How to have a blank or no name on Twitter and other tips

Twitter offers a handful of customization options to beautify your profile. You can change the background color, font size, color and its name to an aesthetic one. But what if you want to leave blank or no name on Twitter? That is also possible as shown in the post here. Let us begin. You’ll also learn about other Twitter display name tips.

How to change your Twitter display name

Whether you want to keep a blank name, add a symbol or an emoji in your name, the steps to change your Twitter name are the same as shown below.

How to rename Twitter on PC

one. Opened and log into your account.

two. Click on the Profile sidebar tab and press the Edit profile on the screen that appears.

Twitter Edit PC Profile

3. Type or copy and paste your name in the Name box and press the Save money button.

Twitter name edit profile change

How to change Twitter name on mobile

one. Open the Twitter app.

two. Tap on the profile picture icon at the top followed by pressing the profile picture again in the navigation panel.

Twitter Edit Name Profile Mobilee

3. You will arrive at your profile screen. Tap on the Edit profile button. Enter your name in the Name box and press the Save money button.

Twitter Name change Edit profile Mobilee

Now let’s look at various tips related to Twitter naming, starting with keeping a name blank.

1. How to leave the Twitter name blank

Twitter doesn’t allow it if you try to delete your name and save it as a blank name. So how can you keep a blank name on Twitter? For that, you will need to copy and paste a special character in the name box.

First, go to the renaming screen as shown above. Then copy the symbol present inside the apostrophes “ً” and paste it into the Twitter name field. Make sure to remove the apostrophes before clicking the Save button. Update the profile and you will have a blank Twitter name.

Tip: In case the above symbol does not work, please use the Copy and paste the dump website to get the invisible name symbol.

2. How to put symbols in the name of Twitter

Similar to the blank name method, you can add other symbols or special characters to your Twitter name using the copy and paste method.

Here are some websites that offer a lot of aesthetic symbols for social media:

Follow the instructions mentioned on the websites to copy the symbol. Then paste it into the Twitter name field.

You will also find many special characters on your phone keypad. You can use them directly in the Twitter field. If you are using a Windows PC to add symbols, type Characters map in Windows search. It is a utility application that houses special characters. Click on it to open the application and copy and paste the required symbol.

Twitter name symbols Windows PC

3. How to change the font in the Twitter name

The font can also be changed using the copy and paste method. You will have to use a font generator website to write your name in a different font. Some of the websites that you can use are:

Most websites will need you to submit your name, which will instantly become a stream of fonts. Copy the name into your preferred font type and paste it into the Twitter name area.

Twitter renaming font

4. How to add an emoji to the Twitter name

Emojis, as we all know, give chats a personal touch. Why not use the same for our Twitter name? That’s how it is. You can have an identifiable emoji next to your Twitter name.

Twitter Name Emoji

Emojis are easy to add as you will find them on your phone keypad. Open the Twitter Name field and switch to the emoji keyboard on your phone. Enter the emoji in the Twitter field. On a Windows PC, use Windows +. shortcut key to open emoji panel. And on Mac, use Control + Command + Space.

Alternatively, you can get emojis from the following third-party websites in the same way that you got the symbols.

5. How to add a name in a script from a different language

You can step up and get creative by having a Twitter name in a different language. Use your phone keypad to write your name in a different language and add your name in the name field. Or use the following websites to transliterate your name in different scripts:

Frequent questions

1. How many characters are there in a Twitter name?

Twitter names can be up to 50 characters long, unlike Twitter usernames, which are restricted to 20 characters. Please note that you cannot use the terms Twitter or Administrator in your Twitter name.

2. What is the difference between username and Twitter name?

A Twitter username, often known as an identifier, is the distinctive identification of a person on Twitter. At any given time, no two Twitter accounts can have the same username. Only when you release a username can someone else take the same.

Twitter names, on the other hand, help identify the individual and are not unique. There can be multiple people with the same Twitter username. These profiles are distinguished by their user names. Check out our detailed guide on how to change your Twitter username.

3. How many times can you change your Twitter name?

There is no limit to the number of times you can change your name.

4. How to fix Twitter won’t let me change my display name

If you can’t change your Twitter name, first set up a profile picture if you are a first-time Twitter user. Only then will you see the Name field under Edit Profile.

Customize Twitter

With the tips above, I hope you were able to keep a blank Twitter name or modify it to your liking. As you customize Twitter, learn how to modify the Twitter feed tag and pin someone else’s tweet to your profile.

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