Top 10 Firefox Add-ons for Dark Mode Reader

Although Firefox does not have as large a user base as Google Chrome, many people use it to read websites, watch videos, etc. If you spend a lot of time inside Firefox, dark mode can keep your eyes happy. It also helps you sleep at night. Nowadays, it is possible to get a dark theme / mode in almost any application and browser, including Mozilla Firefox. If you want to explore further, check out the following list of the best Firefox dark mode reader add-ons for everyday use.

Dark Mode Reader Firefox Add-ons

It’s not like you have to use them all. Instead, try a few and decide which Firefox dark reader plugin works best for you.

1. Wikipedia Dark Mode

As the name implies, the Wikipedia Dark Mode plugin for Firefox enables dark mode only on the official Wikipedia website. In case you spend a lot of time reading Wikipedia articles for whatever reason and you want to get an environment that does not cause eyestrain, you can get this plugin. It is the simplest plugin as you cannot find an option to customize the interface. After installation, you can open any Wikipedia page to find the dark reading interface.

enable dark mode on wikipedia in firefox


  • It only works on Wikipedia
  • There is no direct option to turn dark mode on or off
  • No option to customize settings
  • No dim picture option

Get Wikipedia Dark Mode for Firefox

2. Dark theme for YouTube

Although there is a native option to enable dark mode on YouTube, you can use this browser plugin to get the same. At times, it can be hectic responding to all the comments on your YouTube video, and it can eventually hurt your eyes as well. So, you can use the Dark Theme plugin for YouTube Firefox to enable the dark theme if you don’t want to use the built-in option for some reason.

turn on dark mode on youtube


  • No option to customize
  • Activate / deactivate with one click
  • Works perfectly on YouTube
  • Does not dim the video brightness

Get Dark theme for YouTube

3. Turn off the lights for Firefox

Before knowing the functions, you should know that this dark reader plugin for Firefox offers a lot of options to customize the interface. Although it does not initially convert your web pages to black and white, it dims the brightness to a lower level, reducing eyestrain. There is a useful icon to enable or disable the functionality. However, if you customize the plugin, you will get a much better experience.

turn off lights for firefox plugin

You can schedule the plugin, create a site whitelist / blacklist, and change the text, hyperlink, and background color, etc. The most important feature is that you can enable dark reading mode on a particular web page instead of doing the same on the entire website.


  • Easy to set up
  • Customizations
  • Option to dim the web page
  • Calendar
  • Apply only to a single web page instead of the entire site

Get Turn off the lights for Firefox

4. Super dark mode

Like most of the other Firefox obscure reader plugins on this list, it offers a few options to manage everything from scratch. For example, you can schedule the dark reader mode in Firefox so that you can save some time, quickly turn dark mode on / off, etc.

setting super dark mode in firefox

It offers a specialized dark mode for some preset websites like YouTube, Facebook, Reddit, etc. However, if you want to apply the same dark mode instead of a different one, you can do so from the Preferences. On the other hand, it is possible to customize each type of dark mode according to your requirements.


  • Specific dark mode for each website
  • Automatically turn on / off dark reader mode

Get Super dark mode for Firefox

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5. Owl

Owl is another dark reader Firefox plugin that you can use to apply dark mode in Firefox. Whether you read articles or edit documents in Google Docs, you can get a dark reading environment for anything. One cool feature is that you can turn on dark mode for local PDF files that you can open with the Firefox browser.

owl best dark mode reader firefox addons

You can whitelist / blacklist sites, enable dark mode automatically at startup, apply classic themes on specific websites, etc.


  • Enable dark reader mode for local documents and PDFs
  • Add sites to the black and white list
  • Enable Owl at startup automatically
  • No option to schedule

Get Owl for Firefox

6. Ultimate dark mode

Dark Mode Ultimate is almost identical to Super Dark Mode in terms of features. However, the old Firefox add-on offers an option to customize the preset dark modes for a specific website where it doesn’t have that dedicated option. That being said, you can apply different dark modes on different websites, and it is possible to enable or disable them from the Preferences.

final dark mode settings for firefox

Dark mode works perfectly on almost any website. Since you don’t use the ‘invert colors’ method, you will get a better reading experience even after enabling dark reading mode with this plugin.


  • No option to schedule
  • Apply different dark modes on different websites.
  • Whitelist a website to use a regular theme
  • Activate / deactivate with one click
  • Better reading experience as it does not invert colors.

Get Ultimate Dark Mode for Firefox

7. Dark background and light text

It offers complex options to provide a better dark mode experience in Firefox. The dark background and light text allow users to choose a custom color for the background, text, hyperlink, etc. There are several dark mode options for every website: Invert Color, Style Sheet Renderer, Simple CSS, etc. FYI, these are just some fancy names for different styles.

dark background and light text settings panel


  • No option to schedule
  • Create a custom dark mode theme
  • Activate / deactivate with one click
  • Inverted colors

Get Dark background and light text for Firefox

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8. Dark theme

If you don’t install this plugin, you will never know how many kinds of dark themes / modes there might be. It offers more than forty types of dark modes, allowing users to switch between them for a better interface while reading articles for a longer time.

dark theme settings panel in firefox

The interface shows only one option to enable or disable dark mode. However, if you want to customize the brightness, contrast or general preferences of the dark theme, you need to open the respective settings.


  • More than 40 kinds of dark modes
  • Apply dark mode on a specific website
  • Activate / deactivate with one click

Get Dark theme for Firefox

9. Dark mode

Dark mode presents almost all the functions as a complement to the dark theme for Firefox. The number of types, features, options, etc. dark mode is almost the same in both dark reader plugins. In other words, it is the same product in a different package.

dark mode add settings in firefox browser

Speaking of features and options, you can have a large number of dark mode types (textures, different color variants, etc.). It is also possible to create a custom theme for all websites. In terms of compatibility, it works on almost any website that a regular user opens to read articles or watch videos.


  • There is no option to dim images on a web page
  • One click on / off
  • Standalone theme for a specific website
  • Custom dark mode type

Get Dark mode for Firefox

10. Dark reader

Dark Reader is probably the best dark mode Firefox add-on, allowing users to create a better environment for reading. Like the Google Chrome edition, it works perfectly in Firefox. For example, there is brightness and contrast management, grayscale, the keyboard shortcut for switching between modes, etc. You can also create a list of sites where you don’t want to enable dark mode.

dark reader best dark mode extension for firefox


  • Keyboard shortcut to enable / disable
  • Custom brightness and contrast
  • Site specific settings
  • Import / export configurations

Get Dark Reader for Firefox

Conclusion: reader’s Firefox add-ons in dark mode

If you do not want to strain your eyes from looking at bright computer monitors for a long time, it is better to use a dark mode reader plugin in the Firefox browser. We have covered many plugins that offer different options depending on. It is recommended to check them before proceeding with one.

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