How to Share Photos and Videos on Google Photos with Family

There are times when we want to share photos and videos with our family, such as after a vacation, a meeting, or some birthday function. While there are ways to transfer photos on Google Photos, Google Photos also offers you various ways to share and sync photos and videos with the phones of your family members. Once configured, you can also use it to share multimedia files in the future.

Share photos and videos on Google Photos with family

Let me start the automated process for sharing photos and videos at all times.

1. Share with partners

To share past and future photos automatically with a partner.

Partner Sharing allows you to set up a partner account so that you can share photos / videos with that account automatically. Remember, you can only share with one person using this method and you cannot select photos manually. You can share all photos or photos of specific people. Here’s how you can set up and use the Share with partners feature in Google Photos.

one. If it is on the desktop, open the Google Photos web application and click on the Settings icon in the upper right corner. If it’s on your phone, open the Google Photos app and click profile picture in the upper right corner and select the Photo Settings option.

Open Google Photos settings

two. Then open the Share with partners option and click Start in the pop-up window that appears.

Share with partners on Google Photos

3. Here, select the contact you want to share photos and videos with and click next. You can only select one contact as a partner account.

Select partner

Four. Now you can choose to share All photos or Photos of specific people.

Choose photos to share with a partner's account

5. Skip this step if you want to share all the photos. But if you have selected to share photos of only specific people, you will come across an option to select people in your Google Photos account. You can select as many people as you want. This will share all the photos and videos of the selected people with the contact you have added as a partner.

selecting people

6. Then click next and then select Send invitation.

sending invitation for partner account

7. That will send an email invitation to the selected contacts. Open the email from Google Photos and accept the invitation on your family member’s account.

That’s it. Google will send all your photos or photos of the people you have selected to the contact you have added. Not only the old ones, but also the photos you can take in the future. This is just a one-time setup and the whole process is automatic. Also, you cannot edit any of the settings in the future. You must disable the partner sharing feature and start the process again to make changes.

two. Create a shared album with your family

To share a specific album with the family

Sharing with partners is great, but you can only share it with a single account. If you want to share your photos / videos with multiple accounts then the Share album option is the one to look for. You just have to create an album in Google Photos and share it with your family members. All the posts you have added to that album will be visible to those accounts. The great thing is that your family members can add and share photos in that album too, just like you.

Another advantage of Shared Album is that you can manually select photos for yourself or you can set up an automated process to add photos of specific people to that album.

one. If you are on the desktop, open the Google Photos web application and click the Album option in the left sidebar. If it’s on your phone, open the Google Photos app, open libraryand scroll down to Albums section.

Open album in Google Photos

two. Now click on the Create album option.

Creating a new album in Google Photos

3. Give your album a name and start adding photos to the album by clicking the Select photos option. Or you can click the Select people and petss option to add specific people or pets to the album. This will add all their past and future photos to the Album.

Give the album a name

Four. Once you’ve added people or photos, click Done.

Select photos to save as album

5. You can now click on the Share in the upper right corner to share the album with your family.

Share the album with the family

6. Here add the email IDs of your family members.

enter family email ID

3. Share photos with message option in Google Photos

To share photos and videos with your family manually.

Sharing photos / videos through messages is as simple as possible. You just have to share the photos manually with your family members. If you are looking for a simple and unique way to share photos with family, here is how you can share photos and videos through messages.

one. First, select the photos and videos you want to share with your family on the Google Photos home screen. Long press to select the first photo, then select more with just a tap. Then click on the Share button on the top bar.

Share photos with Google Photos messages

two. Here, select the contact you want to share with. Remember that you can only find contacts whose email ID you have saved. If you want to share with multiple people, select the New group option and then select all the people you want to share with, and click next.

Start a new Google Photos messaging group

3. You will enter the chat page. Click on the Send in the lower right corner to share your selected photos and videos with all group members.

Send photos to a group on Google Photos

Four. Share on your favorite chat service

To share photos and videos manually with the messaging application you use

To share using the messages feature in Google Photos, you will need your email IDs. Also, not everyone in your family may be using the Google Photos app. In such cases, you can share with your family members using your favorite chat services like iMessage and WhatsApp. The only downside is that you can only do it from your Google Photos app on the phone.

one. First, open the Google Photos app on your Android or iPhone. Then select all the photos you want to send. Remember that each messaging application has a limit when sending multimedia files. For example, you can only send 30 photos at a time on WhatsApp.

two. Once selected, click the Share icon in the upper right corner. This will open the Google Photos share sheet.

Share with third parties on Google Photos

3. Click on the Plus option in the share sheet to send to third party applications. Now just select the app you want to send the photos and videos to.

Choose more to select third-party apps to share on Google Photos

Four. When the messaging application opens, select the contact with whom you want to share the selected photos and videos. In the screenshot above, I am using WhatsApp, but the process is the same for all messaging services.

Wrap: Share photos and videos from Google Photos with family members

Google has a family option which integrates with services like Google Calendar and Keep, but unfortunately, Google Photos doesn’t work with it. Anyway, we can use any of the above-mentioned sharing methods based on your needs.

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