Alternatives to DownThemAll: 5 Best Download Managers for Chrome and Firefox

Download them all it had more than 2.5 million active users. With the release of the palpably fast Firefox 57, better known as Firefox Quantum, users have been waiting for an update for a long time. Its main feature was the ability to download files in parts and resume downloads even after interruptions. With the passage of months and without updates from the developers on a possible solution, it is time to look for alternatives.

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Update: DownThemAll WebExtension now available for Firefox

Download them all is back on the Firefox add-ons website. However, it is not as powerful as the previous version, as pointed out by our friends in Ghacks. For example, while you can still download multiple files from sites, the new version loses features like segmented downloads, conflict handling or speed limiting, etc. This is probably due to Firefox’s restrictive API. It is still only available for Firefox.

1. Download Star

Download Star is compatible with Firefox version 48 or later up to 57 and later. Downloading Star works very similar to how DownThemAll worked. When you load a page with media like videos, audio files, images, or archives, it will scan the site for them.

Then, click on the plugin icon on the toolbar to reveal a sortable list of file types, including HTML. Just check the box for the type of file you want to download and the plugin will filter out the rest. You can then download them all at once.

There is also a search button in case you know the name of the files you want to download. You can choose more than 1 file type. It can deal with conflicting options like overwrite, rename, or skip.

Verdict: While Download Star is a great little plugin that offers a lot of features, a few are missing, such as the ability to pause and resume downloads. There is no way to customize the plugin so you cannot decide how many parallel downloads the plugin will handle. You can only download from the active tab and not from all open tabs.

Download Star (Free) Firefox

2. Video DownloadHelper

Video DownloadHelper is a very popular video download plugin that supports various sites and formats. Unlike Download Star and some other plugins, the Video DownloadHelper icon on the toolbar will start spinning when it detects media that it can download.

Apart from supporting various video and image formats, the plugin really shines in one particular area. If there is a video that the plugin cannot download, it will allow you to capture the screen and create a video on the fly. This means that you can also record your browsing sessions, which can be very useful when you want to show someone how to do something. There is an additional function to highlight the mouse position. Some other features include the ability to convert and join videos.

There are settings where you can customize the appearance, behavior of plugins, such as concurrent downloads, file name and length, and conversion rules. Honestly, I had more options and settings, more than 30, than I knew what to do.

Verdict: Video DownloadHelper is a cool little plugin that will download pretty much anything you want. During my test, it couldn’t capture all images as Download Star but it worked fine with videos. In addition, you can customize it to the maximum.

Video DownloadHelper (Free) Chrome | Firefox

3. Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager is a standalone software that you will download and install on your computer. Next, you will have to install a Firefox browser plugin that will connect the two, allowing you to transfer Firefox downloads to IDM.

IDM is free to try for 30 days, after which you can purchase it for $ 29.95. Although expensive, IDM has become a favorite among those who constantly find themselves downloading one file or another.

IDM is noticeably faster than most download managers without even affecting your typical browsing speeds. Because it is a standalone piece of software, you can pause and resume downloads as DownThemAll, as the Firefox webExtension API has no effect on it. It can handle pretty much any type of file and it comes with a scheduler so you can start downloading at a predefined date and time, and then you can shut down your computer as well.

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Verdict: IDM is paid software, but the feature set justifies the price. Not only is this a great DownThemAll alternative, it’s also better than it in many ways. The developers update it every 6 weeks and it is known to be safe.

Internet Download Manager ($ 29.95)

4. Jdownloader

JDownloader is the perfect replacement for IDM. It is free and open source. It comes with many features like the ability to start, stop, and pause downloads, download files using multiple connections, and it can extract files automatically.

IDM still has something else to offer, but for a price. JDownloader comes with a scheduler and remote that works with HTTP requests.

Verdict: Jdownloader is an easy to use download manager that is free and a perfect replacement for both DownThemAll and IDM. It is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

JDownloader (Free)

5. Free download manager

Another free download manager, FDM comes with BitTorrent support. This means that you can download your files using the torrent. You can easily download anything in parts, pause and resume downloads at any time, and schedule and manage files. Torrents really make life easier.

Licensed under GNU, it comes with a site explorer that will allow you to explore the folder structure of the source site. Other than that, there are plenty of ways to customize it to your liking.

Verdict: FDM works very similar to how JDownloader works with additional support for the BitTorrent client, which makes managing and downloading files much easier and faster.

Free Download Manager (Free)

6. Chrono Download Manager

When it comes to Chrome’s permissions, things aren’t that laid back. This is the reason why it was difficult to find a plugin for Chrome that could act as a DownThemAll Chrome alternative. The closest I could find was Chrono Download Manager.

Chrono Download Manager will detect different types of audio, video and image files, and also allows you to filter these results by file types.

Chrono Download Manager works fine and I was able to resume the download after pausing it twice.

Verdict: Chrono Download Manager is a good alternative to DownThemAll, where you can filter file types, rename downloaded files, and manage downloads in a separate tab.

Download Chrono Download Manager (Free) Chrome

Conclusion: DownThemAll Alternative Download Manager

If you find yourself downloading, errr, things from the Internet all the time, I suggest Internet Download Manager. It is paid, but you will always receive updates and support, plus, since it works independently of the browser, you never have to worry about it.

If you want a free alternative, Free Download Manager is good because it supports BitTorrent, giving you more options.

If you want a Firefox or Chrome plugin, Video DownloadHelper is the best available on the web right now. Great support and a host of features, plus you can infinitely customize it.

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