How to add and customize links in Linktree

If you want to create a one page website without coding, Linktree is a great option. It is a service that helps to add multiple links to social media sites that do not support them. Yes, I am hinting at Instagram. You just need to share / add the URL of the Linktree profile and you will have all your links in one place. But how do you add links to Linktree? Find the answer here. You will also learn how to customize links in Linktree.

Add links in Linktree

There are two ways to add links to your Linktree account: by adding links manually or by using Linktree’s social linking feature.

We have covered how to add links in Linktree for both mobile and PC devices. The steps are the same, unless otherwise noted. Also, the screenshots are taken on a phone.

1. How to manually add links to Linktree

Here’s how to do it.

one. Log into your Linktree account on your mobile device or PC. If you are new to Linktree, find out first how to create and set up a Linktree account.

two. Touch / click the Add new link button. A link card will open where you will need to enter a title and URL for your link. Touch the title text to enter the title. Similarly, tap on the URL to enter the website link. Both the title and the URL must be added; otherwise your links will not work properly.

Linktree Add new link

Let’s say you want to add your Twitter account link. You have to enter where Your username it should be replaced by your actual username. Similarly, you can add other links in Linktree.

When you add links using this method, you get various customization options. First of all, you can add a title of your choice to the link along with an icon. This feature is not available in the second method where you only see the icons.

Apart from that, you can reorder the links, add an image to a link, group links, and much more. Let’s look at various tips and tricks related to links on Linktree. Also, the following customization tips are for free or basic users only.

Add icon or thumbnail to Linktree links

On each link card, you will find small icons at the bottom. Tap on the Picture icon to add a link or image to your link. Tap on the Set thumbnail button and you will get options to choose from: upload your own thumbnail or choose from the Tabler icons. Touch the required to set an icon or thumbnail for your link.

Linktree Add icon to link

The thumbnail or icon will appear before the link title on your Linktree profile as shown in the following screenshot.

Linktree Add thumbnail

Reorder links

By default, links are displayed in the order they were created. However, you can easily reorder the links. For that, drag the link card to the new position using the three-dot icon present on the left side of the card.

Linktree reorder link

Disable link

Once you have created a link but no longer intend to use it in your Linktree account, you do not need to delete it. You can just hide it. For that, tap / click the green lever next to the link to disable it.

Linktree Disable link

Remove link

Touch / click the Delete icon (looks like a trash can) on the link card to remove it.

Linktree Remove link

Group links

When you add multiple links to your Linktree account, it can get confusing. To make things easier for viewers and to improve the appearance of your Linktree profile, you can group links based on their usage, type, and more. To group multiple links, you need to add a header where you need to enter a link group name. Then you need to reorder the links under various headings as per your requirements.

Touch / click the Lightning button present next to the Add New Link button. Choose Add a header from the menu. The title title card will appear. Tap it and enter the title.

Linktree Group link header

Like the links, you can also disable this card. After adding the title, move the links under the header. This is what the title card will actually look like on your Linktree profile, where Talk to me and Social Profiles are headings.

Linktree Group Links

2. How to add links to Linktree using the social links feature

If you want to go an easier way and don’t need any customization, you can use the Social links feature to add links to Linktree. As the name suggests, you can only add social links using this feature, and also only those that are already included in Linktree. However, don’t worry, Linktree offers a large number of social links.

These are the steps for the same:

one. Open the Linktree website and log in with your credentials.

two. Touch / click the Settings on top.

Linktree Settings

3. Scroll down to the Social Links section. Here you will find text boxes for various social media profiles.

Linktree Social Links Settings

While some websites only require you to add the username, others need the full URL. Click / tap on the text boxes to know the link formats. For example, in the case of Instagram and Twitter, you must enter the usernames only preceded by the @ symbol. Similarly, check the symbols in the link suggestion.

Social media links added with this method will appear after links added with the first method. That means you will see them at the bottom of the screen as shown in the following screenshot.

Linktree Add social links

How to add WhatsApp in Linktree

You can add WhatsApp to Linktree using the above methods. If you want to use the first method, click Add New Link. Then add a title. Let’s call it Message on WhatsApp. Now in the url, type where you need to replace the text number with your phone number preceded by the country code. For example, where 91 is my country code followed by the phone number. You can modify the WhatsApp link to include a predefined message too.

Add WhatsApp to Linktree

If you want to add using the second method, go to Linktree Settings> Social Links. Look for the WhatsApp text box. Write your number preceded by + and the country code without spaces. For example, +91700123456.

Add WhatsApp to Linktree using Social Link

How to preview your Linktree profile

Once you’ve added and customized links, you can check what your Linktree profile looks like. For that, just click on the URL of your Linktree profile that is present at the top. That will open your Linktree profile. On PC, you will also see the live preview while editing the links.

Linktree Preview Profile


If you are a Linktree PRO user, you get additional functions related to links. That includes link forwarding, prioritization, and link scheduling. You will also be able to see detailed analysis on the links. Also, Linktree is just one of the services to link all your social media profiles. Check other websites to add multiple links in one place.

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