Top 10 Firefox Extensions for Android to Boost Your Privacy

Looking for a privacy-protecting browser for your Android? There are a large number of web browsers on the Google Play Store, the most popular of which include: Google Chrome, known for its fast browsing, Opera, free VPN, etc. But when it comes to privacy, Firefox is the only option out there.

I like to have two browsers on my Android: first it’s chrome, obviously, for regular work; toThe second is a custom version of Firefox. I later use one to private browsing, privacy, Adblock, etc.

Why not use Google Chrome’s incognito mode? for private browsing? Well, the only thing that incognito does is not record your browsing history and that’s it. Anyone monitoring your network or your ISP cand see the places you go. Too, the search engine like Google and Facebook can trace footprints even in private browser, through the use of trackers and cookies linked to your IP address.

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One option is to use Firefox Focus, a dedicated browser for privacy of the same company Mozilla. But Firefox Focus lacks important features like tabbed browsing, plugins not supported.

Therefore, in the long run, it is better to use a custom version of firefox for maximum privacy and this is how it is done.

How to find and install plugins?

You can access Android add-ons from within Firefox for Android. Tap on the menu button in the upper right corner> Instruments > Accessories > Explore all Firefox add-ons.

10 Firefox Extension for Android

Ever needed to quickly switch between user agent strings with one tap? Try Phony, with this extension, you can quickly change the user agent to something like iPhone in case you are using Android

This way, even if the sites are tracking you by IP address. They will have to assume that the new traffic is coming from other users on the same network.

Note: Using the phone to change your user agent does not guarantee privacy while browsing the Internet, as some sites may have other means of finding out what device you are using.

In general, I do not recommend using a ad blocker, but sSome sites on the Internet are so full of ads thatthat there is no way you can browse them without an ad blocker. Google is even said to be planning a built-in ad blocker for Chrome

Enter uBlock origin, a Firefox extension for Firefox, which can effectively lock on screen and Pop-up ads while still being easy on your Android’s memory and CPU usage. By default, it includes four popular filters including: EasyList, Peter Lowe’s ad server list, etc., but if you want to add more to the list, you can do so for the extension’s settings page.

Firefox has recently stopped supporting background playback for YouTube. Yes, you can still play videos in the background if you turn on desktop mode, but that’s too much work when you have to do it for every video. And this is where YouTube background playback comes in.

With this extension installed, you can replay any YouTube video in the background with Firefox. No need to activate desktop mode every time.

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IIf we open an incognito mode in Chrome, We have the option to close it from the notification tray. But I was not so lucky in Firefox. It is quite difficult to close the window in Firefox, the cross is so small. And hey, this is where the three-finger swipe shines.

By default, this extension allows you to configure 4 gestures such as:

  • Focus the anterior (left) lash with a three-finger swipe to the left
  • Focus the next (right) tab with a three finger swipe to the right
  • Open a blank tab by sliding three fingers up
  • Close the current tab with a three-finger swipe down

If you are browsing HTTP websites, anyone can easily see what you are browsing. and it can even intercept your login credentials with the proper software. Although, for normal browsing this is fine. But, if you are using Firefox for private browsing, tWhen does it make sense to have https everywhere activated.

This extension will ensure that every site that supports https upload, only the https version of the site

Note: Some websites, I like it Amazon India, make the https part optional. TYour extension will ensure that the site always loads the https version. If the website does not support https, the extension will do nothing.

When you play YouTube videos in the background in Firefox, no option to change the playback speed (unlike the official YouTube app)

With the video speed controller installed, andYou will see a small play option at the top of the video, tap on it and you will see options to change the playback speed at 1.10x, 1.20x or 2x. Now, you can turn off your screen aI will enjoy the video.

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It’s a simple extension that does exactly what its name suggests; that is, it allows you to download YouTube videos to mp3. Yes, you can do it with an online website, but if you do it more frequently then this extension makes it a little easier. However, you will only see this extension when you enable desktop mode in Firefox Android.

It is a simple extension that does what its name inverts the color on your screen, which means the white background turns black and the text turns white. Therefore, it is easier to navigate the screen at night. The exact colors are customizable.

The Facebook application for Android is known for its battery drain and invasive privacy updates. The only way to use Facebook is by going to me.facebook from mobile browser with social plugin fixer. IIt does a few useful things like hiding sponsored posts, politics, etc. Activate Facebook post by recent instead of post aboveDon’t show posts again after you’ve read them.

If you are using Facebook, just because you have to use it for work or for mere presence, it is better to navigate Firefox with the Social Fixer plugin instead of using the official app.

When you open most of the websites, The small file is automatically downloaded to your system. It’s called a cookie. You can store login information, site preferences, browsing history, etc. ORcookies are usually good, Like the next time you open Facebook, you don’t have to login or related suggestions.

But sometimes cookies are meant to track you, yesObserve your browsing pattern and create a profile of yourself.

We don’t want cookies in a private browser, right?

So this is what you can do, yoInstall the extension Self-destructive cookies Y will automatically detect tracking cookiesand delete them all, once you close that tab.

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Video: 10 Best Firefox Add-ons for Android to Ensure Privacy

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