Top 6 Stalker Clear Sky Mods You Must Try In 2019

Clear Sky Stalker is the son of the unwanted medium in the Stalker series. In 2007, Chernobyl shadow wowed PC gamers around the world with one of the most atmospheric gaming environments ever created. From 2011 Call of Pripyat refined the RPG formula and opened the series to a wider audience. Both games have a massive community and cult following. However, the middle game, 2008’s Clear Sky Stalker it was never so well received. This is strange because I absolutely loved Clear sky. GSC Game World, the developers of the series, took a bite out of more than they could chew on this game by introducing new features.

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Notoriously, the faction warfare function remained incomplete because they did not have the time or budget to perfect it. This was extended to visuals as well, with the in-game implementation of God-Ray so poorly optimized it would bring even the best systems to their knees. Community fixes have gone a long way towards making the experience playable. Today, Clear sky A great experience. We are sharing a list of mods here for new and returning players to add even more value to your game.

Stalker Clear Sky Mods

1. Complete clear sky

Full clear sky does exactly what it says on the tin: it does Clean sky-a notorious unfinished title at launch, much closer to GSC’s original intent. The mod compilation doesn’t just cover individual aspects of the game. Instead, it improves just about everything. You get higher resolution textures, new weather models, new assets, improved AI behavior, and quality of life features like the sleeping bag. What i appreciate about Full clear sky it’s that it doesn’t detract from the original game by taking it in new (problematic) directions (Lost Alpha, we’re looking at you). Instead, it sticks closely to the original vision. You wouldn’t know you’re running a modified version of the game until you uninstall it, play vanilla, and realize how much you’re missing out on.


  • It closely adheres to the vision of the original game.
  • Covers textures, models, AI, climates and more


  • Tweaks to the AI ​​model can make some fights more lopsided.

Download Clear Sky Complete

2. Sky recovery project

The biggest problem with Clear sky it was the fact that there were so many errors in the shipping code. This ranged from minor oddities – crazy poltergeist physics – to game-breaking search errors. While other mods aim to improve the vanilla game with new experiences, the Sky Reclamation Project sticks to what matters most. It is a comprehensive community bugfix project that aims to polish the code and generally get Clear Sky running in optimal state. If you are looking to do a pure vanilla career, with no visual or quality of life extras, the Sky Reclamation Project will allow you to do just that. Don’t see it as a mod per se. They are all cumulative patches that GSC should have implemented.


  • Fixes the vast majority of game-breaking problems.
  • Fix broken audio and visual problems


Download Sky Reclamation Project

3. Mystery 2.0

Misery is one of the hardest ways to experience STALKER, period. But what if you wanted to live the Misery experience in Clear Sky and not in Call of Pripyat? If you haven’t made the third STALKER game yet, or want another Misery solution, Mystery 2.0 is what you’ll want to get. The Russian team that built this mod focused on game settings. Mystery 2.0 offers a much more challenging tactical experience than Clear Sky vanilla.

You will need to monitor health and stamina much more carefully. And since you take more damage, you’ll want to plan each encounter, paying attention to where the best cover is. In addition to this, the stealth system has been redesigned. It is now feasible to sneak out of enemy emplacements or take them out one by one. But while Mystery 2.0 adds a lot of value for the second or third time, keep in mind that it is in Russian. Also, it tends to reduce performance on low-end systems.


  • Add a misery-like experience to Clear Sky
  • Makes the game significantly more challenging (and rewarding)


  • May affect performance strongly on low-end systems

Download Mystery 2.0

4. Clear Sky HD model add-on

Clear Sky features some great visuals for the time. It was one of the few games that actually took advantage of DirectX 10.1 (before DirectX 11 quickly replaced it). The game’s divine rays and surface shaders are holding up well today. However, the quality of the model was uneven even in 2008. While the lighting and shading are excellent, the low-quality models just stick out of the game like a sore thumb. We’re used to high-poly models these days, with main character models approaching 100,000 polygons.

While the Clear Sky HD Models add-on doesn’t take things that far, it significantly improves polygon counts on numerous important characters, such as Lebedev early in the game. It’s a small change, but add this to the vanilla or modified experience and you will notice the difference in time.


  • Does exactly what it says: replaces models with higher fidelity ones


  • Relatively large file size
  • Only a limited number of weapons are replaced

Download the Clear Sky HD Models plugin

5. Arsenal Redux review

If you come from Borderlands 3 for … well … any shooter game, you’ll miss out on the pleasure of picking out a totally unique new weapon every five minutes. Clear sky has many weapons as is. They are excellently designed and work realistically. But that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from a whole arsenal of new weapons.

That’s exactly what Arsenal Overhaul Redux does. Add a host of new weapon textures and models. Improve the appearance of existing weapons in the game and add some of your own. We are not talking about swords or plasma weapons: according to Clear sky rough, simulative aesthetics, they are real life weapons.


  • There is a much greater variety of realistic weapons available.


Download Arsenal Overhaul Redux

6. The war of factions

Clear Sky’s greatest innovation, and the most glaring evidence of how incomplete it was, was the faction wars. This was a feature that was gloriously fun and almost completely broken in the early game. Essentially, it allowed the game’s factions to dynamically fight each other for territory. This changed the entire meta of the game and added a new layer of replayability. The feature was terribly buggy in the vanilla game.

The Faction War mod dramatically expands this feature. Now you can support a faction and fight to take over the entire area. This essentially turns the Clear Sky meta into a sort of FPS version of Mount and blade. It’s a cool thing and we suggest getting it once the main campaign is over.


  • Do factions wage wars the way they were supposed to?


  • It could take your attention away during your first game

Download The Faction War

Each of these Clear Sky mods has something to offer for everyone. Clear Sky Complete is something we would recommend everyone to enable for their first game – it covers the entire gamut, from images to game settings. It’s a better vanilla experience. If you really want to play the game created by GSC, the Zone Reclamation Project will, while correcting most of the bugs that GSC left behind.

The HD Models add-on addresses the most pressing issue with Clear Sky’s aging graphics: low-fidelity models, while Arsenal Overhaul equips you with a new selection of weapons. Lastly, The Faction War relives Clear Sky’s biggest missed opportunity and almost turns it into a game in its own right. Which mod did you enjoy the most? Let us know.

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