How to Create Custom Loading Animation on iPhone without Jailbreak

The iPhone is famous for keeping the iOS design consistent without extensive customization options. So much so that Apple only allowed home screen widgets and customizations with iOS 14 last year alone. While Android, depending on the brand, has amazing charging animations that are eye-catching, iPhone users get a smooth battery icon. Let’s change that and create a custom iPhone loading animation without jailbreak or complicated settings.

Steps to create a custom loading animation on iPhone

Before we move on to the settings, let’s first understand the problem. IPhone has a basic charging animation that appears on the screen when you plug in the charger. Unfortunately, there is no native way to change this animation. Fortunately, Siri Shortcuts is a powerful tool that opens up possibilities like creating a loading animation.

The easiest way to get a custom loading animation is to use an app and there are tons and tons of them. These apps only work when you create a Siri shortcut to trigger animation when iPhone starts charging.

Along with that, I would show you my way of setting animation by dynamically changing the wallpaper every time the iPhone is connected to a power source.

1. Create a custom loading animation with an app

To prove it, I’d be using an app called Loading animation – cool show to set up a custom loading animation on the iPhone. The app is free to use and has animations like a breath spiral, VOOC style loading, and a few more. If you want different loading animations, I have listed some apps below that feature different animations. However, the steps to configure it would be the same.

one. First, install the Charging Animation app on iPhone from the shared link above. After installation, open the application and select Change the style of the show.

install loading animation app from app store

2. Select an animation style. from the list of options. You would see a live preview of what the animation would look like when you plug in the charger. Tap on Place to activate animation. We are going to configure the trigger that will activate the animation when the charger is connected.

enable custom loading animation on iphone

3. Open the Shortcuts app on iPhone and select Automation tab on the bottom bar and create a new Automation by tapping the + button in the upper right corner.

open shortcuts app and create automation on iphone

Four. Tap on the Create personal automation button. Scroll down, find battery triggers, and select Charger.

create automation based on personal chargers

5. Make sure to select Are you connected and touch next. Now, we are going to add an action, so tap on the + Add action button.

set trigger when charger is connected

6. Look for Open the app using the search bar and assign your loading animation app. Tap Choose to open the application list.

open app action and choose loading animation app

7. Find the loading animation app we installed earlier and tap to select it. Tap next to proceed.

find and select the loading animation app on iphone

8. Deactivate the lever next to Ask before you run and touch Do not ask. Finish setup by tapping Done.

to turn off "Ask before you run"

That’s it. Now, just plug in the charger and watch the animation come to life on the iPhone screen.

loading gif animation on iphone

However, there is a limitation to this method. It will only run if you unlock your iPhone. So I have another method that works even on locked iPhone screen.

2. Create a custom loading animation manually

Well, if you are someone like me who wants to keep things to a minimum, then this method of creating custom animations on iPhone will catch your eye. Instead of creating fancy custom animations using apps, change the wallpaper to an incandescent light bulb that turns off when you unplug the charger and lights up when you plug it in.

loading animation with light bulb on iphone

I made the shortcut in such a way that I would only need to configure the automation once. After that it would work efficiently.

one. Get started by downloading these two Routine Hub shortcuts by clicking on these links: Charger disconnected Y Charging. These two shortcuts would be activated when you charge or remove the cable and change the lock screen wallpaper.

download and install iphone shortcuts from routine center

two. Now, we are going to configure two automation routines; one when you connect the charger and the other when you remove it. Open the Shortcuts app and select Automation tab at the bottom and tap Create personal automation.

create a personal automation in the iphone shortcuts app

3. Scroll down and tap Charger low battery related triggers. Select the radio button under Are you connected and proceed to next He passed.

select trigger when charger is connected

Four. Tap Add action button and add Run shortcut. Now, we are going to assign our downloaded shortcut here. Tap on the Shortcut button next to To run.

add open app action

5. You will see a list of all the shortcuts installed on your iPhone. Please select Charging shortcut you downloaded in step 1 and tap next.

select upload shortcut from list

6. Deactivate the lever next to Ask before you run and touch Done. Now, we are going to repeat the same steps to automate the second shortcut.

disable Ask Before Run on iPhone Loading Animation Shortcut

7. At Automations tab, touch the + button in the upper right to Create personal automation. Scroll down and select Charger.

create personal automation

8. Due to some error or failure, when you touch “You are offline”, both radio buttons light up and this results in an error. Make sure to enable Is offline button and disable Are you connected button. Tap next to proceed.

make sure to enable only You are offline

9. Similar to the previous step, tap Add action and select Run shortcut from the action list. Now, tap the grayed-out shortcut button to open the shortcut list.

add Run shortcut action

10. Choose the shortcut Charger disconnected that we installed a few steps before and proceed to the next step. Finally, turn off the switch next to Ask before you run and you finally finished.

disable Ask before running

Now every time you plug in the charger, the wallpaper will change to show an incandescent light bulb and as soon as you remove the charger it will be a dead light bulb again. Looking good.

loading animation in action.

Create a custom loading animation on iPhone

The method shown above is the easiest way to create custom loading animation on iPhone without jailbreak. Of course, the first method requires you to unlock the iPhone, but it’s visually stunning nonetheless. However, the second method is subtle and on par with minimalist taste. I prefer it because you don’t have to unlock the iPhone for it to work. Let me know your thoughts on Twitter.

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