8 best fitness apps for Firestick to turn your living room into a gym

The best part about exercising from home is that everything is under your control. You can set the area anywhere, start exercising at any time, and choose your pace. I use a fitness app on my phone, but the size of the screen limits the information I can see during exercise. If you use a Firestick, you can use the TV to help you get in shape. Let’s take a look at the best fitness apps for Firestick.

1. Daily workouts

Ideal for: beginners

Daily Workouts offers exercises for beginners. You follow a simple muscle-focused exercise routine and you can choose from six different muscle groups such as abs, arms, glutes, back, legs, etc. Just select a time limit, difficulty level, and start exercising. The animated image of a virtual coach would help you maintain correct form on the big screen. The best part about using this app is that most of the exercises use your body weight to help you get in shape.


  • Easy to navigate user interface
  • All the information in one place
  • High-quality animations for proper posture.


  • Lacks combo workouts
  • Preset timers only

Install on pc Daily workouts

person doing reverse squats

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2. Gymondo

Ideal for: personalized workouts

Moving on to a more advanced workout, Gymondo offers a wide variety of workout exercises ranging from yoga asanas to HIIT routines. You can start by creating your personalized profile to help you find exercises adapted to your body and needs. Just choose an exercise program or routine to start your exercise.

Gymondo not only offers exercise routines in video format, but also recipes for healthy meals. You can create your meals based on your workout and body type from the app, it’s really convenient. Although Gymondo is a paid service, you can check out the app for free and even start the basic exercises without spending any money first.


  • Personalized exercise recommendations
  • Integrated recipes tailored to your needs


  • Other than personalized recommendations, you can’t customize your training beyond that.

Install on pc Gymondo (free in-app purchases)

gymondo app

3. Pilates

Ideal for: low impact flexibility

Pilates is a physical conditioning system developed by Joseph Pilate. It focuses on low-impact muscle strength and flexibility exercises. The application has a complete catalog of pilates lessons from beginners to advanced. Even if you are a newbie, you will find the app easy to navigate and the exercises simple to follow. You can scroll through the categories and find the best exercise routine based on time, equipment, skill, and even muscle groups.


  • Large catalog of different exercises.
  • Categories for each type that make discovering exercise routines a breeze


  • Lacks instructions for necessary equipment

Install on pc Pilates (free in-app purchases)


4. Homeletics

Ideal for: controlled and effective training

Homeletics is a goal-oriented fitness app that helps you find the perfect fitness exercises. The application asks you a series of questions and the routine begins. It also instructs you to periodically check your heart rate by checking your pulse. The interface is interesting in that, along with the animated workouts, you also get the total time remaining, the pulse rate, and the current exercise. This helps you keep track of your workout without diverting your attention from exercise.


  • Pulse rate monitoring
  • Information condensed on screen


  • There is no option to select Exercises or workout routines, the app decides for itself.

Install on pc Homeletics (free)

squatting person in a gym

5. Yoga with body in balance

Ideal for: yoga at home

Yoga is one of the oldest forms of exercise of Indian origin that aims to shake up your mental and physical state both. The app features a variety of courses such as Yoga for Seniors, Yoga for Better Posture, Yoga for Children, etc. Just select a course of your choice and start exercising. Courses are presented by an instructor with enough breathing room between exercises so you are not left behind. Trying Yoga with Body in Balance is free and you can unlock all courses for $ 4.99 / month.


  • Custom yoga exercises for each age group
  • Displays the target points of the program.


  • Yoga sessions feel less interactive and more like videos

Install on pc Yoga with body in balance (free)


6. Bolly X- The Bollywood workout

Ideal for: entertainment training

If you’re fascinated by Bollywood’s overwhelming love of dance routines, you’d also like to know that it’s a great way to burn calories while having fun. BollyX has over 300 dance routines that will keep you entertained and fit for a long time and after that you can always start over. Dance routines may seem complicated, but they are broken down for everyone to easily follow.


  • Dance routines for weddings, strength, core and songs.


  • The Firestick app lacks a custom workout generator that is available in the Android app.

Install on pc BollyX (free)


7. GymRa

Best for: all-in-one workouts

GymRa is a home workout app for Firestick that simplifies workouts for you. Instead of giving him multiple muscle exercises, you can focus on each muscle group individually. Just browse the categories, find the routine to your liking, and start pumping. It has exercises for glutes, cardio, abs, full body and many more. Apart from this, you can also do yoga, plyometrics, tabata, pilates, etc. GymRa is free and has advertising.


  • Goal-oriented exercises
  • exercise programs for Yoga, Plyometrics, Tabata, HIIT, etc.


Install on pc GymRa (free)

gymra: two people in one room

8. Moms in Fitness

Ideal for: pregnant women and postnatal phase

Whether you are pregnant or postnatal, engaging in meaningful physical activity is crucial for all mothers. Moms Into Fitness selects videos of specialized exercises that you can do at home. You can also find exercises categorized by type, duration, level, intensity, etc. so you can find the exercise that suits your needs.


  • Specialized training exercises for pregnant women
  • Routines for kids
  • Weekly Playlists

Install on pc Moms in Fitness (free)

moms in fitness

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Best Fitness Apps for Firestick

These are my picks for the best apps you can use to get fit in your living room with Firestick. Although the apps have similar video style content, each app’s primary audience is slightly different. For example, Moms Into Fitness is designed for women during pregnancy and helps them exercise during the postnatal phase. Homeletics is another app that constantly monitors your pulse so you don’t exercise excessively. And you, what application are you going to use? Let me know in the comments below or hit me on Twitter.

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