message feature on the desktop, open the Slack channel or chat window of the person you’d like to text and write your message. Only after writing the message will you notice a new Arrow down next to the “Submit” button. Click the down arrow and a new popup will appear with a couple of default options, but you can also select a custom date and time to send the message.

The steps for using the Schedule Message feature on Android or iOS are pretty much the same. Open the Slack mobile app, go to the chat or channel, and write your message. Once done, press and hold the icon of the paper plane or the ‘Send‘in the app and you will see the message scheduling user interface appear. Just like on the desktop, you can choose the date and time you prefer.

What if you change your mind?

Slack allows users to make changes to scheduling messages. To be precise, you have five options: Edit message, Reschedule message, Send message, Cancel schedule, and Delete message. To access all scheduled messages, you can click “View all scheduled messages” within the chat window or go to the “Scheduled” section of the sidebar.

Where did it fall short?

You don’t get advanced features with the native programming option. For example, there is no option to set daily recurring reminders. You also cannot trigger a scheduling message with third-party applications or services. Well that’s where our other solution comes in.

2. Timy

Timy is a new online service that allows you to schedule channel slack messages and direct messages. The only downside is that Timy can schedule messages for up to twenty-four hours, no more than that.

To get started, add Timy to your Slack. Then open the Slack channel or chat window of the person you would like to schedule the message for. Once done, you need to use / send followed by the message and the time.

/ send what we are working on today in 1h30m

/ send happy birthday! at 12 pm


And not only that, it also includes other useful functions. For example, to see the list of all messages that have not yet been delivered, type / List all command. If a message has not yet been delivered, you can cancel it. You can also send self-destructing messages using /Remove command.

For example:

/Remove Feed me, someone! At 2 pm

eliminate slack

Where did it fall short?

As the name suggests, it is more of a reminder than a scheduled message. There is no option to set daily recurring reminders. Also, you cannot schedule messages for more than twenty-four hours. Again, this is not what I was looking for, so I continued my search.


The problem with the previous two methods is that it cannot be automated every day. Although you can schedule a few hours in advance, you still have to type those commands manually.

Fortunately, you can send recurring reminders in Slack with a good IFTTT recipe. You can also send a personal message (not through SlackBot). The only downside is that the message is sent from the IFTTT account (shows IFTTT name and display image) so your coworker can know that the message is coming from the bot and not in person.

IFTTT with Slack

To get started, sign in or create an IFTTT account if you don’t already have one, then add this applet. Connect it with your Slack account, then you need to specify the message, the day and the time you want it to air, and then save your changes. That’s pretty much it. In our tests, the IFTTT applet is reliable, but it has some issues.

Where did it fall short?

To start with, it shows IFTTT in the image and the name of the screen. IFTTT also requires extensive permission while installing. So if you are concerned about your privacy, this may not be an ideal route for you.

IFTTT with Slack

4. Message scheduler

While all of these options are good, it doesn’t change the fact that the messages are programmed by a robot and they don’t feel personal.

Slack updated its API to include the ability to schedule messages natively, and Message Scheduler is the first app to use this. As the name suggests, this simple application schedules your messages in Slack and automatically sends the text from your account.

schedule slack messages - message scheduler

To get started, go to Slack and open your workspace. Add Postscheduler to your Slack workspace. Select a thread you want to send the text to, enter the slash command, type the content, and hit enter.

/calendar [message] in [time]

Allows you to schedule a message from anywhere between 30 seconds and 120 days. You can use the following bar commands to perform various tasks. You can see what messages are in process and delete them before they are published using the application without any effort.

  • /calendar
  • / schedule delete
  • / schedule list
  • / schedule help

Where did it fall short?

The only downside is that you have to do this for each user separately. That’s where you have to manually open a thread and write all the scheduled messages one by one.

Unlike other apps for Slack, this app is not free and you would have to shell out $ 20 / month (30-day free trial). This is both good and bad because, for one thing, you get a lot of great features at a fixed price regardless of the users in your workspace. On the other hand, this price is too high for budding organizations that do not have a large workforce.

check Message scheduler

Closing words:

So these were some ways to schedule Slack messages. For most people, the native programming option is sufficient. The closest to my need is IFTTT scheduled slack messages. The only downside is that it shows IFTTT on display image and name instead of showing mine. That being said, ideally I would like a merger of IFTTT and Timy. Let me know if you find an alternative way to achieve it. See you next time. Happy laziness!

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