How to Disable Samsung Recycle Bin and Delete Files Directly

If you are new to a Samsung device, you might be surprised to learn that there is a recycle bin. This recycle bin is similar to the Trash feature in Google Photos. So when you delete photos, videos, and files on Samsung device, instead of immediately disappearing from your phone, it goes to the recycle bin. These files remain in the Trash for 30 days and can be accessed from the Samsung Gallery app or the My Files app. Just tap on the three dots in the upper right corner and select Recycle Bin. The question is, how do you permanently delete photos from Samsung phones?

recycle bin access samsung files

While it is good for most users as it is a good way to compensate for accidental deletion, there are times when it can leave you embarrassed. So for my part I disabled the recycle bin feature as soon as I found out. Doing so will delete the photos directly without moving them to the trash first.

How to Permanently Delete Photos from Samsung Phones

To configure the images to be deleted directly, we must turn off the Recycle Bin. The recycle bin exists both in the Samsung Gallery application and My files app and therefore needs to be disabled separately for both.

Go to Samsung Gallery App and tap the three-dot menu in the upper right corner. From the options, tap on Settings.

gallery app settings menu

Within the Settings menu, navigate to the bottom and turn off the recycle bin. However, you will still see the Recycle Bin option in the three-dot menu. Urgh, Samsung! Just ignore it or tap on the “Not now” option in case you open it by mistake.

turn off the gallery from the recycle bin

We will repeat the same steps for the My Files application. Go to Samsung My Files and tap on the three dot menu icon in the upper right corner and tap Settings.

Samsung my files settings menu

In the Settings menu, turn off the “Recycle Bin”. Similar to the Gallery app, the Recycle Bin option will still exist in the Samsung My Files app, but you can safely ignore it.

Samsung turns off the recycle bin of my files

Also, if you use a third-party gallery or file manager app, it will bypass the Samsung Recycle Bin feature entirely. Photos and files deleted from those apps would immediately disappear from your phone. This is why you need to be careful what you delete in the future.

Conclusion: disable the Samsung recycle bin

The idea of ​​a recycle bin has been around for a long time and was pioneered in the Windows operating system. Users have been looking for one on their Android for a long time and now they have it. But not all of us need or even use it and some of us just want to get rid of it. Things can get awkward if someone finds all those embarrassing or confidential documents or media files in the recycle bin because they forgot they deleted them. For users like these, it is a much better solution to simply disable the recycle bin on Samsung.

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