The best timer apps for iPhone and iPad for every need

The Clock app on iPhone manages alarms, stopwatch, bedtime, and even timers. For some strange reason, you can’t set multiple timers on your iPhone, greatly limiting the use cases. There are many timer apps on the App Store, but each app has a specific purpose. In this article, we will explore the best timer apps for iPhone that you can use in different situations.

From your kitchen to your workout session, a decent timer app will definitely help you optimize and time everything correctly. This is why I tested around 40 timer apps and selected 8 that are the best in each category.

1. Timer: the best kitchen timer

Let’s start with the kitchen. I cook a lot and timing is everything, Time Timer is the digital version of the classic Oven Timer that allows you to set various timers on your iPhone. You can just Turn the dial to set a time limit on the dial and touch the play button to start it. You can add multiple timers and name each one differently to make things even easier.

time timer app for kitchen

The app can run multiple timers at once and you can see the status of each timer by simply sliding your finger left and right to switch between them. What is better? You can even set a different tone for each ringing timer. The application is free on the App Store.

Install on pc Time timer ($ 2.99)

2. Focus: Best Productivity Timer

Pomodoro is a known technique for increasing productivity at work or even at home. Be Focused is a simple tomato timer iPhone and iPad application that allows you to focus on your work using technique. You can configure multiple work break timers of 25 to 5 minutes and the app would ring at the end of each segment. It’s simple enough to get the job done, however, you can check out our list of the best Pomodoro apps if you want more variety. They are also available on mac.

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be fcosued pomodoro timer

Install on pc Be focused (free)

3. Interval Timer – Best Workout Timer

I have a fairly informal exercise routine that is a simple warm-up cycle and sets-pauses-sets. The Interval Timer application allows you to plan all your training with it. Have two modes of exercise; simple and complex. A simple routine is a warm-up, followed by a cycle of intervals. I usually start with a 1:30-minute warm-up and then 1-minute sets followed by 30-second breaks.

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interval timer workout timer

What’s great about the app is that it changes color for each interval cycle, giving you a clear indication of whether you are on a set cycle or on a rest cycle. You can also play and control your music library, which is an added bonus.

Install on pc Interval timer (free)

4. Disney Magic Timer: Kids Toothbrush Timer

While you can technically set a two-minute timer in any of the apps above, including the default clock app on the iPhone, good luck for your kids to follow. That’s why this timer app for iPhone exists. Magic Timer is an interactive application designed for your kids to brush without boring them with beeps and ticks. When it’s time for the brushes, the app reveals an animation of a secret image at the end of the timer. By the way, are you using an Apple Watch?

magic timer toothbrush timer
I even got close to this app while testing this app. It’s great.

Install on pc Magic timer (free)

5. Finger timer: Rubik’s cube timer

If you are practicing for the next Rubik’s Cube Championship or if you are organizing one at your school, this application will be interesting for you. The finger timer is a digital version of the Cube Timers used in championship games. This app simulates the real timer function and you have to touch the pads with both hands and wait for the LEDs to flash to start a timer. You can even project the timer in a browser using a local server.

Rubix Cube timer finger timer
Use this app if you want to practice your cube moves or if you want to hold an unofficial tournament at your school.

Install on pc Finger timer (free)

6. Chess clock

Speed ​​Chess is an exciting mental exercise, but it requires a chess clock. Instead of buying a real clock, you can simply use the Chess Clock for iPhone timer app to time your movements. You can keep the app next to your dashboard and it shows two clocks on each half of the screen. Simply tap your side of the clock to start the timer for your opponent and they do the same. The default time is set to 5 minutes, but you can change it from settings.

Chess clock

Install on pc Chess clock (Free)

7. Timer +: multiple timer

It’s the app of choice when you want a simple timer app that only has multiple timers. The interface is reminiscent of the Clock application on iOS and can add multiple timers by simply tapping the + button. Each timer can be renamed and given a different tone so you know which timer has been disabled without looking at the screen.

Timer +

The timer can even run in the background and ring when the phone is locked. The only limitation is that you can only see active timers within the app or from widgets. You would have to manually enable the widget.

Install on pc Timer + (free)

8. Relax Melodies – Sleep Timer

If you have difficulty falling asleep, using Relax Melodies will make you sleep like a baby. It has an interface that allows you play a combination of up to 12 different music / noises. After setting the music, set the timer and the app will play the sounds until the time is up.

Relax melodies
It is an excellent and effective way to fall asleep.

Install on pc Relax melodies (free)

Conclusion: timer apps for iPhone

These were some of the best timer apps that I found useful for their respective use cases. I like Time Timer because it helps me in the kitchen. Other than that I use Timer + for general purpose and to be focused to get the job done. And you?

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