Top 8 Pomodoro Timers for Windows to Increase Your Productivity

Whether you’re preparing for your final semesters or finishing up work to do, a Pomodoro timer will help you increase your productivity and get things done in less time. In our previous article, we talked about some of the best Pomodoro timer apps for Android and in this one, we’ll pick our top pick for Windows. Let’s start.

For the unknown Tomato is a technique developed by Francesco Cirillo to improve your productivity. A work session is divided into 25 minute segments and each segment is followed by a short 5 minute break.. Each 25 minute work block is called “Tomato“. After four Pomodoros (or four 25-minute sessions), you should take a longer break (say 15-20 minutes) and repeat the same cycle again.

While you can always get one of those, Tomato Shaped Kitchen Timer From Amazon, we recommend using the Pomodoro timer apps on your devices. Not only do they allow you to keep track of all your work, but you can take it with you wherever you go. Not to mention the tons of other features that go along with it.

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Pomodoro Timer for Windows

1. Focus 10

Ideal for: people who want nothing more than a simple timer app

Focus 10 is a simple Windows application that allows you to set a Pomodoro timer on your desktop. The minimalist design is primarily focused on offering a non-intrusive experience while you focus on your work.

In the default setting, you get 4 Pomodoros of 25 minutes each followed by a 5 minute break and a longer break at the end of the 4 sessions. After each Pomodoro, a the alarm sounds to notify you of your Pomodoro completed and the pause begins immediately thereafter. You can pause the timer in the middle or jump straight to the next Pomodoro if you like. The settings page offers customization of Pomodoro and the duration of the breaks, you can even change the alarm sound in the settings. Focus 10 is a free app and offers just that, however, if you want more features, read on.

Download Focus 10


Ideal for: people looking for a simple and minimal Pomodoro timer app

Yet another Pomodoro app that is a very brilliant implementation of the Pomodoro Technique. In many ways, it is quite similar to the Focus 10; simple. A timer that counts 25 minutes and keeps track of the number of Pomodoro sessions is in the upper right corner. It is drawn on top of other applications so that it is always at the top of the screen.

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I really enjoy YAPA because its user interface does not exist and you can drag it. You can choose the light or dark theme and change the opacity so that it is barely visible. YAPA is free and open source.

Download YAPA

3. Focus enhancer

Ideal for: People looking for a cross-platform Pomodoro timer that records their sessions and tracks their productivity.

The Focus Booster app works only when you create an account, but you can conveniently create a 30-day trial account that offers 20 Pomodoro sessions. All your activities are stored in the account and you can get an idea of ​​your productivity by logging into the website. Unlike the previous one, Focus Booster also offers mobile applications for Android, iOS and Mac.

The app also has a dark theme and you can minimize it by keeping only the timer on the screen. Your timesheet is updated every time a Pomodoro finishes, and the report is generated once you get important data. Focus Booster is best for people who want to track their activities and generate valuable data. Focus Booster is a paid app with a 30-day free trial.

Download Focus Booster (Windows | iOS | Android | Mac)

4. Focus journal

Best for: People looking to keep track of distractions and productive activities.

A Pomodoro application that implements the technique with a few more features and increases the power of the application. Focus Journal Deals more than a single profile. You can create separate timers for different tasks.

You get two buttons at the bottom; Minimization mode and automatic distraction. The minimize button draws a little timer like YAPA in the corner of the screen and the auto-distraction mode detects your distractions while running the timer. You can run this application to productivity or to calculate distractions. In productivity mode it works like a normal Pomodoro app, however in distracted mode it counts how many times it was distracted. Keeps track of successful Pomodoro and distractions.

Professional advice: Use a white noise app to minimize your distractions during a Pomodoro session

Focus Journal is free and does the job, but it doesn’t offer to-do list integration and we’ll check it out in the next app.

Download Focus Journal

5. Pomotodo

Ideal for: People looking for a cross-platform Pomodoro timer with to-do list integration

Pomotodo integrates a to-do list in this application and synchronizes cross-platform. It is a time management application designed for creators. It is based on the Pomodoro Technique and GTD theory.

The application synchronizes your activities and tasks with other devices linked to the account. You can set Pomodoro timers and to-do lists and add items to the list. You can prioritize list items by pinning and adding hashtags. The pro version offers some additional functions in the to-do list, such as creating sub-tasks, setting reminders, repeating, and adding notes.

The statistics generated by the application give you an idea of ​​your daily productivity, the main labels show which tasks were accomplished the most and what is the best working time for you. This is a great goal-achieving app with a built-in to-do list. You can sync your data across devices by logging in. The basic version is free, but you can upgrade to the pro version ($ 3.9 / month) to get all the features.

Download Pomotodo (Windows | Mac | Android | iOS | Web)

6. Focus on doing

Best for: People looking for the best in task management and reporting.

Focus To-Do allows you to perform tasks and execute them using the Pomodoro technique. You can set tasks for the day and the time required for completion. This app keeps track of elapsed time and completed tasks. A detailed report can be generated with the data collected over time.

You can login and sync your tasks with different devices and share your report. Multiple tasks can be created and you can add them to your inbox within a set time. If you feel like switching from one task to another, you can do so by simply pausing the current task and concentrating on the second one.

The report is generated based on the daily task you perform and the frequency of distractions. You can check your detailed report by clicking the report icon at the top right of the window and it would display daily, weekly and monthly graphs of Pomodoro events and completed tasks.

The app is free for Windows and offers some in-app purchases.

This app is great for task management and reporting, but we can’t block apps and websites. We will find that feature in the next one.

Download Focus To-Do

7. FocusMe

Best for: People looking for the Pomodoro app that can also block out distractions

FocusMe is more than just a timer app and not only does it set the timer to make you more productive, but it also keeps you from being distracted. We test Android app blockers and they work similar to those apps.

This application offers plans with which you can create plans in this application or choose from existing plans. Some of the plans listed in the app are Social Media Blocking, Internet Blocking, Pomodoro Focus, and Time Limit News. These aren’t a gimmick, but this app really keeps you from getting distracted by automatically minimizing apps and closing tabs while running.

FocusMe encourages you to take breaks and has the option of forced breaks. You basically take control of the screen and leave your computer unusable for a period of time, forcing you to spend time away from your computer, I can see that it would be helpful in creating a mental break. You can check your website statistics and application statistics and introspect about your usage habits.

FocusMe is a paid app with a subscription of $ 2.5 / month and has a free trial.

Download FocusMe

8. Pomodone

Ideal for: People looking for a Pomodoro timer with integration to the task management tool that links popular tools like Todoist, Wunderlist, Asana, Trello, and Evernote.

PomoDone is the most advanced Pomodoro timer for Windows on the list. In fact, it is much more than a Pomodoro timer, for example, it allows you to synchronize your tasks with most of the task management tools and it also encourages you to complete tasks. I work with Trello to keep track of my daily tasks and using this app to get work done becomes much easier. I can just take my card and set a timer and get to work. As soon as I’m done with the task, I can update it in the Pomodone app and it directly updates Done in Trello.

All your active tasks are displayed in the window. You can change the settings for how a timer reacts and reacts when it is invoked and terminated. You can check the time log and see how much time you have spent and on what task. This detailed information is instantly available in the app and you can probably verify it through the web app.

It’s a subscription-based plan and you get a lot of advanced features, although you can try the free version which has some limitations. as 1 month access and link with two apps (out of 5).Download Pomodone (Windows | Mac | Android | iOS | Web)

Closing words

Yapa is my favorite Windows Pomodoro Timer app because it has the most intuitive timer. While Focus Journal and Focus Booster give you information about your activities, FocusME blocks your use of any application and forces you to be productive. These were some of our options, try some for yourself and let us know the results.

In general, Pomodoro timers are best for the type of work that is independent of other people. For example, I’ll be using a Pomodoro timer while writing this article, but not during a sales call or brainstorming with my team. Also, do not make more than 10 Pomodoro in a day. The less you do it, the more effective it will become.

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