How to play Spotify on Discord using bots

The connection function between Spotify and Discord is quite limited. All you can do is show the current song playing on Spotify on your Discord profile. To activate it, you can simply open Discord Settings> Connections> Spotify and log in with your Spotify account to connect.

That aside, if you want to play your Spotify songs and playlists to listen to with your Discord community, you can consider this alternative method.

Here’s how you can play Spotify songs on Discord.

Playing Spotify Songs on Discord

Discord doesn’t offer all the features that every community needs. That’s where bots come in. These bots add different functionalities to the server, making each community different.

Now all you need is a Botify bot. Here’s how you can add the Botify bot and configure it to play Spotify songs on Discord.

Add Botify bot to your Discord server

First, open the Discord Bot Store, find Botify and click the “View” option to open it. Alternatively, you can go to Botify page directly.

On the right sidebar, click the “Invite” button to add Botify to your server.

Log into your Discord account if you haven’t already.

Select the server you want to add the bot to. If you can’t see the server you need, you most likely don’t have permission to add bots to that server. You can contact someone in a higher role to add Botify for you.

Grant all permissions to the bot and click “Authorize”.

That’s it. You have successfully added the Botify bot on Discord.

How to use Botify to play Spotify songs

Like any bot on Discord, Botify can be controlled with commands. Here are some commands you need to know to use Botify to play Spotify songs.

‘$ botify play [Song name]’to play the songs.

‘$ botify pause’ to pause and ‘$ botify play’ to resume. Similarly, you can also test the keywords skip, repeat, rewind, shuffle, queue, and stop. Search Spotify playlist with ‘$ botify search $ list’ command.

You can also create your personal playlists in Botify with ‘$ botify create’ and add, delete, move, etc. directly from the Discord server.

But if you want to access your own Spotify playlists, you have to log into Spotify on Botify.

How to Access Your Spotify Playlists on Botify

To link Spotify with Botify, enter the command “$ botify login”. This will add Botify to your DM and you will be able to access the login to the DM.

To access your DM, click on the Discord icon in the upper left corner and then select “Botify” DM from the direct messages option.

Now click on the link and log into your Spotify account.

That’s it, you have linked Botify and Spotify.

To play your playlist, enter the command ‘$ botify search $ spotify $ list’ or ‘$ botify search $ spotify $ list [Playlist name]’to search for a specific playlist.

Conclusion: play Spotify on Discord with Botify

If not for Spotify, you can also try other music bots like Rythm and Groovy, which have much easier commands and also a lot of extra features like lyrics. But the best service you get that Spotify supports is Botify, which has better integration with Spotify than any other music bot.

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