8 flash memory card apps for iPhone to create your own flash card app

Whether you’re studying for a final exam, learning Spanish, or preparing your toddler for preschool, Flashcards apps can be of great help. While there is no shortage of Flashcard apps for iPhone, finding the perfect one that suits everything you need takes time. I tried quite a few iPhone apps and came up with this list. Let’s take a look at the best flash memory card apps for iPhone.

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Best Flash Memory Card Apps for iPhone

1. Stack of studies

It works like a normal flash card application and you can create your own decks (sets) and add cards. You can add different colors to each card so that they are easily distinguished from each other.

Generally, a flash memory card has two sides, front and back. The front has the question or title and the back has the corresponding answer or definition on the front. In StudyStackhowever you can add more sides to the card. For example, your question is about a flightless bird, your answer may be kiwi, ostrich, chicken, etc. and followed by another follow-up question: which is the largest among them? The next card can store the answer, ostrich.

study cardstudy card

You can add as many sides to a card as you like. You can choose to do your deck of questions, public or private at your discretion. All public decks are available and you can easily search and study with those decks by searching the ‘search sets online‘by pressing the hamburger button.study pile hanged

Now my favorite part of this app is not the decks, but the number of ways you can play to memorize your cards. You get standard flashcards, hangman, match cards, crosswords and quizzes.

Platform – Studystack is available on Android and iOS

Price – The application is free to use and does not contain ads.

Download StudyStack (Free)

2. Study blue

Study Blue, like most applications, allows you to create your own flashcards or choose to import from collaborative data. You can also share your cards with the world. Even though you need an active internet connection to use this app.study the blue home page

The home screen shows a variety of decks and its algorithm also suggests which decks based on your existing tastes.

You create your profile and select your profession and generate a relevant profile that helps you study, answer questionnaires and review the topics on the deck. With your collaborative study materials, you can search for questions related to your academics, and if someone posted the question, the app shows you the answer.

study the blue card answerstudy blue card

You can create your own decks and cards, both in text and in images with their templates without problems. The template is quite easy to understand and you can do some basic manipulation like changing the color of the text for emphasis, adding the subscripts and superscripts. you guys can add images and even audio recordings making your cards even more interactive. Your personal decks appear in the profile and you can share them directly by pressing the deck and selecting share by tapping options. With its smart algorithm, it continually suggests relevant information on each topic in which you create a card to refine your topic.

Platform – Flashcards Maker is available on the Web, Android and iOS.

Price – The free version comes with limited options, to get all the features you need to buy a subscription starting at $ 7 per month.

Download Blue Studio here (free)

3. Little letters

Developed by Duolinngo Tiny cards is a cards application that teaches different languages ​​with the help of cards. Set up your profile by linking one of your social media accounts or an email account. One thing that separates Tiny Cards from the rest is the incredible well crafted minimalist design.

small cards main page

The app’s home page shows you your favorite decks, people you follow, and hot topics around the world. To start with a deck, touch the subject and shows you the unlocked decks and your progress on the topic. Tap on the platform and it will load the questions which are usually image-based questions with a few options with a correct answer.

If you choose correctly, the level bar at the top fills up and if you get an incorrect answer, the app asks you the same question until you get the correct answer. For example, I was learning about the United States flag and kept forgetting about the California flag. The application kept repeating the question among other questions until I, the bear, was etched in my memory.

small app front cardsmall app back card

The card template gives you options for the front and back. You can set the question with enext or an image and the same with the back. And add as many cards as you want to the deck. You can keep your deck private or share it with the world.

Platform – TinyCards is available on the Web, Android and iOS.

Price – It is completely free to download and use. No premium accounts are required.

Download TinyCards here (free)

4. Brainscape

Brainscape is a flashcard app aimed at students to be more productive. Each subject is classified into classes and you can find thousands of classes online. The home page shows you the progress of all the classes you have added to the study app.

Perhaps the best feature of this app is adjusting the timing of each flashcard. The app claims to be able to double your learning speed. brain landscape statistics

Online classes are locked and can be unlocked by finishing easier decks first, then progressively progressing to harder decks to increase your level. You can also add your personal decks by tapping the + button in the upper right. The edit button in the upper right creates a class. In this class, you can add decks and flashcards.

brain landscape

Each side of the card has the option of take text, image or audio as input And you can create engaging, comprehensive flashcards for your personal study sessions or for the whole class. You can share your business cards with your students with a unique link that you can copy by tapping on your class and tapping the students tab or by sharing it directly on your social networks.

Platform – Brainscape is available on the Web, Android and iOS.

Price – Free version comes with limited options, to get additional features like unlimited cards, marked education cards, reverse graphics cards (A / Q), etc. buy a subscription starting at $ 9.99 per month.

Download Brainscape here (free)

5. AnkiMobile Flashcards

Anki is one of the oldest flash memory card applications out there. What separates it from all the other apps on the list is its availability on each platform, such as Web, macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS.

The first thing you do when you open the application is create an account to use this application. And once you’re done, you can start adding the decks available online and saving them to your phone locally.

For example I downloaded a deck of the Greek alphabet to learn about it and it shows me a letter and I have to guess and check if I am correct by turning the card and then it shows me 4 buttons, fail, difficult, good. , easy and you have to choose an option. This creates a pointer for the application to track its performance and which cards need the most repetition. After every 10 cards, it shows you your progress in the form of a table. It is updated every 10 cards and shows an evaluation.flashcard apps for iphone

The home page shows you the information about your average review, total reviews, and progress of your recent decks. You can also create your own decks with this application. Tap the + button and add a new deck, select a layout. And start adding information to the front and back of the cards. Once you’re done adding, hit save. Your deck appears in My Decks and you can review it from there.
even application progress

Platform – Anki is available on the Web, macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS.

Price – Anki is free for Android and Web, but the IOS version will cost you $ 25 for a single purchase.

Download Anki ($ 25)

6. Quizlet cards

Quizlet is the largest flash card app on the market. Like Anki, Quiz is also available on most platforms like Android, iOS, Web, there is also a Windows 10 app.

Like all other flash card applications, you can create new card decks or search for sets created by other Quizlet users by typing in the topic you are studying.

What separates this app from the rest of the list is the function called Quizlet Learn. The company claims that it uses data from millions of anonymous study sessions, helps you track your progress, and sends you reminders to study.

Quizlet cards 4+

Platform – Anki is available on the Web, Windows 10, Android, and iOS.

Price – Quizlet is free to use with limited features. If you want to remove ads, add your own images and audio to your cards, upgrade to the premium version for $ 20 a year.

Install on pc Quizlet (free)

7. DeckU Flashcard

DeckU Flashcard is a flash memory card application that allows you to create custom decks and not only that you can personalize each card with text and audio. Playing the decks is easy, tap to flip the card and slide your finger to go to the next card. The app also has a slideshow feature that allows you to rearrange the cards in different ways.

two screenshots of the application;  one with the American flag and the other shows the other side of the card with the name of the country written on it.

The nifty part of the application is the statistics option, you can see the statistics of each deck that has been played with the date, time, correct answers and percentage. The app is free but it comes with ads and some features blocked behind a paywall. You can pay $ 1.99 to remove ads, unlock limits, and export decks to other apps.

Platform – Studystack is available on iOS.

Price – The application is free to use and does not contain ads.

Install on pc DeckU

What is the best Flashcard app for iPhone for you?

Flashcard Maker and flashcard + are the best apps to practice for a test with flashcards. Studystack takes an innovative approach and has a few other games alongside the standard flashcard setup. Brainscape and Anki are great for checking the progress and stats of each deck you study. Tiny Cards has a good collection of decks if you plan to learn a language. Tell us which Flashcard app you use.

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