How to Make Android Look Like iOS 14 (Step-by-Step Guide)

If you like the design style of the new iOS 14, you can easily make your Android look like this. You can get everything including the home screen, widgets, lock screen, control panel, and even the notch. The only thing missing is the iOS14 app library. But that is not far either. Here’s how to make your Android look like iOS 14.

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How to make Android look like iOS 14

Starting screen

Let’s start with the home screen.

First, install the IOS 14 App Launcher by SaSCorp Apps Studio as it is the only iOS 14 launcher app that also supports widgets. Now open the app, select the iOS wallpaper you want to be on your home screen, and click “Get Started”.

Allow storage permissions and deny permissions to take pictures and record videos as the app doesn’t really need a camera to work.

Now click the “Allow access” button and then enable the switch on the next page to give the app permission to show itself over other apps and access notifications. This will come in handy for accessing the control panel while using other apps and displaying notifications in the iOS style.

Once done, click “Get Started”. You will instantly go to the home page. Here you can find a pop-up window to set this app as default. Click on it and select the iOS 14 launcher option to set it as a default launcher.

Now you can swipe down from the top left to access the control panel and from the top right to access notifications.

Lock screen

Launcher iOS 14 comes with a built-in lock screen. But to enable it, you have to hold down the home screen and click on the settings option below. This will open the launcher settings where you can adjust the changes to your liking.

Now scroll down and select the option called Lock Screen and enable it. Also, enable the security toggle and enable the option of pin, pattern or fingerprint.

You will now have 2 lock screens, you can disable the default lock screen by opening the system settings and setting the screen lock to none. You can get your iOS 14 style lock screen from now on.


First, download the KWGT Y KWGT Pro key Play Store app. Professional Key Application Costs ($ 4.50). This is useful as you need to download the widgets. Then open this Google drive link and download all widgets to your local storage.

Now long press on the home screen and select the widgets option. Now scroll down and select the KWGT 4 * 2 widget.

Once added, tap on that blank widget. It will open the KWGT application.

Here click on the folder icon at the top and select the KWGT files you just downloaded from the drive.

Once you’ve imported all the files, just click on them to start editing and then click the save option to add the home screen widgets.

This is how you can completely change Android phone to look like iOS 14 device. Here I have added google widgets, you can apply any widget similarly.

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