The 8 funniest subreddits to find and share memes and jokes

Let’s be honest. Every social media app is full of memes and jokes. Memes are interesting images or videos that are edited to add humor or sarcasm to a situation or event. Having a bad day? Memes and jokes can surely help you improve your mood. Reddit is a platform that many use to keep up with the latest trends. Registered community members share text, images, and direct links to fun and interesting memes and other content. I’ve been a Reddit user for quite some time and have subscribed to some of the funniest subreddits for memes and pranks. Here are some fun subreddits I found, but there could be more. Reddit has literally thousands of subreddits.

1.r / memes

If you’re on Reddit and looking for some fun subreddits, you should definitely follow r / memes. It is one of the oldest subreddits catering to the genre of memes and jokes since 2008. With over 15 million members, r / memes has memes and jokes for everyone. Be it trending memes, controversial memes, hot memes, whatever.

Memes are not only funny, but they are also educational at times. The r / memes subreddit community is quite active and you will find thousands of new memes and jokes being added every day. In my opinion, it is a must-have subreddit on the Reddit platform for lovers of memes and pranks.

Follow r / memes

2. r / DiWHY

Social media apps like Instagram and YouTube are full of DIY (do it yourself) videos. You will only find about 0.01% of the useful stuff created by guys and girls on these DIY channels. Rest is useless or not relevant. If you find these DIY channels annoying too, let’s make them our laughingstock, shall we? For that, you must follow subreddit r / DiWHY.

With over a million members, the DiWHY subreddit hosts DIY images and videos that are far from perfect. In fact, they are quite fun. Think you’ve seen all the weird DIY projects on social media? Well, take a look at DiWHY.

Follow r / DiWHY

3. r / there was an attempt

I have come across some of the funniest memes and jokes on the r / therewasanattempt subreddit. It’s a meme subreddit that makes you laugh at failures. Yes. As the name suggests, you will come across various memes where people or animals don’t try something.

We as humans have a tendency to laugh when people fail at something. This subreddit provides you with those memes where you see a person or an animal fail in what they are doing. This subreddit is followed by more than 2 million members and the community is quite active.

Follow r / therewasanattempt

4. r / AnimalsBeingDerps

If you love animals, especially cats and dogs, and their stupid cute acts, then r / AnimalsBeingDerps is one of the funniest subreddits you should follow on Reddit. I love watching cat and dog videos on YouTube, especially when they act funny. Well this subreddit will give you those fun, light moments.

The subreddit is followed by more than 3 million members and you will find tons of images and videos shared by the community of their pets acting silly. This subreddit is not like those offensive pages that you sometimes find on Reddit. Also, the posts about Animals Being Derps are cute (for animals, of course) and fun.

Follow r / animalbeingderps

5. r / CrappyDesign

Well, well, well, r / CrappyDesign has some of the best photos of architectural design literally garbage. The images will definitely make you think, “They only had one job, and all they came up with was this.” The photos not only have bad font choices or graphic designs, but they also include fun photos from everyday life.

It is followed by more than 2.5 million members and the community is quite active. This subreddit will definitely make you laugh or smile with its content.

Follow r / CrappyDesign

6. r / PerfectTiming

Most of the time, something funny happens when you least expect it. One of the funniest subreddits I follow is r / PerfectTiming. This subreddit has perfectly timed photos of unexpected events or situations. Like a perfectly timed shot of a baseball hitting a spectator’s beer, just before it spills, or an unexpected shot that reproduces the image printed on a mug (both pictures are attached below).

The subreddit is followed by more than 1.5 million members. Not all images or posts shared on this r / PerfectTiming subreddit are fun, but they are definitely great. You will also find many photos with photobombs on this subreddit.

Follow r / PerfectTiming

7.r / dankmemes

This subreddit has the word “memes” and you will surely find a lot of funny memes that you can share with your friends. With over 4.8 million members, you should check it out.

Most memes have double meanings, but they can elicit laughter, at least when you’re alone. But that does not mean that everything is double meaning. I have come across several related memes on this subreddit that really make sense.

Follow r / dankmemes

8. r / Memes_Of_The_Dank

This subreddit surely deserves a spot on this list. It has a great collection of member posted memes that are popular all over the world. The community lets you filter memes based on your style, including NSFW, WTF, LOL !, etc. Like other meme communities, the memes on r / Memes_Of_The_Dank are sure to tickle your ribs.

Memes-of-the-Dank has been live on Reddit since 2016 and has over 708K members. The memes are well formatted, which makes it easy to navigate. In general, you will find a good collection of memes, both in photo and video format.

Follow r / Memes_Of_The_Dank

Summary: funniest subreddits

So that’s it from my side in this post. Note that these are some of the funniest subreddits that I follow on Reddit. Sure, there are other subreddits that will provide you with memes and jokes, maybe better, but these should get you started and keep you laughing. Until the next post… Cheers!

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