Top 8 Google Authentication Alternatives for Android and iOS

Google Authenticator is one of the best code generator apps, which allows you to complete the two-step verification process when you log into an account online. What if you are not satisfied with this application? Do you know that there are several Google Authenticator alternatives that you can use on Android and iOS devices? These are some of the best substitutes for Google Authenticator with some additional features that you may like.

Why should I replace the Google Authenticator?

Without a doubt, Google Authenticator is one of the simplest and most unique two-factor authentication apps for Android and iOS. As they say, nothing is perfect; Google Authenticator is no exception. It lacks one of the most important features that users need: app blocking. Although you can block it with a third-party Android app lock, that’s not a prominent solution for this problem.

If someone unlocks your phone, they can access the app to see the codes. Although these codes are temporary, they make things vulnerable. It is probably the main reason why you should look for an alternative.

Alternatives to the Google Authenticator: Android and iOS

Learn more about the features of these Google Authenticator alternatives before installing them on your phone.

1. Microsoft Authenticator

Microsoft Authenticator is one of the best alternatives to Google Authenticator. Whether you want to use it on an Android or iOS device, both are available for free. The user interface of this app is uncluttered and offers only essential options for user benefits. Speaking of functionalities, it comes with cloud backup, app lock, screenshot lock, autocomplete, etc. The best thing is that it does not show codes on the home screen. For that, users must touch the respective account to view it.


  • Lock the application with access code, PIN or biometrics
  • Built-in password manager
  • Show / hide codes on the home screen
  • Automatic backup to the cloud
  • Allow / block screenshot

Get Microsoft Authenticator: Android | ios (Free)

2. Twilio Authy

Twilio has dominated the 2-factor authentication segment for a long time and it proved to be a better option than Google Authenticator. Allows you to add an account by scanning a QR code, entering a code manually, and using zxing (barcode scanner required). The most notable feature is that you cannot capture screenshots even with Google Assistant’s screen context option. Get started with this app by creating an account with a mobile phone number and email id. After that, the settings panel has some options to activate the backup, allow / block the use of multiple devices, etc.


  • PIN or fingerprint lock
  • Dark mode
  • Secure backup (password enabled)
  • Multi-device use

Get Twilio Authy: Android | ios (Free)

3. 2FA authenticator

2FA Authenticator is another Google Authenticator alternative for Android and iOS. Works offline and stores all codes locally. However, it is possible to enable backup that allows users to keep tokens on Google Drive. Like other apps on this list, it allows you to set a password / fingerprint to protect the app. On the other hand, you can choose the theme according to your requirements as it offers dark and light modes. Unlike Authy, it does not read codes from a dedicated barcode scanner.


  • App lock to protect the app
  • Store tokens locally
  • Backup tokens in Google Drive
  • Dark mode

Get the 2FA authenticator: Android | ios (Free)

4. LastPass Authenticator

LastPass is a popular password management application / service and an alternative to 1Password. Although the settings panel isn’t packed with tons of features, users get what they need the most – a simple user interface, a PIN or fingerprint lock, a backup. However, this “backup” feature has a drawback. Users must have the LastPass password manager app installed on their phone to access this feature. Other than that, it looks flawless.


  • Built-in password protection to lock the app
  • Application-dependent backup
  • Clean UI

Get LastPass Authenticator: Android | ios (Free)

5. Aegis authenticator

Aegis Authenticator is, unfortunately, available only for Android. It is a substitute for the Microsoft Authenticator, as most of the functions provided are identical to what this application offers. With that said, you can find an option to enable / disable screenshot, biometric unlock, code display on home screen, etc. It has dark mode, digit grouping, account name search, PIN protection, backup, etc. It is possible to import from a file and export the vault in case you move to another application.


  • Dark mode
  • Allow / block screenshot
  • Access code / biometric protection
  • Digit grouping
  • Search by account name
  • Tap to copy tokens
  • Tap to reveal the token
  • Vault Backup
  • Easy import / export

Get Aegis Authenticator for Android (Free)

6. Duo Mobile

Sometimes you may want to skip Google Authenticator and go for a similar app for some reason. If so, Duo Mobile comes in handy as it offers the same options as Google Authenticator. In other words, there is no built-in app lock for users. However, it is possible to back up the tokens to Google Drive. The Restoration due The option in the corresponding settings panel helps you set things up. Another option is Allow screenshots temporarily. As defined, it allows you to take screenshots of the application without any problem.


  • Very easy
  • Google Drive Backup
  • Allow / block screenshot
  • No PIN or biometric lock

Get Due Mobile: Android | ios (Free)

7. HENNGE OTP Generator

HENNGE OTP Generator is available for iOS only and is a basic alternative to Google Authenticator. Although not comparable to most of the apps on this list, you can use HENNGE OTP Generator on your iPhone. However, the main difference between Google Authenticator and this app is that it comes with password and FaceID or TouchID protection. The interface looks fluid and locks the screen almost instantly.


  • Password / FaceID / TouchID protection
  • No dark mode
  • No backup option

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8. yOTP

If you have some time, andOTP is probably the best option for you. It offers countless features to protect your account and configure everything. Some of the noteworthy options are: password protection, Panic trigger, Relock on screen off / on background / idle, Lock accessibility services, dark mode, tap to show token, show / hide the global timeout bar, backup codes locally, etc.


  • Many options
  • Biometric / password protection
  • Local token backup
  • Tap to show the token
  • Enable / disable autocomplete
  • Instant re-lock
  • Encrypted database

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In summary: Google Authenticator Alternatives

Without a doubt, Google Authenticator is a reliable two-factor code generator. However, the minimal flaws make it vulnerable. This is when you should check out these Google Authenticator alternatives for your Android or iOS mobile device.

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