How to enable vibration when outgoing calls are answered

I absolutely hate waiting when I call someone hence I need my phone to vibrate when someone answers the call. On most phones, this is a built-in feature that you can enable from Settings, but on most Samsung and Android Stock phones, there is no option to do it. Don’t worry, we have a solution for both. This is how you can enable vibration, when the other person answers when you call. Let’s start.

Enable vibration natively


I checked my RealmeXT running ColorOS 6 and natively had the option to vibrate when the call is answered, but you can also find it on any phone running ColorOS. Just open settings Y search vibrate. In the search results, you can look for an option that says: Vibrate when answer / hang up. This would enable vibration with every call received and when disconnected.RealmeXT Vibrate for calls


Next, I tested it on the OnePlus 6t running Android 9 (OxygenOS version 9.0.17) and this time the option is hidden in the call settings instead of the Settings app. Just open the marker and click settings in the upper right corner. Then scroll down and select Sounds and vibrations. Then enable Vibrate when connected. This will enable the option and make the phone vibrate as soon as the call is answered.
Oneplus configuration page


On Xioami phones running MIUI, open the Dialer app and click on the three-bar option. Scroll down or find and click Advanced settings.

MIUI Vibrate for calls

Click on “Vibrate when call is answered” and select if you want compleely disable vibration or choose between light and normal feedback.

MIUI Vibrate for calls

Unlike ColorOS, MIUI says Vibrate when your call is answered, don’t worry, it will also vibrate when a call is disconnected, it just doesn’t say that explicitly.

There is a possibility that you have another user interface, still your phone may have this option, but in a different configuration. searching “Vibrate” In my opinion, any UI will show you the option and you can decide from there.

Enable vibration with a third-party app

If you have a Samsung smartphone or Stock Android phone like the Pixel, you probably won’t find the native option to enable vibration when the phone is answered.

Fortunately, there is always a way to modify Android. To enable vibration when someone answers your call, you need to download an app called, “Nevolution”. It is an open source application (still in BETA), which helps to improve the notification experience on Android.

Open Play Store and search or Nevolution. Download and install the application. Android Nevolution App

Now open the app. Going to ask you to grant access to notifications. Enable access and you’re done.

This method will work on most phones that do not have it as a native user interface feature. You can also try installing it on other phones, but be careful. However, I experimented with this app by disabling my vibrate settings and to my surprise it didn’t work with my phone.

You may want to use Nevolution for other notification settings, but if you have, vibrate to set up call in user interface, it will deactivate the function.

Closing words

It is a must-have feature on any phone and it is not intrusive. I love using it on my RealmeXT, but I may not have installed a separate app to enable it. But that is quite subjective. You may also want to pay attention to detail as we did not feel any vibration when the other person hung up the phone contrary to ColorOS and MIUI.

If there is any other such app that allows you to boost Android’s notification capabilities, please let us know, we’d love to give you a try!

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