About TechWiser

Founded in 2012, TechWiser is an ambitious tech media startup that aims to improve people’s lives by educating them on how to use its tech products in the most efficient way possible.

We post helpful software recommendations, how-tos, product reviews, and tips to get the most out of our devices.

As of April 2021, techwiser.com offers more than 1.5 million monthly page views worldwide, while our Youtube Channel offers more than 1 million visits every month.

Meet the team

Founder – Mrinal Saha
Editor-in-Chief – Gaurav Bidasaria
Video Producer – Pratik, Kaushal
Video Production – Kaushik, Manu, Sayan
Writers -Ravi, Mehvish, Parth, Pankil, Ankit
Graphic Designer – Simon

We enjoy listening to our audience. Therefore, if you have comments or suggestions on new topics, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you want us to review your product or service, please see our advertising section. And finally, if you are an experienced content creator with a passion for technology, we would love to have you on our team.

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