How to change in-app purchases from Google Play Wallet on Android

I have logged into multiple Google accounts on my phone. This is useful when you want to log into either your work account or your personal account. However, Google Play does not allow you to choose a different account in the payment method section while making an in-app purchase. This creates a problem if you have money in your Google Play Wallet that cannot be added to other accounts. So if you are facing the same issue, here’s how to change in-app purchases from Google Play Wallet on Android.

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How to change in-app purchases from Google Play Wallet on Android

Option 1. Change Play Store account

If you have multiple Google accounts on your phone, your Google Play Store will show all of these accounts as well. So whenever you download the app using a specific account, all associated apps will be attached to that account. Most likely this also automatically takes the same id by default.

Therefore, one method to change your Google Play Wallet ID is to sign in with a different account. To do that, Open Google Play Store and tap on the circular profile icon in the upper right corner. Now, choose the account you want to use and download the app again. However, this does not work most of the time, but it is worth a try as it is the simplest method.

Option 2. Use of Google Play Web

Like I said, the above method, which is to log in with a different ID and install the app again, doesn’t work every time. But with this method i.e using Google Play Web is one that will work without a hitch. Let’s see how.

Firstly, Open the menu and navigate to the app (in this case, Canva). Press and hold, then tap App info.

In the new application information window, tap the storage option so you can see the cache size. Touch Clear data which also automatically clears the cache. Since most of the apps are now backed up with the Google account, you won’t lose any data.

Once you clear the data and cache, hit back and tap uninstall to remove the app from your phone. You will see another confirmation pop up, tap OK. You have now successfully uninstalled the application.

Now log into the Chrome browser on PC with the Google Play Wallet account that you want to use with the application. ORpencil Google play store on the web and find the application you want to install. Touch install and wait for the application icon to appear in your menu.

That’s it, now when you try to purchase from the app. You can pay with the Google account that you used to install on the web. Well, that’s not all. I understand that you may not have a PC, you may find it difficult to open the Google Play Store website, or in extreme circumstances this method may not work, you can proceed to the method below.

Option 3. Delete Google account

If you have multiple Google accounts on your phone and you couldn’t get any other method to work. This is probably the latest and flawless method of getting things working. The method is simple, it will start by deleting the Google account that any application is taking as default. Once you delete the Google account, the application you are going to use will automatically switch to the one you want to use. Deleting your Google account is very simple, let’s see how.

Open the main menu and scroll up to the settings app.

Now scroll down and open User & Accounts and tap on Gooogle from the list of accounts associated with your phone.

This section will show all the Google accounts you use. To delete the account, select by tapping on any account. This will show you a list with the time and date of syncing from different apps. From the upper right corner, tap on the vertical colon menu option and select remove account.

If you see a message on your phone, be sure to tap on delete account. I’m sure you already know that you will lose all your login and syncing details, but once you successfully delete the account and pay for the in-app purchase. You can Easily add it back via Settings> Google> Add another account.

1. Uninstall the application> use another account in Google Play Store> install the application again
2. Clear Cache> Uninstall the application> Use Google Play Web> Install the application again
3. Delete your payment account> the application automatically chooses the last remaining payment method

Closing remarks

These were some of the ways you can switch any Google account while stuck on in-app purchases. I’ve had these issues a number of times before and the method that worked for me was the last one, which is to delete your payment account, which in turn automatically chooses the last remaining payment method. You can also try the other two if they work for you. If you have any queries, please leave a comment below.

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